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Carly Rae Jepsen

Cancels Boy Scouts Concert

They're Too Homophobic for Me

3/5/2013 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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0305_carly_rae_jepsen_boy_scouts_article_gettyCarly Rae Jepsen has officially pulled out of a HUGE concert for the Boy Scouts of America ...  claiming she wants no part of an organization that doesn't support gay rights.

The "Call Me Maybe" singer had been booked to perform at the National Scout Jamboree in Mount Hope, West Virginia in July, along with the band Train.

But moments ago, Jepsen tweeted that she's yanked herself from the festival ... squarely because of the group's ban on openly gay scouts and scout leaders. 

"As an artist who believes in equality for all people, I will not be participating in the Boy Scouts of America Jamboree this summer," Jepsen said.

She continued, "I always have and will continue to support the LGBT community on a global level ... and stay informed on the ever changing landscape in the ongoing battle for gay rights in this country and across the globe."

FYI -- Train has also backed out of the show ... but says they will be happy to re-join the show IF the Boy Scouts reverse their anti-gay policy.

They're still waiting ...



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567 days ago

Harold Christie    

Let me see. The policy has been the same for, oh 100 years or so. Jepson and Train where aware of this policy when they signed up--and NOW this is an issue? I smell publicity stunt at the expense of a bunch (50,00 or so at the Jamboree, several million Scouts worldwide) of teens and pre-teens.

I am quite sure that the Scouts will suvive this. Not so sure about Carly Rae Jepson or Train for that matter.

567 days ago

Robert Padovano    

These artists are correct in refusing to entertain children, for decisions misinformed adults have made.
Every child should be punished for the views of adults no
matter how misguided these adults may be.

567 days ago


I like how everyone here is saying "What does that have to do with the children? They're not the ones who're denying entrance." Correct, but the owners are denying gay children as well. While they are a Christian-based organization, Christian values state not to discriminate or hate the sinner. But excluding that, if they don't want to accept gays, that's fine. It's a private organization. Why can they do it, but not her? If she said something about LGTB rights in her concert, do you realize how WORST this would have been (for her)? She did the right thing. If she doesn't agree with their proceedings, it's best that she doesn't support the values they're teaching (which is what she would be doing if she went up there and did her thing).

567 days ago


I choked a little when Carly called herself an artist. No, you're a pop tart. I do appreciate her taking a stand though.

567 days ago


Well, Carly, this is "grow up" time for you. The Boy Scouts has been a great institution for more years than you have been on this earth. You just crawl back in your hole, and later you can find a job flippin' burgers. -Bob

567 days ago


LOL at all these homophobes! Seriously? It's 2013! WAKE UP!!! Homosexual people wouldn't have to be so demanding of acceptance if there weren't still closeted and un-closeted people committing suicide due to the ignorance and intolerance of this issue. Here's great scenario for you all: If you, or your child was having a heart attack, or some other life threatening complication, and the only physician available was an openly gay one, would you take the chance and wait it out and you or your children possibly DIE because of your stone age beliefs? Or would you accept the offer of help, with gratitude, and live? NEWSFLASH: IT HAPPENS EVERY DAY PEOPLE, whether you know they are gay or not. I'm fairly certain you bigots would change your tune if a homosexual person saved your, or your child's life. Are you going to launch a moral attack on this person who just saved your, and countless others' lives? Or are you (rightfully) going to put the hate on the back burner and say thank you? I'm betting on the latter. Before you go spouting off ignorance and hate, check yourself. The statistics prove, that at one point of another, you have been in close proximity of a homosexual person, whether you knew it or not. Doctors, lawyers, surgeons, teachers, YOUR CHILDREN, homosexuality is here, and it's NOT going anywhere. This isn't some new thing. Dealing with it in a respectable manner is much more commendable than spewing hate and intolerance, and thus teaching your children to be ignorant as well. Remember, our job as parents, is to make sure our kids turn out better than we did, not replicas of ourselves. If you don't make this a priority in your children, well, I'd say take a parenting class and apologize to your child.Better apologize for your behavior as well. Karma will balance everything in the end. TRUST.

567 days ago


Interesting...a young lady accepting a life style different from the norm. You go young lady!!!!

567 days ago


Once again, the gay community demand acceptance and respect instead of doing anything to earn either. Yet again, they act like petulant toddlers, screaming that they will hold their breath till they and their zealous followers get their way. Besides, one hit wonder.....I hardly think you OR train is a big loss to the scouts. You both suck.

567 days ago

Harry Moore    

Not only does she steal songs, she loves queers. Next she will express her love for pedifiles!!! Got to love those homophobes!!! Keep it up and blow up your career you dumb bitch.

567 days ago


I can't believe the amount of idiotic people that have flooded this particular story. So many of you really need to educate yourself on things before you say anything that screams your lack of knowledge! I would be ashamed to have such a simple mind!

567 days ago


This stupid little bitch I hope all the young kids stop listening to her music I hope they boycott her she needs to be taught a lesson and with these moron it is their money .

567 days ago


Yeah nice showing reverse descrimination. These are just kids. They have nothing to do with homophobia. They are a bunch of good hearted kids that work hard to do good work in the community. They try hard to be the best kind of people that they can.This is taking your bad attitudes and dumping it on a bunch of good kids. Not right. If you have a problem with the Leadership? Don't take it out on the kids. If you were a mother and someone didn't like your music? How would it be if they took that dislike out on your kids? Think your attitude would be different.

567 days ago


Absolutely this was an incredibly stupid move; the boys who were looking forward to her concert have NOTHING to do with the "gay" issue; whoever consulted her to do this should be fired; to use that trite old phrase, this was "not in the best interests" of those boy scouts to cancel the concern. SHE HAS MADE HERSELF LOOK REAL BAD and shown REAL BAD judgment. There's a million things SHE COULD HAVE DONE instead of this that would have been more effective. For starters, she could have "headlined" a concert to promote gay rights but NOT THIS - this was a real dumb move. Anyone who is backing her for this needs to reexamine your priorities.

567 days ago


The boy scouts have a right to deny gays, as they are independent. And thus, others have the right to sanction said homophobes and not do things for them. Sanction an organization that preaches hate enough, and they will have no choice but to listen to those that preach love. This isn't an act against the kids, its a symbolic attack against the leaders. This is a showing that society doesn't approve. That we the people only like FREEDOM and that if this organization doesn't like giving everyone equal rights, and they don't want to serve certain people, than we have the right not to serve them in return. It's a clear message, and I think more people should do this in the name of equality. Now, if someone could get equality for women in the same way..
We're working our way toward freedom America. We may be behind all other industrialized nations, but we're getting there!

567 days ago
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