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Lindsay ... Jail Option

Back on the Table

3/25/2013 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Lindsay Lohan desperately needs a Plan 'B' ... 'cause that "lock down rehab" her lawyer told the judge about simply doesn't exist. Should the judge just send her to jail instead -- or can LiLo be trusted to stay put in a regular rehab?

And, Nike's new Tiger Woods ad says "Winning Takes Care of Everything" -- so now that he's #1 in the world again ... will everyone forget about his cheating scandal?

Plus, Jerry Sandusky was framed? That's what the guy who interviewed the convicted pedophile in prison -- is screaming. John Ziegler joined us to defend Sandusky. Yes, we said defend him ... you gotta see it.

(0:00) Lindsay Lohan's plea deal is a mess -- because there's no such thing as "lockdown rehab." How did Heller slide that by everyone?
(7:00) Tiger Woods' new Nike ad is on the money -- "Winning Takes Care of Everything" ... including cheating scandals.
(10:00) John Ziegler -- the guy who interviewed Jerry Sandusky in prison -- joins the show to explain why he's defending Jerry ... and his answers are downright shocking.
(18:00) Rick Ross raps about date raping women -- too far ... or just exercising his First Amendment right?
(21:00) Hayden Panettiere confirms the world's worst secret -- she's back with her ex Wladimir Klitschko.
(23:00) Too Short actually skates on the drug charge stemming from his epic run from cops.
(26:00) There's a diva on the set of "Dancing with the Stars" -- and we know who it is.
(29:00) Bill Gates is offering $1 million to anyone who can make a better condom.
(31:00) Dennis Quaid and Kimberly are getting back together -- but their divorce is too far along to stop.
(33:00) Britney Spears and her new man debut a little PDA.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Ford commercials in India show Paris Hilton kidnapping the Kardashian to show how roomy the back of the car is.

No Avatar


Harvey, why are you tweeting old stories?

577 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

Look at Mike in the background thats more exercise than he's had in the last year.

577 days ago


Blah, blah, blah, jail for lindsay option, blah, blah, blah. Please, she'll skate onto something else the jail thing is never going to happen. Even if it did, after the Bobby Brown jail joke, she'll be out before c..o..cktail hour.

577 days ago


Preach it, Charles! She's never going to jail no matter what she does.

Harvey just can't accept it, but all the rest of us know the truth!

577 days ago


I think it's time that TMZ did some REAL research, you've had several different posters put up today different places in the States that ARE lock down. You see Harvey, when a COURT ORDERS you into rehab and says, no you can not leave, then yes, the rehab can KEEP THAT PERSON against their will. You are starting to sound dumber and dumber with this whole Lindsaygate.

577 days ago


She won't spend a day in jail no matter what happens unless they send her to jail in NY.

577 days ago


harvey you got michael jr, paris, prince's birth certificates. why cant you get xander's birth certificate and see who january named on it as xander's father ?

577 days ago


ankle bracelet, it' that easy

577 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

That's racist skyper.

577 days ago


LMFAO, that's water she's drinking, see the bottle. Um yeah, and she was carrying around water bottles for months and we found out she took the water out and put in vodka. Nice try, Lil Ryan.

577 days ago


Um, no. I'm glad I don't own anything Nike.

577 days ago

Wow ...    

I'm really getting over Lilo and her drama. If the girl wants to party let her, just don't let her drive. She will die like Amy Winehouse saying No, no, no no rehab. It is her choice and her life, let her live it or die trying.

577 days ago


I'm with Charles for a change, rape

577 days ago


Harvey, you are being way too emotional about a man who will NEVER give you the time of day.

577 days ago


Harvey, they used to rap about killing cops, now you are going to say you are shocked on of them is singing the praises of a date rape drug. Don't you realize for that poor rapper, if it was for the drug he'd never get laid. Sorry to Sublime, sorta sounds like their song lyrics LOL.

577 days ago
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