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Conrad Murray

To Take the 5th

In Katherine Jackson Suit

3/17/2013 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0221conrad_murraySounds a little weird, but Conrad Murray -- who has already been convicted and serving time for killing Michael Jackson -- will exercise his 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination in Katherine Jackson's lawsuit against AEG.

Michael's mom is suing AEG, claiming the company negligently hired and supervised Murray, which resulted in her son's death. Katherine has subpoenaed Murray to explain his arrangement with AEG.

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... Murray's lawyer, Valerie Wass, will file legal docs ... arguing she is appealing Murray's conviction, and if it's overturned it's likely he'd be re-tried. If that happens, what he says could still be used against him, so Wass wants Murray to keep his trap shut.

It's pretty crazy, since Murray has already served almost a year-and-a-half.  By the time his case is appealed, he'll probably be out.

Murray was scheduled to be deposed on Monday, but that has now been canceled.


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50. @ Brigha.
In your reply to Luz..
You are incorrect, that is not evidence of Benzo dependency.
You know MJ died from acute PROPOFOL INTOX with Benzodiazepine effect...What you incorrectly state is -
''MJ had enough benzos in him to floor an elephant. Whilst Lorazepam and Diazepam did not kill him, they are evidence of tranquilliser dependency''
The FACT is, MJ had enough PROPOFOL in his system for major surgery and yes, floor an Elephant, NOT Benzodiazepine’s
In short, that is not, and should not be considered an indication of evidence of tranquilliser dependency.

583 days ago


Does this guy really want to go through another trial? What if they up the ante on the charge and go after him for second degree murder. All they have to prove is that there was some gain for him if Michael Jackson was dead and that he knew that he could kill him if he did what he did.

583 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Sara Jane
Propofol killed Michael Jackson. That is not in dispute. There is no evidence to show that MJ was a Propofol addict.

However, there is evidence to show he had some issues with Demerol and a severe Benzodiazapine dependency.

Neither Demerol or Benzodiazapines would ever have killed him. They are not life-threatening. But, excessive use of both Demerol or Benzodiazapines cause insomnia. So, they created the situation which led to the Propofol.

They found six different benzos in the Carolwood search:
Diazepam (for anxiety)
Lorazepam (anti-anxiety)
Nordiazepam (anti-anxiety)
Temazepam (anti-anxiety/insomnia)
Clonazepam (anti-anxiety/panic disorder)
Midazolam (anti-anxiety)

In addition they found:
Trazodone (anti-depressant)
Tizanidine (a muscle relaxer)
Ephedrine (for energy or depression)

According to Murrays Statement on 25.6.09 he administered:
01:30 10mg tablet valium
02:00 2mg lorazepam IV
03:00 2mg midazolam IV
05:00 2mg Lorazepam IV
07:30 2mg midazolam IV
10:40 25mg profofol with lidocaine
10:50 Flumanezil (Anexate)

Take, for example, the 01:30 Valium tab. In a naïve patient, you would expect sleep to occur within 30 minutes and last for upto 12 hours minimum. 2mg is a normal theraputic dose for an naïve adult and 5mg for a patient accustomed to the drug. But it didn’t have any effect whatsoever on Michael. The fact that he was still awake after that single dose alone, shows he had developed an excessively high tolerance to the drug.
Michael was still awake and went on to receive 2 x 2mg of Lorazepam and Midazolam, which have far more potency given intravenously than orally. This amount would have floored (okay, maybe not an elephant) but a rather large horse.
Yet sleep was still not achievable for Michael.

Also remember that Murray was rather conservative in his estimations in his statement. In truth, the trial found that he probably gave Michael much higher doses. Remember at the trial, how Flanaghan was trying to claim that MJ took Lorazepam tablets orally? That was because the metabolised amounts found at autopsy were higher than the amounts Murray claimed to have given.

