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3/14/2013 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Justin Bieber posted an angry rant including a nasty slam on Lindsay Lohan ... but then tried to take it back. Why's JB lashing out -- and more importantly, why throw LiLo under the bus??

Plus, Charlie Sheen's also going off ... on his daughter's school! Charlie thinks his little girl was bullied, and now he's taking it out on the school with a crappy call to arms. Is that fair?

And, apparently everyone LOVES Jennifer Lawrence -- 'cause now there's scientific proof (sort of) even the most infamous hate group is into her ... not that JLaw's necessarily happy about this news.

(0:00) Charlie Sheen declares war on his daughter's school after she was allegedly bullied ... but did he go too far?
(7:00) Julianne Hough had over $100,000 in jewelry that Ryan Seacrest gave her stolen ... from her unlocked car. Should he be pissed?
(10:00) Justin Bieber takes a shot at Lindsay Lohan during a strange rant -- and then quickly apologizes.
(15:00) Kyle Richards wears a necklace with her Twitter handle on it -- douchey move ... or just good marketing?
(18:00) Matthew McConaughey is back to being ripped after losing a ton of weight for a role ... is it possible to do without Lance Armstrong-type help.
(21:00) Tara Reid stumbles out of a club again -- and it's just sad now.
(23:00) Ben Affleck is a secret agent angling for the destruction of Iran -- this according to some totally sane people.
(27:00) Chris Isaak sued after his roadies allegedly treated one of their own horribly.
(29:00) Dick Clark's estate just dropped $1 million on his old frat. Party time!
(31:00) Jennifer Lawrence -- so likable ... that hate groups don't even hate her.
(33:00) Lil Wayne hospitalized for seizures again.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) It's time again for ... Tim's best/worst pitches of the week.

No Avatar


Justin is mad.

Everyone start to quake with fear of what may be coming!

551 days ago


Now I'm really scared.

551 days ago


Every parent thinks their kid is the victim not the bully.

551 days ago


LMFAO at TMZ taking the high road and claiming that Bieb's is throwing Lindsay under the bus. GTFOH, you guys throw Linds under the bus every chance you get. What was it Harvey said two weeks ago, OH Ya, "WHAT KIND OF A FRIEND IS LINDSAY FOR TRYING TO THROW A FRIEND UNDER THE BUS". I thought you guys were hypocrites yesterday, you've just upped your hypocrite status to code red.

551 days ago


Justin spoke the truth re Lohan...maybe not a kind thing to say, but when is she kind to anyone else.

551 days ago


Charlie's concern is one thing as a parent where bullying is concerned, it's a major cause of concern of every parent but willing your fans to send Dog Crap and smear the walls and door with is uncalled for and nothing more than another form of bullying. You can't stop the problem by doing the exact same thing, that's just a reaffirmation to children that you can be bullied then turn around and do the same to another child.

551 days ago


It seems like Charlie Sheen is setting the EXAMPLE to His daughter on how to BULLY right back. Also disappointing that He would name a CHILD to His fans for Them to "Target." ... Its perfectly okay to be emotional about your daughter in a situation like this - but not at all okay to use your influence to do the same to another Young Girl who's PARENTS clearly need some chatting with. Shame on Charlie for perpetuating Bulllying on a LARGE SCALE via Social Media. I lost a lot of respect for Him with this move. Angel in Costa Rica

551 days ago


Was it a low blow -- and I don't mean the quality of coke LiLo snorts -- that Rachael Maddow Jr -- aka Justin Bieber -- made on LiLo? Yes. But at the same time, LiLo needs to get her ish together.

And speaking of getting they ish together, Justin needs to get a grip!

551 days ago


I think Charlie should get himself a ghost writer. He can tell the person what he wants to say and let the writer edit it accordingly to get a proper post out and not sound like a big baby and a bully in one shot. Pfffttt. Come on, Charlie, things were looking up for you.

551 days ago


Even with Harvey talking about Julienne Hough, I still don't know who that bish is! Is she famous for being a whore or sumn?

551 days ago


I think Justin doesn't realize that Lohan was in his position once.

551 days ago


Well now. The bully's parents claimed it was all a lie and that Sam was making it up? Yup, sounds like the parents of a real bully that refuse to accept their child is behaving badly. Way to address the situation, if that's addressing it, I would pull my child out too.

551 days ago


Fight the power Charlie...

551 days ago


Just because your kids were never bullied doesn't mean it's not happening.

551 days ago


WARNING FLAG, parents are afraid to speak out? Why is that, are they afraid the school will bully them for doing so? Holy crap, that just doesn't sound right.

551 days ago
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