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Ariel Winter

I WON'T Talk

To My Mom

3/29/2013 12:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ariel Winter's lawyer told a judge today, the "Modern Family" star wants NOTHING to do with her mother ... and won't even sit in the same room with her.

Ariel's guardianship case was back in court, and mama Chrystal Workman complained ... her daughter refuses to do therapy with her mom.  Chrystal wanted the judge to force Ariel into therapy with her mom, but the judge nixed the request.

The judge said he couldn't force a teenager to have a relationship with her mom if she doesn't want it.  

As we previously reported .... 15-year-old Ariel is now under the guardianship of her sister Shanelle Gray, after Ariel complained she was being physically and emotionally abused by her mom.  The court found emotional abuse and stripped Chrystal of her parental rights.

Ariel hasn't spoken with her mom in 5 months -- when the guardianship was created.


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She needs to talk to her mom and explain why she doesn't want to see her. It will help her too. Do it in a letter if needed and have someone from the court/lawyer's office deliver it. Mom gets her answers

575 days ago


spoiled lil rich kids when her mom is gone and dead her little spoiled ass will regret this i hope she goes broke and falls on her face then she will wish she had her mom so disrespectful punk ass kids

575 days ago


LMFAO, and in what world is this woman in when she finds it OKAY to go to court to force her daughter into therapy with her? Tell ya what, Crystal, how about you didn't treat either of your daughters like cash registers and none of this would be happening. What's next, she gets pregnant again and has another one to crack the whip at?

575 days ago


Every commenter on this thread and any other that has anything to do with this family, need to mind their own business. How do ya'll know what you read is even the truth? Do you know them personally? Jeez louise...get a life, people!!

575 days ago


I love how everybody think they know everything. Well, then i have few questions for all know-it-all people here. 1) Has anybody noticed how much weight Ariel's gained? (my take: she looked SO HOT before all these she's just getting fatter and fatter..oopsie!) 2) Has anybody noticed the way she is dressed for awards shows lately? (my take: absolutely awful!!..while her sister shines like SHE is the star..seriously??). 3) Has anybody noticed THE ENTIRE TIME the way her mother dresses? (my take: she does not look like a woman who took advantage of her star daughter finances. If she did, why isn't she at least carrying a brand name bag around? Or wear nicer clothes). Just look back at pictures with the two of them ..Then and Now.
Come on people, get real and watch closely. You don't have to know them personally to at least see these things going on, and THEN jump into judging who did what. How do you even know it's the truth? What if she's just being a brat?? I hated my mother too when i was her age, i thought she emotionally abused me but that couldn't be more further from the truth. I could have emmancipated myself but i didn't. Now i'm glad i didn't and i thank my mother for my upbringing. I actually feel sorry for her sister's kids. It's so obvious she wants the spotlight and those poor kids are dragged into this dirt. How come paparazzi know where they are at all times? I highly doubt anybody sits by the house and then follows them when they leave. I kind of have a feeling that paparazzi are called-in anywhere they go. What a shame! It just looks like a bunch of BS to me. Too much publicity out of the blue for this little girl who's obviously trying to act all grown up. Just go home, Ariel.

575 days ago

Joseph Goldberg    

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490 days ago


I don't think it's about money, it should be about mending the mother/daughter relationship and bringing the family together. Maybe family counseling. But if Ariel still doesn't want anything to see with her mother, the Crystal should sue Ariel for all the years and money she spent in acting classes and acting coaches for Ariel. Taking her to auditions and traveling with her because she was underage until Ariel made it big. All that prevented Crystal from having a job and building financial security for her retirement.

452 days ago
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