Perhaps the most telling evidence is that when Murray discovered Michael wasn’t breathing he instantly gave Flumazenil. Flumazenil is a benzodiazapine antagonist, used to reverse the effects of benzos – but has no effect whatsoever on Propofol.
Murray automatically assumed that the massive amounts of benzos had supressed respiration. Only when he realised the Flumazenil was ineffective, did he begin to question Propofol. By then it was too late.
The fact that Murray kept a supply of Flumazenil on the premises shows that he regularly gave Michael massive, dangerous amounts.

Michael Jackson had a severe anxiety disorder for which he had been over medicated for years. There is evidence that this began around 1993. There is also evidence that he was ‘clean’ during certain stress free periods of his life, for example during his stay in Ireland.

Is it really so shocking that Michael had an anxiety disorder? He was human after all, and I’ve seen strong people with just a fraction of his stress not only exhibit impaired functioning, but disintegrate completely.

I find it so sad that the fans still expect far too much from the man. They deny him humanity. No wonder he didn’t seek help whilst he was alive. He probably thought, quite rightly, that the fans just would never understand.

582 days ago

Gsharon 710    

It is so wrong that Murray is taking the fall for every Doctor that may have given MJJ drugs he should not have had. No one seems to care that Murray admitted what he did, but cannot prove or disprove that another person was in that house with the intentions of putting MJJ to sleep forever, knowing they could live like kings with MJJ's much increased death wealth. Alive, MJJ was mostly good for his children. Strange how "loving fans" are satisfied with anyone being convicted. So-called employees are setting up accounts for the next three generations of their families, but HIS MOTHER is called "greedy."

582 days ago


"The fact that Murray kept a supply of Flumazenil on the premises shows that he regularly gave Michael massive, dangerous amounts".


Having that drug in the house proves nothing. It was used as a resusscitative measure and was unsuccessful because it was not the Benzos that killed Michael.

AND that fact this this drug was in the home does not prove that Murray gave him "massive amounts".

You my dear are speculating.......

582 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Flumazenil is only used in cases of benzodiazapine overdose, not in normal theraputic administration.
It shows he was close, or even exceeding overdose levels.

How is that speculation?
(Shaking head in disbelief)

If Mimi is right, then the doctors were worst than we thought. They administered massive amounts of benzos for what?
Because he had toothache??? LOL

582 days ago


😇Update lil wanye tmz

582 days ago


Poor Doctor

582 days ago


Omarosa Suing La Toya Jackson For ‘False, Vicious & Defamatory’ Comments About Fiance’s Death!

Posted on Mar 18, 2013 @ 8:55AM | By Alexis Tereszcuk - Entertainment Editor

Getty / WENN

Omarosa Ma****ult is firing back at LaToya Jackson, and has exclusively learned that she’s planning to sue her for the “false, vicious and defamatory” comments she made about Omarosa being involved in her fiancé’s death!

On the Sunday night episode of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, LaToya Jackson was fired by Donald Trump and made the nasty comment about Michael Clarke Duncan’s tragic heart attack and death.

PHOTOS: All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Cast Parties In Las Vegas

“She’s a conniving, scheming, cut-throat, probably pulled the cord on Michael Duncan Clarke … and I thought Mr. Trump was falling for that fake cry. Such a lie!” LaToya said after she was fired in the boardroom.

“La Toya Jackson’s statement on the March 17, 2013 episode of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, that the Reverend Omarosa Ma****ult caused her fiancé Michael Clarke Duncan to die, is false, vicious and defamatory,” Omarosa’s attorney told in an exclusive statement Monday.

PHOTOS: Reality TV’s Hottest Stars

“Rev. Ma****ult has been heralded as a life saver for her actions on the evening that her fiancé suffered a life-ending heart attack. It is because of her bravery that Mr. Duncan — the love of Rev. Ma****ult’s life — was able to live for months beyond that tragic night. Mr. Duncan passed away from natural causes.

“Ms. Jackson made the statement immediately after having been “fired” off the show, and blames Rev. Ma****ult for her loss. It is repulsive and of the lowest level of class for Ms. Jackson, who showed herself to be a “sore loser” in making these disgusting statements in the wake of Rev. Ma****ult’s tragic loss.”

