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Lindsay Lohan

NAILS 'Anger Management'

And Charlie Sheen

3/26/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
had great, post-fake sex on the set of "Anger Management" Monday ... and in the process won over the entire cast and crew.

Sources on the set tell TMZ ... Lindsay's first scene featured her in bed with Charlie Sheen ... according to the script they had just had sex. We're told, "Lindsay knew her lines cold and her timing was perfect. She was really funny."

Lohan -- who showed up 45 minutes EARLY -- was "incredibly nice" and spent a fair amount of time taking pictures with the crew.

One source says Lindsay, who plays herself, "proved she has talent. You watch her and you know why she became a star."

Lindsay is back on the set tomorrow. One day at a time.


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This is how a special education teacher would treat a "special needs" child who just performed a task that would be perfunctionary to normal people.

578 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Inappropriate comedy was a bomb, that no one went to see over the weekend. So now Lying Lohan, Inc. is bringing you this crock of sh!t.

Went to the movies on saturday and not a soul was in the theater to see inappropriate comedy. I laughed so hard.

578 days ago


she needs a nice long vacation AWAY from Los Angeles to regroup. She should stick to comedy. That girl has more natural comedic timing in her pinky and is sadly wasting her time and energy on quick fixes of feel-good banter from hangers-on. Until she's comfortable being alone with herself, this is going to go on and on.

578 days ago


from kissing the abused looking alter boy who needs publicity two days ago.. to being in a bed with a older man coke head for a job,,and then off to brazil for a job which will also entail coke. i hope someone search checks her and throws her in jail for two years or more... and then all fake water bottles with vodka and to be committed to mandatory rehab lock down for 90 days in 5 weeks... what kind of life is this.. ? punching out psychics at concerts, stealing luxury jewellery,and smashing expensive cars.. wtf .. like really.

578 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

What other actresses "team" calls in a story because their client made it to work on time?

How pathetic and desperate.

578 days ago


So the scene was a "bedroom, post coitus", which, as we're led to believe is quite a familiar scene to Lindsay in real life.

Mind you, this is the same b*tch that didn't want to kiss Charlie in her SM5 scene, yet again is filmed in bed with him.

So one has to assume, with Lindsay's limited acting range, she's finally found her niche roles.

578 days ago


this sounds like the source was her mom

578 days ago


Charlie must have locked her in her room last night until this morning.. Dont blame them for what happened during liz and dick and sm5..she tweeted straight through until 3am pacific time..coke fueled i bet

578 days ago


@Sam...exactly. She's using Sheen for work. He's the only one that will hire her. Besides it's his show and he makes the decisions.

There was no way Lohan was not going to hit Sheen up to be on his show. Who knows maybe this is a 1 shot deal to get rid of her.

Lohan had no problem bringing up her tax problems to Sheen and was so un- grateful for the 100k for her taxes Sheen called her out publically about it.

Lohan had no problem telling Sheen to shut-up when he offered to mentor her. Yeah, she's a real classless act.

578 days ago


Most "stars" have an impressive body of work in movies, television or Broadway.
This one is only a "star" by
taxing the judicial system & costing the normal taxpayers money.
No talent junkie thief!

578 days ago


Really? shows up to work on time once.ONCE & her fatgirl ego needs to be fed."ooh shes such a talent,she came to work early!"Dina sniffing glue again?

578 days ago


The "source" is the cast and crew who need the ratings to keep their jobs. Nevertheless it is breaking news that she was on time and knew her lines one day this decade.

578 days ago


Wow !!! What a stretch.......playing herself in bed after sex !!!! bet she had to work on that one...and remembered all 10 lines of her script....Wow !!!! Move over Bette Davis !!!!!
and nice to the crew and took pictures with everybody ....Hell wonder how long it took for her to run them all down to get them to pose with her.....????...................
The title of this episode of The Never Ending Story of Lindsay Lohan's Comeback is
brought to you by Lohan Inc and TMZ. and Charle Sheen 's Save a Whore Org.........

WHat;s next the adoring fan scene outside the studio door.....crowded with street people payed for with a bottle of wine and 10 dollars a head to adore her as she leaves the studio......

578 days ago


You know you a are finished commodity when it's a "Ripley's Believe It or Not" that you showed up for work on time and got through 1 day.

578 days ago


FFS! WTF? FMTT! Does she still have "Bed Head"? She is a natural! Is it too early to mention Emmy?

She did this without stumbling on the cue cards? Charlie was "coaching" her, eh?

578 days ago
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