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Lindsay Lohan

I'm Keeping My Lawyer

The Media Lies!!!

3/6/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
doesn't care that the judge in her criminal case and the media have called her lawyer incompetent ... she's sticking with him. 

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... she's angry that the media is painting Mark Heller as a nincompoop.   She says, "It's all lies."

What's more ... Lindsay doesn't care that Judge James Dabney also called Heller incompetent to practice in California.  In fact, the judge was brutally honest ... to the point he said if Lindsay keeps Heller, he'll order her to court for the next hearing to explain why she would be waiving her right to a lawyer who knows what he's doing.

As we first reported ... Michael Lohan reached out to his daughter and offered to pay for a new lawyer, but she turned him down flat.

Lindsay has 12 days to change her mind, because her criminal trial kicks off on the 18th.  If Heller screws up, Lindsay could end up in the pokey for months.


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Lindsay is a legal adult with a sound (debatable) mind. The only thing that can save LIINDSAY is herself. If she was smart she would have took six months, out of spotlight, went to rehab, saw a real counselor but it seems she knows best. This is the last comment I will make on this story because, ya know...we are all out to get her. I FEEL HER acting career is done for now and maybe she needs a break for two or three years, live humbly (sure she gets royalty checks) and then work her way up the hard way; I dont think a lawyer, judge, friend, fan or media can get through to her at this point. So maybe its time all those enablers should turn their backs when she falls and let her learn how to get up

597 days ago


Please lock this bitch up and throw away the key already!!

597 days ago


That guy is as crooked as his teeth.

597 days ago

Hot Farts    

Squatting Thunder

if Lowhan is convicted with Heller representing her it will set up a basis for an appeal based on incompetence it may not keep her out of jail but it can delay it for months.
44 minutes ago



597 days ago


Lohan is getting all this from an accident. They were finially able to get Al Capone on tax evasion (ironically that could also happen to Lohan).

Her flat out lieing to police, the accident whatever it takes to get her more than just another slap. It's no big deal just another 'misdeamnor' probation violation. How many violations is she up to now?

597 days ago


The judge called Heller incompetant in California law, not incompetant altogether (though he may be with the way he behaved at court last week).

597 days ago


Thanks, Lindsay! Best news I've heard all week! I predict an ultimate fail on the 18th with this douche of a lawyer!

597 days ago


Rumour has it Heller flaunts a personal trophy from each of the clients he fails to provide adequate representation for. Just ask Bugs Bunny who's stumping around Attica doing 5 to 15.

597 days ago


In other words, she can't find another lawyer who will work for her on the promise of maybe getting paid...someday......

597 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

@ Seamus, weather bug keeps sending me alerts. Calling for 6-8 here more where you are. Just thought I would share

Here we go again.

597 days ago


It's not the media portraying him that way, Linsay. The JUDGE said he was incompetent. The JUDGE.
Oh, that's right. You ignore judges & paint 'F**K YOU' on your fingernails for them.
Oh PLEASE lock her up on March 18th

597 days ago


The media would never lie! They are only looking out for the well being of everyone and would never exaggerate or fabricate anything! Tell us something we don't already know.

597 days ago


Since she's a compulsive liar and totally in denial, she can't recognize when others are lying to her and are also in denial. A perfect storm that will probably result in her getting more jail time, crying that she's innocent while wearing Ef-you written on her fingernails in court. Unbelievable what's happened to a formerly cute, formerly very talented person. Beyond stupid and beyond sad.

597 days ago


I hope there isn't any qualified attorney in L.A. that will step up and sponser LiLo's new wanna be - but I know that pretend resturant idiot will more than likely be there. Either way, I say Lindsay get ready to put your Oranges back on cuz Lynwood is calling!!!

597 days ago


@Thunder...That was Lohans origional intent. I said all along this is what Lohan was trying to pull. If it doesn't go her way she will scream she had inadequate councel.

Lohan fired Holley got her a few weeks, hired Heller as new attorney of record got a few more weeks, goes to court and Heller comes across as a complete idiot. Both Heller and Lohan were trying to use that for another continuenance. Backfired big time on them.

Lohan thinks these people are stupid. They know what Lohans been trying to pull and it didn't work.

Dabney in no uncertin terms gave them what needs to be done. No way the court is going to allow Lohan to play musical lawyers to stall.

597 days ago
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