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Miley Cyrus

NO Engagement Ring

... Trouble in Paradise?

3/7/2013 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0307_miley_cyrus_x17Miley Cyrus made a HUGE statement last night without ever saying a word ... 'cause she went out in public WITHOUT her engagement ring ... in the wake of rumors her fiance cheated on her.

Miley DID have some jewelry on her hand when she went out in L.A. last night ... in fact, she even had a couple of rings on her ring finger ... just NOT the giant rock Liam Hemsworth gave her when he proposed.

The timing is interesting ... 'cause there have been reports that Miley was angry with Liam ... who was recently spotted in the back of a car with actress January Jones.

Just a few hours before she went out in public yesterday, Miley had tweeted that she had NOT called the wedding off.

Then again ... 'lotta stuff can happen in just a few hours.



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BB not bb    

What I think her problem is is that she is so pro-gay, she is trying to look gay. She is trying to look as freaky as she wants to be, so as to say people should accepty gay freaks. I don't think Liam is trying to go dance on a queen float in a gay pride parade.

I think she needs to come back down to earth.

539 days ago


What's with January Jones and married/engaged men??

539 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Wow, what has she done to herself? Has she really looked in the mirror and thought, 'Hey, I look great?!'
I'm sorry, but awful, awful, awful. Sad little girl trying to get attention.

539 days ago


I take it you folks KNOW THEM PERSONALLY!

539 days ago

Rob Zombie is King    

I'm really astonished at all the comments calling her "gay, dike, lesbian", etc. Why, because she has short hair? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. So I suppose Halle Berry and P!NK are gay as well? I had a pixie cut once, and in the south, let me tell you- it wasn't fun to constantly be called a lesbian- when on the contrary I am quite straight. She's young and experiencing in style- I say more power to her. Who wants to fit in that boring mold of ombre hair.

539 days ago


it looks like her engagement ring, just turned around...But if the rumors are true (and lets face it, they are), I am glad...they are both too young to get married. Live your lives for goodness sake. 21 and 23 are just too young to get married....too many opportunities out there :-)

539 days ago


She looks like dolly without her wig. Eek

539 days ago


the question here is, why wouldnt he? she looks like a 15yr old justen bieber butch

539 days ago


Leave her alone! Can you imagine what this hounding must be like?

539 days ago


Is this the page for TMZ or Tiger Beat??? Come on...enough of the teenybopper stories!

539 days ago


She is way too young to get MARRIED!!!

539 days ago


there whole family went down hill after her moms affair. Parents dont understand the impact they have on there kids behavior.

539 days ago


Smart move on his part if he did dump this pot head.

539 days ago


Liam is probably losing interest because of Miley's antics lately. Making bizarre music, hanging out with porn stars, dressing weird, chopping all her hair off and partying all the time. It doesn't seem like he's into those types of things. She's not the girl he fell in love with anymore.

539 days ago


I love that this talentless troll is now complaining about all the media scrutiny she now gets - especially on the internet - when all she's ever done is display every nonsensical thought and brain fart she's ever had by tweeting about it - but now that things aren't going her way, she hates it. boo hoo hoo.

539 days ago
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