PHOTOS: Stars Arrive At World Premiere

Omarosa’s attorney said that they are planning to take action after LaToya’s comments.

“As her counsel, we have been directed to pursue these defamatory statements to the fullest extent of the law with La Toya Jackson and any other participating publications or media outlets who repeat or repost these statements.”

582 days ago


The Meanest Comment Ever! La Toya Jackson Blames Omarosa For Giving Fiance Fatal Heart Attack On ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Posted on Mar 18, 2013 @ 5:07AM | By David Perel


Reality TV hit a new and nasty low on Sunday’s edition of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice.

La Toya Jackson and Omarosa traded vicious barbs throughout the show but it was Michael Jackson’s sister who made the comment that will live in infamy, blaming Omarosa for causing the death of her fiance, actor Michael Clarke Duncan last fall.

SPOILER ALERT: Who Was Eliminated On All-Star Celebrity Apprentice?

‘Omarosa’s fiance passed away not long ago. He had a heart attack – I’m sure she gave it to him,” La Toya said in a shockingly cruel moment.

In the end it was La Toya who moonwalked out of the boardroom Sunday after locking horns with Omarosa for much of the episode, which was both defined and overshadowed by the nasty comment.

Sunday’s task was to perform a 5-minute soap opera sketch for Crystal Light, with Stephen Baldwin and La Toya the team leaders.

PHOTOS: All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Cast Parties In Las Vegas

At one point, La Toya team member Omarosa had to leave the rehearsals after learning a TV show was planning to release the 911 calls of Duncan falling ill.

The women clashed and traded barbs over her absence, as La Toya believed it to be an act of sabotage.

PHOTOS: Reality TV’s Hottest Stars

Omarosa didn’t take kindly to the implications, sternly warning La Toya, “I will take you down — I will take you down if you disrespect me –I am not your staff – get that straight. Next time, you fix your mouth!”

In the boardroom, Omarosa made clear she didn’t regret abandoning the task to defend the memory of her late love.

“I will never, ever choose Apprentice over Michael,” she said. “I will never make that decision. And if I have to, and take care of my honey, I will.

PHOTOS: Stars Arrive At World Premiere

“I will never apologize for what I had to do — having to hear the last moments of his life played out on national TV — I will never apologize for that.”

After Baldwin’s team won, it was time for the chopping block: Strangely, when it came time to decide who on her team would have to face Trump, La Toya spared Omarosa, bringing in Rodman and Brande Roderick instead.

La Toya explained to a confused Trump that she didn’t bring back Omarosa because she felt the reality TV veteran would play the sympathy card in the wake of Duncan’s death, though Trump figured the real reason was because she wanted to avoid further confrontation.

PHOTOS: Donald Trump Gets Roasted

“When it counted you brought the wrong people back to the boardroom — you stood up to her, except when it counted” he said, adding that he “probably would have fired Omarosa.”

Trump finally came to his decision, telling the Jackson family member, it was “a pretty easy choice.

PHOTOS: The Name Game – Celebs Who’ve Changed Their Names

“I hate to do it La Toya, but you made a terrible choice when you didn’t bring back Omarosa, because I probably would have fired Omarosa.

“La Toya, you’re fired!”

After La Toya was eliminated, she threw some venom toward her reality rival, calling her “the most evil person I have ever met.

“She’s a conniving, scheming, cut-throat, probably pulled the cord on Michael Duncan Clarke … and I thought Mr Trump was falling for that fake cry. Such a lie!”

PHOTOS: A-Listers Before They Were Stars

“When I met her I knew she was a snake, I should have handled her a little differently: They will always bite you.”

Fun fact: Both Omarosa and La Toya had notable personality clashes in previous seasons of Celebrity Apprentice: Omarosa with Piers Morgan, La Toya with NeNe Leakes.

PHOTOS: Bikini Wars: Reality Stars Compete!

