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Lindsay Lohan

NAILS 'Anger Management'

And Charlie Sheen

3/26/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
had great, post-fake sex on the set of "Anger Management" Monday ... and in the process won over the entire cast and crew.

Sources on the set tell TMZ ... Lindsay's first scene featured her in bed with Charlie Sheen ... according to the script they had just had sex. We're told, "Lindsay knew her lines cold and her timing was perfect. She was really funny."

Lohan -- who showed up 45 minutes EARLY -- was "incredibly nice" and spent a fair amount of time taking pictures with the crew.

One source says Lindsay, who plays herself, "proved she has talent. You watch her and you know why she became a star."

Lindsay is back on the set tomorrow. One day at a time.


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TMZ...are they trying too hard or hardly trying at all?

544 days ago


Funniest thing I heard all day.

"'One source says Lindsay, who plays herself, "proved she has talent.'"

Wow. what a stretch for such a talented artist

544 days ago


Ole Charlie is going to get something for that 100,000 he gave Lindsay, hope he has lotts of penicillin.

544 days ago


What the hell's the big deal here. She is an actress. She's SUPPOSED to know her lines cold and have perfect timing. So she acted like she's supposed to. A non story planted by Lohan, Inc.

544 days ago


I have a question; How much of an actress can you really be if the only person you can really play is 'yourself'?

544 days ago


Well Lohan spent over 10 years destroying her career. This certinly isn't going to change that.

Lohan hyped herself so much for SNL and when she never showed up for rehersals not prepaired, Lorne Michaels being no fool, let Lohan tank and bomb on live TV. He knew he was going to get ratings. He did.

Lohan being a ratings boost hasn't happened since. Just the oppisite. Just non stop reports of Lohan being an unprofessional nightmare to work with.

544 days ago


Any salary she makes should be sent to the state of California to reimburse them for all of the taxpayer money she has cost them.

544 days ago


Good for Lohan! She showed up on time and knew her lines. She acted responsibly and professinally. This shows that Lohan has the capability of making choices, that if she puts her mind to things, she can control her behavior. Mind you, it was only for one day, and even 13 year olds can be responsible and professional for one day. The problem with Lohan is consistancy. That - and having the innate personality of mean a$$hole. If Lohan had a tv show, she would have to be responsible and professional day after day, week after week, for months on end - and honestly she just doesn't have the willpower nor the intelligence for that. Unfortunately intelligence is inherited and both her parents are dumb as nails and the most unethical people on the planet, so Lohan doesn't have the intellectual tools to stay the course. She has the IQ of a rock and it doesn't take much to do one day of basically playing yourself. Her acting chops are extremely limited and she has never taken acting classes or lessons - which shows. But this is a good first baby step for her. And I hope that she continues. However, that won't happen - Lohan is nothing if not predictable, eventually she will screw it up, like she doesn everything. She just doesn't have the intelligence or the genuine acting chops to be a great actress anymore. She'll always be a joke. She's gone too far and doesn't know the way back. Nor does she have the class and good nature of someone like Jennifer Lawrence. So while this is good that Lohan did well on her day of shooting Charlie's show - it doesn't prove much in the end. I'll wait it out. She'll be back in court before we know it. Absolutely and stupidly predictable - that's Lohan.

544 days ago


Her life is one big joke.. Even z list actors get steady jobs.. She went from liz and dick to a porno down to a cameo on a movie way down to a cameo on a unwatched tv come infomercials from scam wow guy

544 days ago


The girl is talented. If she can JUST GET PAST her personal demons like Robert Downey Jr. did, she really still has a chance. We all still tune in to see what's happening with her, don't we? That means she's relevant. She just needs to sort her sh!+ out.

544 days ago


I have been bashed repeatedly for saying that Linds is a particularly talented actress who could win an oscar if she would straighten up. Yes I think she is that good, but conversely she is also that bad in her private life. She played Elizabeth over the top but if you go and watch E. Taylor's movies that is exactly how she played everythng.
Anyway, this doesn't surprise me at all but I wish and pray someone will break her wall of denial and help her understand she has to sober up or she will never come back.

544 days ago


Im going to guess that the one sources name starts with a M or a D.

544 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Mr. Pink Beverages‏@DrinkMrPink6h
@lindsaylohanx3 @mikelohan Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink is coming to New York soon! For now, order direct at ! #ginseng

544 days ago


She's a Lesbo, but she's turning her back on the Lesbo community cause she thinks it will help her get work, just sad.

544 days ago


This is like when a 2 year old is successful at potty training and everyone praises the kid as incredibly amazing.

544 days ago
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