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Michael Jackson

Drug Addict On Trial

4/2/2013 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Michael Jackson's intense and decades-long addiction to powerful prescription drugs will be front and center in his family's wrongful death trial ... which kicks off today.

Katherine Jackson and Michael's 3 kids are suing AEG Live, claiming the company negligently hired and supervised Dr. Conrad Murray ... who killed MJ with a massive overdose of Propofol.

TMZ broke numerous stories after MJ's death ... revealing how Jackson had at least 19 aliases to score Rx drugs from various doctors.  It was well known in L.A. and Beverly Hills medical circles that MJ would doctor shop to find professionals who would open their surgery centers to give him Propofol.  The doctors -- and dentists -- would justify the drug by saying they needed to put him under for minor procedures, such as acne removal.

We reported in one case ... a famed doctor used a gynecologist's office -- run by a doc who specialized in vaginal rejuvenation -- to perform a minor acne treatment under full anesthesia.

The Jackson family will argue AEG Live had a duty to monitor Murray.  The problem is ... Jackson's the one who found Murray in the first place and that Murray administered Propofol long before the doc signed on to the "This Is It" tour.

AEG has a slew of doctors on its witness list ... to make the case that Jackson's addiction was in full bloom long before it entered the picture.

Katherine and the kids are asking for more than $40 BILLION in damages.



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And I feel The Jackson's are going to win this lawsuit. It's unclear wether they will win the full amount, it's up to the court, but it would not be a meek amount either.

568 days ago

Cincinnati Sugar    

Per coroner report, the only drug in MJ was propofol, no other pills or alcohol. Sooo, if he was such a druggie then he would surely have had demerol and etc in his system and he did not. Say whatever bull s h i t you want, it really doesn't matter, the facts are the coroner report.

568 days ago


This is exactly why the medical profession does not want to automate patient records and fights any form of computerization. It's because they can claim they didn't know when they sell drugs to someone. So we just continue to pay higher and higher medical costs from their inefficiency.

568 days ago


This needs to be televised

568 days ago

Cincinnati Sugar    

Per coroner report, NONE of the prescription pills he had was even in his system, HAHAHAHA

568 days ago


So people stop talking about what you don't know, and stop making assumptions and nasty remarks from out of your perception of things that has nothing to do with what is really going on.

568 days ago

Kayan Phoenix    

Gold diggers, if he was that much of a druggie, then why did he still have custody of his kids, no one is responsible for MJ dealth except for MJ, he just overdosed like a druggie can do at some point, I hope they lose the case

568 days ago


Katherine's lawsuit is laughable.

568 days ago

I Was About To Say    

I bet more then half of you that are calling him a druggie when the coroner report shows otherwise, will end up on hard drugs and really kill yourself, now that will be funny!

568 days ago


Cash, Gimme Cash

568 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Funny how they blame the doctors for his death. In reality HE was a druggie plain and simple

Of course the doctors are to blame.
Michael Jackson took MEDICATION for legitimate medical conditions.
Over half the population take anti-anxiety meds at some time in their life. Why would MJ be different? After the ordeal he went through, do you really expect him to be undamaged?

If medication becomes excessive, the prescribing doctor is responsible - not the patient.

568 days ago


I wonder how rotten ole MJ is right now. I bet he is still juicy.

568 days ago

I Was About To Say    

Coroner report said he was a healthy 50yr old and nothing but the propofol killed him (which you cant administer yourself), if the dr (and every dr) would say no like they are suppose to then MJ would be alive, he had no other drugs in him that you all are saying he was addicted to. Coroner said his liver and kidneys and heart were all healthy, and if he was a true druggie then he would have damage to those and he didn't, soooo ROFLMAO at you all.

568 days ago


The autopsy report showed he was an healthy 50 year old man. His organs did not show any signs of medical drug abuse. He did have ailments that needed medical attention such as his horrible burn, Lupus and vitiligo. I guess he also needed anxiety medication for all the verbal abuse he received from the media and public all these years. The only time he used propfol and any other sensitives were when touring or preparing for it. People need to get their facts straight. AEG is digging themselves in a hole

568 days ago


It's Michael Jackson's fault he was a drug addict, no one else's. I hope Katherine and the kids lose this one. No one forced Michael to doctor shop. Why aren't they going after the doctors who were willing to give him the drugs? Conrad Murray isn't the only one? What about the pharmacies?

568 days ago
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