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Justin Bieber

I'm So Damn Successful ...

Not a Loser Like Lindsay

3/14/2013 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber has just become hateable -- he's just gone on a rant trashing people in financial straits as losers ... aka Lindsay Lohan.

Bieber's tirade was posted on Instagram ... where he touted how great he is ... "It must be scary to some people to think that this is just the beginning [for me]. I know my talent level ..."

Justin then delivered the douchiest comment since Brandon Davis' rant against Lindsay. Justin says, "... to those comparing me to Lindsay Lohan look at her 2012 tax statements ;)"

Translation -- Lindsay's a loser because she doesn't have any money and he does so he's better than her.


Justin goes on to say he doesn't think he deserves negative press and pooh-poohs stories claiming he's going to rehab.

BTW ... Bieber just deleted his rant.

UPDATE:  8:48 AM PDT:  Bieber just re-posted, but he deleted the reference to Lindsay.


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He just doesn't realize how much of douche he is. He thinks he is gonna be famous forever poor thing. One day some new douche bag is going to be telling people to look at beibers tax returns and joking about how broke he is. It's gonna happen biebs. Just look at new kids on the block, backstreet boys, boys to men they were loved in their day but now no one gives a rats a$$ about them. Get your ego in check you little turd fart people already are getting sick of you.

565 days ago


If Justin doesn't want negative press then he needs to change his behavior. If he doesn't like the press, he needs to change careers. The similarity between Lindsay and Justin isn't financial but character. He needs a reality check if he thinks money is what makes him not a loser. Most of his fans will never come close to his material wealth. It was a really stupid rant for him to make and insulting to his fans. His people really need to keep him in line somehow. Every time he responds he makes it worse.

565 days ago

Shane Taylor    

This from a person who can't wear his pants correctly, shows up 2 hours late for concerts, tries to pick fights( as long as his bodyguards are there to back him up)
He may have all this money, but money does not stop him from being a diva and a
Go home're drunk

565 days ago


Why is this douchey of him for making fun of Lindsay Lohan when TMZ does it almost daily?

565 days ago


Good for Justin! With his aweful behaviour, he is providing all kinds of "teachable moments" for his fan's parents. But then again, maybe Justin has learned this behaviour from his rude and obnoxious fans?

565 days ago


Considering this kid came from nothing he has alot of nerve making comments about people in financial straits. Well now the tides have turned - Bieber should begin to practice - "Paper or Plastic" what a little A$$hole!

565 days ago


It's no wonder this kid is all screwed up. He was basically raised during his formative years by a bunch of goon bodyguards and ghetto mentors, and he has no idea at all about who he is, or the world outside of his privileged life. Somebody should have been there along the way to make sure he didn't become consumed by the lifestyle, but it's too late know. He thinks he's all that because he has some talent, but what he doesn't realize is that he has no personality, a necessary trait for being an adult.

565 days ago


He has the right to defend himself. I know I would.

565 days ago


Yes, the nasty little girly-boy is a very hateable loser!!

565 days ago


Wow, he just took being a D-bag to a whole new level. I think it's obvious that he's having a hard time coping with being a homosexual.

565 days ago


Funny thing is - if he thinks ticket sales are low in Europe - wait till he see's the surprise for him in the US!!

565 days ago

Trisha Godio    

The more he talks the more i hate him. Stop acknowledging the press and giving them something to write about! He needs to trust that people are able to weed out the press stories as false. Obv. since you arent going to rehab, it shouldnt bother you. Beiber just proofs how weak and affected he is by the press. Ignore them, stop the rants, and people will have no reason to hate you. All these "haters out there" only hate you because you talk like an idiot and only talk about haters. Please, you are fifteen, how many 'haters trying to bring you down' have you really encountered, besides remarks. You don't have 'haters' until you start getting shot at on the street. Otherwise, you just have non-fans. Not a big deal - get over it. Do what you like to do and shut up. And buy a new wardrobe.

565 days ago


Somebody musta had a few too many drinks before writting this.

565 days ago


He needs to slow down and go away to nature for about a month and regroup while there's still time. His head is getting too big and he'll spiral like a lot of other celebrities.

565 days ago


Um, it's still up.

565 days ago
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