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Judge Judy

I'm Returning

Your Dumb Dishes!

3/15/2013 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Judge Judy
is done fighting with her producer's very bitter ex-wife ... she's decided to return the uber-expensive silverware and china to the producer, and he's willing to give it back to his ex -- but there's a HUGE catch.

Her Honor tells TMZ, "This very unpleasant lady doesn't give a hoot about dishes. She cares about pressuring her ex-husband and the way to do that is to attempt to embarrass me."

Judy says the divorce judge called Patric Jones out for being "untruthful," "dishonest" and "misleading" during portions of her testimony ... and then Judy goes on ... "She and her attorney want a circus and I refuse to be a further participant in their drama."

And get this ... Judy, who paid her producer $50k for the dishes and flatware, says, "As Ms. Jones and her attorney assert, the items are community property, they are being packed and returned to Mr. Douthit [her producer] and she can proceed with her claim in divorce court."

So Judy -- who makes a reported $45 mil a year, will eat the $50k.  And speaking of eating, her parting shot:  "Anyway, my husband and I eat out most of the time."

Now part 2 -- Judy's producer gave us a statement ...

Randy Douthit says, "The dishes and silverware that Ms. Jones describes as community property are being sent to me.  I am truly sorry that Judge Judy Sheindlin was brought into this domestic dispute.  She relied on my statement to her that the court had authorized the sale."

Randy then sticks it to his ex, who insists the dishes are worth more than half a mil, even though the divorce judge places the value at a measly $125,000 ... "I agree with [my ex] that as community property she is entitled to half their value.  She herself has valued them at more than $500,000.  I do not want them and she is certainly welcome to have them as that is what she says she wants." 

Randy says, "When I get the cashier's check for $250,000, I will deliver them to her."

Divorce ... it's fun.


No Avatar

The screwing you get for the screwing you got,not worth it.

502 days ago


So Judge Judy, you did steal the dishes.

502 days ago


Randy Douthit is a brown nosing ahole and JJ knows better! A LOT better. I feel so sorry for this jerk's wife
Who knows what else he is holding out on. What MAN takes the friggin' dishes? NOT ONE! His wife better dig deeper and see what else he pushed over to Judy on the sly. Judy knows he isn't divorced and her attitude SHOWS IT! She's a small person with too much money and wanted to enjoy helping to screw over this guy's wife. The wife need not paying anything more than 50 grand since the husband has NO attachment whatsoever to these set of dishes and has proven so by relinquishing them in such an underhanded manner. TSK TSK TSK

502 days ago


If I made 45 million a year I would never buy used dishes.

502 days ago

Los Pepes    

Judge Judy is nothing more than a punk schoolyard bully
Shes a real pos

502 days ago

Ms. X    

Randy can say whatever he wants about expecting $250k or she can't have the dishes. Ex wife has the right to get a professional appraisal for the dishes and the couple can then try to sell them at that price. Both then get half.

502 days ago


...she is an UGLY OLD WOMAN, whom has pigited opinions and needs to removed from the airways. NOT an example girls should follow...imo....Why doesn't she ever have Arabs on her laugh tracked show ?...imo..

502 days ago

Most H8d     

Send Judy to the slammer

502 days ago


Seriously, the guy sounds like a jerk. Just give her the dishes already. He was willing to sell them for 50k, he should either take 25k out of whatever else they split, or just give her the freaking dishes already. It's obviously something she cared about, something personal, like clothing or furniture used mainly by one person ... and he's just power tripping.

502 days ago


...lets start a petition to take her off the air, and put EDUCATIONAL programing on istead....imo...

502 days ago

buzz kill    

Well she could try telling him to keep the dishes and give her the $250K

502 days ago


Judge Judy. You're Great!

502 days ago


Judge Judy Rule's.
If all judge's where like this lady, the justice system would not be wasting public money.

502 days ago


She is giving them back because she didn't have a legal leg to stand on period. She deserves the money she paid which I'm sure she will get back quietly. She should have known better.

502 days ago

Tom Liebengood    

Bitch Judy!

502 days ago
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