Casey Anthony Kills It in Debt School

1/29/2013 12:40 AM PST

Casey Anthony -- Kills It in Debt School


Casey Anthony
knows how to get a job done ... so it's no wonder she recently completed debt school with flying colors!!!!

You'll recall ... Casey filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy​ Friday ... claiming she's over $800,000 in the hole to over 80 creditors -- a large chunk of which is the half-million she she still owes her lead defense attorney Jose Baez.

Before she could reap the benefits of bankruptcy, Casey was required to complete a debt counseling class ... which is standard operating procedure in most bankruptcy cases.

According to official documents, obtained by TMZ, Casey enrolled in an online course -- and passed.

It's still unclear how Casey plans to make money going forward -- since no book publishing company wants to touch her ... and she's persona non grata on the morning show circuit.

Oh well.