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Dionne Warwick


Owes $10 Mil in Taxes

3/26/2013 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Dionne Warwick is broke as hell ... like "Nic Cage" broke ... and owes more than $10 million in unpaid taxes, this according to the singer's rep.

The "Do You Know the Way to San Jose" singer filed for bankruptcy in New Jersey claiming she only had $25k in assets ... but owes more than $10.2  million in taxes and fees to the IRS and the State of CA.

Warwick's rep, Kevin Sasaki, says Dionne's financial disaster was caused by "negligent and gross financial mismanagement" in the late 1980s through mid-1990s.

According to the court docs, the 72-year-old claims she makes $20,950 ... but spends $20,940. Translation -- her monthly net gain is TEN DOLLARS!!

Warwick claims she only makes $1,000 per month from music royalties.

In the docs, the 5-time Grammy winner says she's still in possession of the following assets:

-- 2 fur coats
-- 2 pair of diamond earrings
-- various gowns (worth $5k)
--  living room furniture, dining set, bedroom sets, over 10 YEARS OLD

Warwick says she spends $5,000 per month on housekeeping ... and $4,000 per month on a personal assistant.

Warwick's rep offered the following explanation -- "In light of the magnitude of her tax liabilities, Warwick has repeatedly attempted to offer re-payment plans and proposals to the IRS and the California Franchise Tax Board for taxes owed. These plans were not accepted, resulting in escalating interest and penalties."

For the record, here are just SOME of her hits:

"Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" ... "This Guy's In Love with You" ... "I'll Never Fall in Love Again" ... "Do You Know the Way to San Jose" ... "Don't Make Me Over" ... "Walk on By" ... "I Say a Little Prayer" ... "Alfie" ... "Anyone Who Had a Heart" ... "Close to You" ... "What's New Pussycat" ... "Deja Vu" ... and "The Look of Love."



No Avatar


her psychic friends should of told her that this was gonna happen!

575 days ago


When will these celebrities learn that they, too, have to pay taxes?

575 days ago


So many celebs live an expensive lifestyle like they'll always make the big money they got when they were at their prime. Will they ever learn it's temporary?

575 days ago


Shame if true

bet some of those assets are antiques
Still not a lot of assets

She should write a tell all about whom slept with whom, back in the day
There's always a market for those

575 days ago

Phil Mcl    

If you are broke, why are you still paying a housekeeper and personal ass. they should go first. 9,000 a month. Clean your own house and answer your own phone!!!!!!!!!!!!

575 days ago


Someone isn't too bright because filing bankruptcy does not forgive tax liens, either state or federal.

So, good luck with that strategy.

She can make all her other creditors disappear, but not the tax man. If she dies first, they'll go after the estate.

575 days ago


The IRS is actually pretty willing to work with people on reasonable repayment plans. So my guess is her plan wasn't realistic, probably because the IRS didn't think $5k/month housekeeper was necessary.

575 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Didn't her "psychics" tell her this was coming?

575 days ago


This is what happens when morons like her with their holier than thou attitudes who think their crap doesn't stink decide that finance and laws don't apply to them.

She hasn't paid taxes in twenty plus years FFS.

Why isn't this pretentious POS in jail already..

I agree with muvtmz, I have absolutely no sympathy for her.

And what is there to say for the state of California. If they collected due taxes from EVERYONE, they wouldn't be broke. They would probably have a surplus. Wake the f*ck up. Call the Governor, local representatives. DO SOMETHING.


575 days ago

Phil Mcl    

Couldn't she see this coming. Physic network LOL!!!!!!

575 days ago


Hmm...seems to me when things get tight then perhaps some expenses need cutting...if your only making 20K a month...( a lot of money for a normal person) then maybe the personal assistant at 4000.00 can go..and 5000 to run a house? I have no sympathy for someone who lives so far above their means and cry poor....

575 days ago


This looks like a no-brainer to me for Ms. Dionne. Sounds like we need to do some downgrading..... terminate the Housekeeper for $5000/mo and the Personal Assistant for $4000/mo. I'm not and never have been a fan. When she was on Celebrity Apprentice she had a major attitude problem. It was as if she was to good for anything or anybody.

575 days ago


Another dumbass who believes they're allowed to not have to pay taxes like the rest of us. Over $9K a month on house keeping and an assistant! How about doing things for yourself you lazy cow. How long having you been wasting your money without realizing you need to spend less? No sympathy and NO BAILOUT!

575 days ago


She could start by getting an Obamaphone.
That would help.

575 days ago


Too bad. ABC's 20/20 did a story on her about twenty years ago that said she was basically stealing from AIDS "benefits" that she had set up. It was disgusting.

575 days ago
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