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Justin Bieber

The Spit Plot Thickens

3/28/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Justin Bieber could be screwed -- we'll tell you how his violent outburst directed at a photographer in London could come back to haunt him in over his alleged spit attack.

Plus, Maria Shriver's Christmas light controversy shines a beacon on why it's no fun to live in one of the richest neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

And, is it offensive to buy your girlfriend breast implants for her birthday? "Pawn Star" Chumlee doesn't think so.

(0:00) A witness says he saw Justin Bieber spit in his neighbor's face -- and it could mean big trouble.
(7:00) Maria Shriver's Christmas tree lights are still up -- and her uber rich neighbors prove they don't know how to have fun anymore.
(10:00) Was Rob Kardashian in the right for taking a photographer's memory card?
(14:00) Our photographer got Angelina Jolie to speak!!
(18:00) Jerry Buss' hot young girlfriend gets an awesome parting girt/\.
(21:00) "American Idol" judges -- too soft on one contestant?
(23:00) Chumlee's breast implant birthday present ... offensive?
(25:00) Zoey Deschanel is looking to buy the infamous Black Dahlia house -- which sounds crazy ... until you see how awesome it is inside.
(31:00) Barbara Walters may be calling it quits ... we told you so!
(33:00) Lindsay Lohan's discarded cigarette butt ends up in a disgusting guy's mouth.
(35:00) Chris Brown -- a talented graffiti artist ... we'll give him that.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) It's time again for ... Tim's rejects!

No Avatar


Jerry Buss gave his young GF a baby,now you have it

487 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

Something puzzles me , is Harvey that orange or is Mike that white?

487 days ago


Harvey, i loved how you addressed the Rob Kardashian said "the pap was laying in wait for Rob"....which leads one to believe that the pap was IN THE GARAGE when Rob HOW did the pap KNOW Rob was going to work the location AT THAT TIME?
I call BS on the WHOLE THING

487 days ago


Maybe Rob is afraid someone will photograph him in the locker room. But a parking garage? lol

487 days ago


I would just love to smack Harvey. BFD, he's not the first old bastard to have a young whore. I'm sorry, GF. Oh please, if he didn't have money she wouldn't be a blip on his radar screen. I'm surprised his kids aren't contesting the will if no one knew about her.

487 days ago


He gave her a few things...she gave him multiple blöw jöbs.. I don't see the complication here.

487 days ago


Do people actually still watch AI? I stopped when the show became about drama. I don't want to hear your sob stories or see your emotional outbursts, just freakin' sing and show us the talent.

487 days ago


I do not think Rob K had any "expectation of privacy" dressing in a parking lot & "I think" he will get charged.

487 days ago


Mike reminds me of one of those chowderheads that sits in front of you in a movie theatre so you cant see the screen, and then talks throughout the whole movie. He should be tarred and feathered asap.

487 days ago

billy cema    

I'm not a celebrity. I'm neither white, nor black. I tell you true...I've been looked at by Mexicans/HIspanics, who spat on the ground as they looked at me. It has happened innumerable times!
Usually, they're young; and lately a white, or two, have copied them.
So, you see, you, TMZ are clueless!

487 days ago


Boy, that was one nasty mouthed woman that called in re Jolie.....lord have mercy does she hold a grudge or what!

487 days ago


Yup, it's awesome isn't it Harvey but when it's an 80 yr old woman with a 20 yr old boyfriend and what do you say?

487 days ago


Good thing, Chumlee has money, eh? If I was that girlfriend I'd run for the hills, the fact he gave you new boobs for your birthday either means you have self-esteem issues or he wants to change your physical appearance. BTW, first pic I saw of her I thought ELVIRA.

487 days ago


That's a good ice breaker when you meet her parents

487 days ago


For $10,000 a guy could have 5,000 girls with big boobs in Hollywood.

487 days ago
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