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MIchael Jackson's Family

Don't Ask

'Who's The Daddy?"

3/19/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Michael Jackson
's family is pleading with the judge in their wrongful death lawsuit against AEG Live to EXCLUDE any evidence of the paternity of MJ's 3 kids.

TMZ has obtained legal docs in which Katherine Jackson, Blanket, Paris and Prince argue ... it's irrelevant for a jury to hear evidence about the conception of the 3 kids. Specifically, they believe AEG has no right to delve into their biological parentage. 

The Jackson crew also wants to exclude any evidence that MJ's siblings have financial problems.  They worry AEG might try to argue that the real force behind the lawsuit is the need for cash.

And mama Jackson and the kids want the judge to bar evidence or any mention of child molestation allegations, partly because MJ was never found guilty.

A judge has yet to rule on the motions.



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Cathy T    

All makes perfect sense, none of that stuff has anything to do with this case. As far as paternity anyone with eyes can see that those kids are Michael's (DUH!).

548 days ago


These kids don't have a single gene of Michael's DNA in them. They are WHITE, through and through! Anyone who believes he is actually the biological father is just plain STUPID.

548 days ago


Not sure what to think at this point. The media lies so often, this is why I say this. Money will not make these children or his mother any happier. Why do people always think money fixes all? It really doesn't. I would know. You aren't happy even with mounds of cash. What's the point?

548 days ago


That is a scary looking bunch

548 days ago


Why don't they all just grab a Blanket, throw it on the grass and have a nice picnic.

548 days ago


I think they're his bio kids...Paris and Blanket look like Michael.....I think everyone agrees Blanket is def Micheal's biological why would he use his own sperm for one kid and not the other two?..doesn't make sense. ALSO I believe Debbie Rowe had to take a paternity test in order to get her money from Michael with the first baby. BTW how come Michael Jackson's kids need to look EXACTLY like him or they're not his...when a lot of kids don't look like their bio mom's or dad's...sometimes kids look like an aunt or uncle or grandparent...this is stupid. AND for anyone who says these kids are white....they clearly are mixed (esp Blanket)they don't look white when they are standing next to actual white people ***google pics of them from when they were little hanging out with other kids...they're clearly darker..ALSO look at the pics of them from the funeral standing around they're aunts and uncles..they aren't that much lighter.

548 days ago

Brigha from UK    

This is a non-story.
I certainly not defending AEG, but I doubt very much that they ever intended to raise questions of paternity.

Before any case comes to court, each side issues a 'motion in limine' in order to determine which areas should not be mentioned in front of the jury.

It's better to do it this way rather than tell the jury to ignore the information after they have heard it..

The Jacksons and AEG both made lists.
The paternity issue appeared on the Jacksons list, and, as far as I am aware, AEG have not objected.

548 days ago

Loves you    

All 3 kids look different . I doubt they are his biologically. Doesn't mean he isn't their dad but this is a wrongful death suit so it shouldn't matter about paternity. Shouldn't even be part of the case

548 days ago


What in the world will happen to these children when Kathryn is no longer here? I pray for them.

548 days ago

Sofie Jacobsen    

I worry about the children all the time !! Not sure where they are and the care they get but how they are making it go growing up with all the up heavel they have been exposed to and all!!!

548 days ago


If any 3 kids look like Michael, it would be Blanket. The daughter nor the oldest son look anywhere near like Michael, these kids have been through enough as it is. Dragging in their DNA is a low blow, regardless they are Michael's kids.

548 days ago

I think prince and granny look very much alike. Leave it be, it's none of your business, your not paying the bills.

548 days ago


Dang - Prince has a huge head !

548 days ago

Cincinnati Sugar    

For all you young idiots, everyone knows they are not biological, doesnt matter. They were Michael's kids AS ANY kid that is adopted no matter what form of adoption is used. Being a dad is more then just hookin' up your sperm to an egg. Michael was 100% their dad, no matter what or how.

548 days ago


Hee Hee Hee. Jackson family to court; Just do as we say, include what we say, exclude what we say and give us the money. We deserve it. We're least some of us are. Hee Hee Hee.

548 days ago
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