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Carly Rae Jepsen

Cancels Boy Scouts Concert

They're Too Homophobic for Me

3/5/2013 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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0305_carly_rae_jepsen_boy_scouts_article_gettyCarly Rae Jepsen has officially pulled out of a HUGE concert for the Boy Scouts of America ...  claiming she wants no part of an organization that doesn't support gay rights.

The "Call Me Maybe" singer had been booked to perform at the National Scout Jamboree in Mount Hope, West Virginia in July, along with the band Train.

But moments ago, Jepsen tweeted that she's yanked herself from the festival ... squarely because of the group's ban on openly gay scouts and scout leaders. 

"As an artist who believes in equality for all people, I will not be participating in the Boy Scouts of America Jamboree this summer," Jepsen said.

She continued, "I always have and will continue to support the LGBT community on a global level ... and stay informed on the ever changing landscape in the ongoing battle for gay rights in this country and across the globe."

FYI -- Train has also backed out of the show ... but says they will be happy to re-join the show IF the Boy Scouts reverse their anti-gay policy.

They're still waiting ...



No Avatar


Who cares? She sucks more than they do.

507 days ago


I support the ban.

507 days ago


Equality, huh.... what about respect for the kids by setting aside a personal issue. One hit wonder...

507 days ago


I'll do the show for free, aside from travel expenses... I hope they like megadeth.

507 days ago


So, she's taking the concert away from the kids because of the beliefs of some of the adults. Why is it that only a select set of beliefs are ok in this country? Personally I don't care what people do, but I don't write people off because they're homophobic, that would be like writing people off because of arachnophobia.. it's a PHOBIA. Jesus.

507 days ago

Hist Prof    

As the proud parent of 2 Eagle Scouts, I could not be happier that she has withdrawn! Although my sons, as well as thousands of other future leaders, will be disappointed that they do not get to see her lip sync her one-hit. I am so exhausted by so called "artists" who think themselves more important than they actually are. The tens of thousands of young men who will be present are being used as fodder in a publicity stunt. Could she, and the "band" Train, not honored their commitment and used the stage to encourage the BSA to be more tolerant? Of course not; that might actually accomplish something! The first thing I am doing when I get home tonight is delete all of her "music" and that of Train, from my sons' iPods.

507 days ago

Marci Chaney    

You go Girlfriend Carly Rae. You know God did not make You Gay.

507 days ago

Big Gay Al    

How do the Boy Scout's test their Scout Leaders to make sure they aren't gay?

507 days ago

Byron Alexander    

That is very unfortunate. My son is in scouting and we support being inclusive. What should be understood is that the leaders in Scouting are charged by the organization and parents with protecting their children. That includes protecting them from exposure to sexually-charged situations. I am absolutely for allowing gays into scouting, I welcome them; but at the same time we need to establish protocols for dealing with the situation. Blindly beating up scouting leadership while they cope with these issues is counter-productive. Sometimes education trumps confrontation.

507 days ago

Sparky McBoing Boing    

So she had no idea of the BSOA position when she accepted the gig? I would bet a finger that she knew, and is only punking out on a bunch of kids because Train backed out and she didn't want to be the only one playing "Sun City".

507 days ago


good can we get a real singer now.

507 days ago

jesse v    

Good we dont want you either! When will you people wake up! Homosexuality is a sexual preference, hmm boys= men, homos are attracted to men..... therefore why should they be allowed in boyscouts? If thats the case, I should be able to shower in the womans shower rooms since im attracted to woman!!!!

507 days ago

think about it    

Curious...I believe the Boy Scouts position is fine. They have an obligation to the boys in the scouts to take precautions. Politicians and performers support gay causes because they not strong enough to do the right thing. It's not just about gay rights. Should men be allowed to be girl scout leaders and oversee weekend outings and sleepovers? Should teenage boys be allowed to be involved in the same events? To allow gay people in these enviroments really isn't fair to the gays or the ones that are not. It isn't possible to be fair to one segment without being unfair to another.

507 days ago

Frick & Frack    

Nothing is politically right which is morally wrong.

507 days ago


so shes gonna punish a bunch of little kids who have nothing to do with this?? That is atrocious. She should be ashamed. Boy Scouts of America changing their position will not bring about an end to LGBT inequality. Its like protesting little Christian kids because they ate a Chick Fil A. Seriously. She is just capitalizing on LGBT emotions to gain fans. Theyve got bigger wallets than kids, so fiscally I guess that makes sense. What a B-

507 days ago
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