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Michael Jackson

Kids, Mom Want

Over $40 BIL!!!

3/15/2013 5:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0315-katherin-kids-gettyMichael Jackson's 3 children and his mom Katherine want in excess of $40 BILLION from AEG Live for the death of the singer ... TMZ has learned.

We've obtained legal docs which now lay out what Prince, Paris, Blanket and Katherine want from the entertainment company for its alleged negligent hiring and supervision of Dr. Conrad Murray.

The kids want $10 billion for all of the future earnings they claim MJ would have scored had he lived.

They want an additional $50 million for various other damages.

AEG Live claims the $40 billion is preposterous because Michael's career was in a downward spiral following the child molestation allegations, as well as self-imposed exile in the Middle East.  They claim the damage claim is based on rank speculation.


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549 days ago

International Pedophile Awareness Day June 25    

✫✫✫✫ iPad Prayer✫✫✫✫

-Oh Heavenly Father,

As We Gather On This Happy Sabbath Day
We Thank Thee, For Removing A
Sick Pedophile From This Earth

We Thank Thee, Oh Lord That The Children Of
The World Are Now Safe From The
Evil Pedophile Known As Michael Jackson

We Thank Thee, Oh Lord For Delivering
This Tortured Soul Unto The Gates Of
Hell, That He May Dwell Therein For All
Eternity, For All The Innocent Souls Of
The Children That Were Abused By This
Evil Serpent

We Pray & Ask Thee, Oh Heavenly Father
That On This Day, The Children That Were
Victims Of Abuse, Be Blessed, That They
Can Forgive & Forget The Horrible Acts
Committed Unto Them By Michael Jackson

We Ask Thee, Oh Heavenly Father, That The
Rabid Fans, Repent For Their Sins Of Supporting
Such A Evil Pedophile, That Their Eyes Be Opened
To The Truth & Receive knowledge Of The Good
And Repent The Bad

"Father, Forgive Them, For They Know Not What They Do"

And We Say This In The Name Of The Son, The Father & The Holy Ghost

~ Amen~

549 days ago


Really? Like the Jacksons or anyone else would take this fairy story of yours on board.LOL
Murray killed MJ, aided and abetted by AEG so they could profit today and in the future, backfired big time..
Get a Dose Of YOUR OWN Reality for once, he was never ever a fading star, sold 50 sold out concerts, what 'fading' star can do that??
He did not 'desire any drugs'. He lived in Ireland etc - look it up- absolutely no evidence of any abuse.
What gives with PEOPLE STILL abusing this man? You and you’re kind destroyed this innocent man when he lived, now he is dead because of lying Creeps like you, pigs of the two legged kind.
Who the Fu** do you think you are fooling with this 'clap trap' diatribe anyway??
You have rebuked and puked your b/s countless times when you were the ‘nic’ BNB.
You were constantly DEBUKED with the incessant nonsense you spew by numerous posters, including myself. You regurgitate complete nonsense.
Stay in the sewer of lies, under the rock, that is where you belong.

549 days ago


Losing MJ ..and a free spirit the world has otherwise never known. ... PRICLESS. :'(

549 days ago


Thing thing is ladies, is that there is no way if the Jacksons win this case that they are going to be granted the $40 bilion.

They will be lucky if they walk away with a few million. Which by the time it is divided between MJ3 and Katherine, there won't be much left for the cubs let alone money for a childrens hospital.

549 days ago


stop using the kids name!! and for heavens sake mj made doggone money billions of it. stop addressing him as a bad person leave him alone for christ sake he should be resting in peace not being used

549 days ago


a Jackson with an actual job? LOL! that's hilarious! and it doesn't matter if someone has millions in assets, if they don't sell them off they can have no liquid cash. Courtney Love owns Nirvanas assets worth 500 million. but she can barely pay for her own drug habit because she has no incoming pay checks. And everyone knows that MJ spent more than he made that is why he had to do the This is it tour. He already started selling off Neverland.

549 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Oh, and the hospital in MJ's name some of the fans speak of is a joke. Its mention was no different than hearing a bunch of drunken losers sitting at the bar boasting their half witted dreams of greatness. MJ was whacked out of his mind when he was recorded saying this. It was a nice touch to theoretically name it after himself though.

Stay classy Jackson family.

549 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Murray certainly had something to do with MJ's death, no doubt about that but here's a radical idea.....

Why couldn't MJ "just say no"?

Many say the drugs in his system were not physically addictive so you can't really say he was helpless to "say no". The fatal dose(s) that got him were not a one time thing, it went on and on for weeks. MJ held up Murray as a savior to "his own kids". Either MJ had a role in his own death or was too far gone to know otherwise. Don't lie to yourselves fans, MJ had anesthesia before. No one forced the "treatments" on MJ.

Why couldn't MJ "just say no"?

549 days ago

What I Think    

I'll tell you like my mother always told me. Want in one hand and grunt in the other and see which one gets filled up first.

549 days ago


This is interesting. AEG, as well as the music industry, understood MICHAEL JACKSON as a product, a highly recognized brand in the business, and exploited the "brand" for lucrative reasons. Had Jackson lived and pulled off the concerts, AEG stood to gain a lot of money and MICHAEL JACKSON the product would have been worth lots of money in the free market. Katherine Jackson knows this and is planning to have her day in court about the exploitation of her son. It's interesting to me that if forced to put a price on her son's life, for her family and Jackson's children, that she chose 40 billion. It's wild but has a certain ring of justice to it. I hope she wins.

548 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

MiMi, I think you just want to start a fight. You offer nothing when someone posts something you don't like but can't deny.

I'm not saying that you are a troll but I have reason to believe that you live under a bridge and won't let anyone pass until they answer a riddle.

548 days ago


alcuni dei vostri commenti sono al di poco spregevoli .pronti ha giudicare ,infangare ,m.j non era un pedofilo .smettete di infangare una persona innocente che ha speso la sua vita solo ha far del bene ha chi ne avesse bisogno ,mai si è voltato davanti alle difficolta della gente .ha aiutato tutti anche singole famiglie ,bambini in cui serviva donazioni di organi lui ha fatto di tutto per trovare dei donatori pagandogli tutto ha spese sue .tanta gente deve molto a m.j .rispetto ora lui non è più tra noi lasciatelo in pace perchè m.j era ed è una persona buona ,umile e merita rispetto .e se le cose non le sapete ,ma date retta solo ai giornali allora siete mali informati .comunque di m.j non si finirebbe mai di parlare di ciò che ha donato e della sua umiltà ,oltre della sua musica .basta commenti disgustosi .

548 days ago



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Dose Of Reality    

Don't say MiMi does "donkey shows" she will be quick to call you out and say that you are wrong. They are not "donkey shows". They in fact are "performance art pieces featuring bestiality with her and not only donkey but also horses, dogs and other large four legged mammals."

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