Watch the video on

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice returns on NBC Sunday at 9/8c

582 days ago


Thanks for such a long post of nothing that I didn’t know already.
You have absolutely nothing to add to what I previously stated in my post. Other than going off on a tangent that is unnecessary.
I have noticed, you constantly underestimate posters here, thinking as you do, that they are coming here from 'Fan sites', and you categorize and compartmentalize MJ's fans which is completely and utterly wrong.
You don't admit, in your reply to me, you made a fundamental error, about the Benzo’s. Then, you go off on a tangent, as usual, trying to make you’re point..
Not at all necessary, if that was directed at me, You have wasted your time.
You're 'cut and paste rhetoric' is in itself incorrect to say the least, and very, very damaging.
You catorigise MJ’S Fans as 'fan site idiots', You couldn’t be more farther than the truth, because I can assure you, WE are not ALL coming from fan sites.
''However, there is evidence to show he had some issues with Demerol and a severe Benzodiazepine dependency''.
You Brigha, are completely wrong in YOUR assumption, There is no evidence of such a dependency.
Most of what you post is downright ignorant, you make wrong assumptions constantly, IMO your knowledge is at note – Don’t quote medical.
His Fans supported him constantly through the worst times of his life, they were the ones that humanized
this man, and supported him when he went through hell on earth.
You are, in your own words not a fan, but you ‘admire’ MJ, fair enough, but do not try psycho judge a fellow human for your own purpose, that you seem to know 'jack' about.

Michael was human after all, his millions of real supporters known that, not just, as you say, the 'Fan site 'fans'.
KF would be disgusted.

581 days ago


Conrad Murray says he won't testify in Michael Jackson wrongful death trial


-- Dr. Conrad Murray, who was Michael Jackson's personal physician, is refusing to testify in the wrongful death lawsuit that the singer's mother filed against concert promoter AEG Live.

If called, he will plead the fifth so as not to incriminate himself, the doctor said in a statement sent to the Jackson family.

Murray has never been questioned under oath about Jackson's death, which occurred on his watch.

He did not testify at his trial, where he was found guilty of causing Jackson's death on June 25, 2009, by administering a deadly overdose of sedatives and the surgical anesthetic propofol in what he told police was an attempt to cure the singer's insomnia.

He is serving a four-year sentence but could be out in two.

Michael Jackson $1 billion estate debate
2012: John Walsh talks Murray sentencing
Michael Jackson's son makes TV debut
The death in 2009 of superstar Michael Jackson, who died of cardiac arrest at the age of 50, sent shockwaves around the world.
Jackson's death caused an outpouring of grief from fans. Here, a fan places flowers at a makeshift memorial outside the Jackson family compound in Encino, California, the day after his death.
The Jackson 5 perform on a TV show circa 1969. From left, Tito Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Michael Jackson, Jackie Jackson and Jermaine Jackson.
Michael Jackson quickly became the stand out star of the Jackson 5. Here he performs onstage circa 1970. Known for his dance moves, Jackson is seen here jumping in the air while performing during the Dangerous tour in 1992.
Jackson broke a world record during the Bad tour in 1988 when 504,000 people attending seven sold-out shows at Wembley Stadium in London.
Jackson perfoms in concert circa 1991 in New York City. Jackson achieved superstardom with his solo career in the 1980s. Here Jackson is shown on stage in Kansas in 1983.
Michael Jackson performs on stage circa 1990.
Michael Jackson performs with The Jacksons in New Orleans on October 3, 1979.
Michael Jackson earned the Legend Award during the MTV Video Music Awards in Tokyo in 2006.
Michael Jackson poses during a portrait session in Los Angeles in 1971.
Michael Jackson performs in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Jackson performs with his brothers.
Jackson performs during the Bad tour at Wembley Stadium in London.
Jackson performs during the taping of "American Bandstand's 50th: A Celebration" in 2002.

