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Casey Anthony

Out of Hiding

3/4/2013 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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0304_casey_anthony_court_SplashCasey Anthony made a public appearance for the first time since being acquitted of murdering her daughter ... showing up for a bankruptcy hearing in Tampa to face her creditors today.

Anthony filed for Chapter 7 back in January, saying she owes over $800,000 to about 80 creditors ... and has no income to speak of.

Anthony has kept a very low profile since her high-profile trial ended in 2011, only having been seen in blurry restaurant photos and random YouTube videos.

Some people are better not being seen or heard.


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She looks more and more like her mother, cindy, every day, and I'm sure she hates that! Part of the reason she killed Caylee was to spite cindy. Ironic that the day after they had a blow-up and cindy told her to step up to the plate as a mother, was Caylees last day on earth. 2 birds with one stone ... spite cindy, and be free to party and sleep with her new boyfriend every night. No more mommy duty.

And for you guys who whine about her not being guilty, take your head out of your pants and come up for some oxygen. All the evidence points directly at her. Cell phone and computer records (that the jury never asked to see) prove that a drowning didn't occur on 6/16, and that she searched for the words 'fool-proof suffocation' at 2:50 pm. Caylee was never seen again after that and was found with duct tape over her mouth. If a drowning happened why not just say that from the beginning? She insisted on the nanny story, until Caylee was found with the evidence linked back to the house, then she had to blame someone with access to that evidence. Initially, they tried to pin it on Kronk, and when that didn't work, George had to be the scapegoat. But the problem with that lie is that the evidence of decomposition was found in HER trunk .. a car that George did not have access to during those 31 days.

Yes a jury acquitted her, but they were a jury of 12 feeble-minded morons who couldn't find their way out of a paper bag.

561 days ago


Always nice to see the Beautiful Casey Anthony! Sad that the press won't leave her alone. She should have been able to walk into that courtroom like any other citizen without the evil comments and cameras. We love and support you Casey!

557 days ago


Casey is looking good !!!

542 days ago


She looks fantastic ! This woman is hot hot hot !

542 days ago


lot of haters who didn't pay attention at the trial

534 days ago


As soon as she doesnt owe that money for her legal fees- she will be ready for interviews, movies and books.

533 days ago


You managed to beat your murder wrap for executing your precious baby girl.....yet, one day you will meet your maker. That ultimate price will be incredible since you are nothing but a vile, disgusting excuse for a mother.

May your life continue to be utter hell. You will forever be looking over your shoulder for that one person (among many, many) who would happily murder your skank *ss. Rot in h*ll!

497 days ago


I can't wait until she is found in a bag in the woods

439 days ago

tiffany roa    

She got away with killing the baby,she had no problem lieing terrible terrible lies about her dad just to cause reasonable doubt and it worked. I dont beleave anything sexual happend to her as a child ,, she shook her head no when he was asked on the stand ,did u molest her, she shook her head no. She killed a baby. She killed her baby .and got away with it. Even if she drowned ,she wasnt watching her at all she partied for a month till she had to tell her mom something... How can u guys feel sorry for her at alllllll

367 days ago


Die and rot in hell you disgusting filth and piece of ****!

Killing anyone, especially a child, let alone own child, then party as if it were 1999 shows that you are not human, but a ****ing evil bitch, without shred of soul or ethics!

I wish you pain agony and endless suffering in the pit of hell!

259 days ago
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