Michael Jackson, King of PopMichael Jackson, King of PopMichael Jackson, King of PopMichael Jackson, King of PopMichael Jackson, King of PopMichael Jackson, King of PopMichael Jackson, King of PopMichael Jackson, King of PopMichael Jackson, King of PopMichael Jackson, King of PopMichael Jackson, King of PopMichael Jackson, King of PopMichael Jackson, King of PopMichael Jackson, King of PopMichael Jackson, King of PopMichael Jackson, King of PopHIDE CAPTION
<<< 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 >>> Photos: Michael Jackson, King of Pop On Monday, he was supposed to be deposed in the wrongful death suit.

But lawyers for Jackson's mother, Katherine, and her three children called off their jailhouse visit because Murray swore "he would not answer any questions at the deposition or the trial," Jackson lawyer Kevin Boyle told CNN.

He said the Jackson case would not suffer without his testimony.

AEG's lawyer suggests the Jacksons canceled Murray's deposition because his testimony would "destroy" their case.

"They are not interested in the truth," said the lawyer, Marvin Putnam.

Asserting his 'Fifth Amendment privilege'

The cancellation came after Murray's attorney Valerie Wass sent the Jacksons a sworn statement signed by Murray making it clear he would not answer any questions while his involuntary manslaughter conviction in Michael Jackson's death is being appealed.

"Accordingly, if I am called or ordered to testify at deposition or trial in the Katherine Jackson vs AEG wrongful death case, I will be asserting my Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination and refuse to answer any questions," Murray's declaration said.

Jury selection in the civil trial is set to begin April 2 in a Los Angeles County court.

Prince Jackson, the pop star's oldest son, is expected to testify about his father's last days.

Jacksons: Focus back on AEG

The Jackson lawsuit contends that AEG Live is responsible for Jackson's death because it hired and supervised Dr. Murray, who was administering the surgical anesthetic propofol to Jackson each night for a month to induce sleep as he prepared for a series of concerts organized by AEG Live.

A jury found Dr. Murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter after hearing testimony that he violated medical standards in his treatment of Jackson.

"Dr. Murray's choice to keep quiet puts the focus back on the company, AEG, that hired Dr. Murray and agreed to pay him over $1.5 million a year, and provide Murray with a large house and drivers and other perks, to make sure that the company's biggest asset, Michael Jackson, made it to the shows on time, no matter what," Boyle, the Jacksons' lawyer said.

A judge ruled last month that Jackson lawyers could question Murray at the Los Angeles County jail, where he is serving his prison sentence.

AEG: Testimony destroys Jacksons' claim

"The Jacksons told the world that they wanted Dr. Murray's deposition, and then when the Court gave it to them, they canceled it," Putnam, the AEG lawyer, told CNN on Sunday.

"They have had all of their claims dismissed except negligent hiring, and they don't want Dr. Murray to be deposed because he will tell them what he already told the police: that he worked for Michael Jackson; that Michael Jackson, not AEG, was his employer; and that Michael Jackson personally invited him to join the 'This is It' tour long before anyone at AEG had even heard of him. The Jacksons canceled the deposition because that testimony destroys the only claim they have left. They are not interested in the truth."

Back and forth

The Jacksons' lawyer argued, in response to Putnam's comment, that AEG was not interested in having Murray take the stand in the trial.

"AEG did not even try to get Dr. Murray to talk," Boyle said. "AEG is simply not telling the truth. AEG can't run from the fact that they hired the man who is in jail for killing the greatest entertainer the world has ever known."

Wass, who unsuccessfully objected to the deposition, said she advised Murray to invoke his Fifth Amendment right to not answer questions because of his appeal. The appeal brief is expected to be filed next week.

Jacksons plan to use e-mails

Jackson died two weeks before his "This Is It" comeback concerts, organized by AEG Live, were to have debuted in London in the summer of 2009.

E-mails the Jackson's plan to use in their case suggested that the promoter was worried about Jackson's missed rehearsals and they sought Murray's help in getting him ready.

Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson and their grandmother contend that AEG Live's pressure on Murray to have Jackson ready for daily rehearsals despite his fragile health led to his death from the propofol overdose.

A cornerstone of the Jacksons' case is an e-mail AEG Live co-CEO Paul Gongaware wrote 11 days before Jackson's death.

The e-mail to show director Kenny Ortega addressed concerns that Murray had kept Jackson from a rehearsal the day before: "We want to remind (Murray) that it is AEG, not MJ, who is paying his salary. We want to remind him what is expected of him."

Jackson lawyers, calling it a "smoking gun," argue the e-mail is evidence that AEG Live used Murray's fear of losing his $150,000-a-month job as Jackson's personal physician to pressure him to have Jackson ready for rehearsals despite his fragile health.

Billions at stake

The lawsuit seeks a judgment against AEG Live equal to the money Jackson would have earned over the course of his remaining lifetime if he had not died.

If AEG Live is found liable, it could cost the company several billion dollars, according to estimates of Jackson's income potential.

AEG Live is a subsidiary of AEG, a global entertainment company that was recently for sale with an $8 billion asking price.

The company announced last week it was no longer for sale.

581 days ago


Not accurate Brigha.

Flumazenil is also used in the case of alergic reaction to benzodiazapine , the reversal agent for eg- Ativan etc. which is used to treat anxiety/ insomnia.
You speculate BRIGHA ,(Shaking head in disbelief) .. Toothache??? LOL
and speculation?? Murray apparently use flumazenil at some stage to reverse the effects of the benzos and Murray admitted to this, whether it was given when Michael was still alive is not known.

'''It shows he was close, or even exceeding overdose levels''.
Brigha, get the facts, you are inaccurate at best.
This was NOT recorded at autopsy.

581 days ago


Conrad Murray Deposition Canceled As He Refuses To Answer Questions In Katherine Jackson Lawsuit

Posted on Mar 18, 2013 @ 10:57AM | By jenheger


Conrad Murray’s deposition in Katherine Jackson’s lawsuit against AEG has been canceled because Michael Jackson’s jailed former doc was going to refuse to answer any questions, is reporting exclusively.

Murray, behind bars after being found guilty in connection with Michael’s death, plans to appeal and was going to exercise his Fifth Amendment right in the depo.

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson’s Kids: Three Years After His Death

“Conrad Murray’s deposition was canceled late Friday because he was going to take the fifth Amendment and refuse to answer any questions,” a source told Radar exclusively.

“Murray is appealing his involuntary manslaughter conviction. Katherine’s attorneys feel they have a very strong case without him.”

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson Through The Years

There was some confusion as Murray’s attorney Valerie Wass gave lawyers conflicting messages, said a source. “In one phone call she indicated Murray wouldn’t be testifying, the next minute, (she indicated) he would talk. So at the end of the day Friday, the decision was made to just pull the plug on it,” a source said.

As was first to report, the King of Pop’s oldest son, Prince, plans on testifying at the upcoming trial.

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson’s Kids: Three Years After His Death

Katherine is suing AEG in connection with Michael’s death, saying the company was negligent in how it hired and supervised Murray.

AEG was the concert promoter for Michael’s comeback concerts that were scheduled to take place in London.

“Prince very much wants to take the stand and plans to tell jurors about specific conversations he had with his father about AEG,” the source told Radar. “Prince will also testify about the day his father died as he was an eyewitness to the efforts made to save his life. There are no plans for either Paris or Blanket to testify though.”

PHOTOS: Paris Jackson & Brothers Chill Out With Coffee

Murray was convicted in 2011 for the involuntary manslaughter death of Michael after administering a fatal dose of propofol to help the pop singer sleep.

Murray had not signed his employment contract with AEG at the time of Michael’s death.

The trial is scheduled to begin on April 1.

581 days ago

What I Think    

Why all the comments about what drugs MJ may or may not have had in his body at the time of his death? Does anyone really care? He is dead and that is the important thing. I say don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

581 days ago
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