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Conrad Murray

Leave Me Out of MJ Wrongful Death Suit ...

Or Face Destruction

4/3/2013 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Dr. Conrad Murray believes his testimony in Michael Jackson's wrongful death lawsuit would lead to catastrophic consequences for one side -- and he's not saying which -- so it's best to leave him the hell alone.

Murray made the veiled threat last night in a bizarre, rambling voicemail he left on a friend's machine -- obtained by TMZ -- and you have to hear it to believe it.

The doc who's serving time for manslaughter says, "If I am compelled to speak [in court] I can cause one party or the other to experience the impact of an immediate seismic shock" resulting in "a total and complete debacle" for both sides.

Murray -- who was subpoenaed to testify in Katherine Jackson's $40 billion lawsuit against AEG -- has pled the 5th because he doesn't want to incriminate himself in any upcoming legal proceedings stemming from his appeal to overturn his manslaughter conviction.

Which begs the question ... what's he NOT saying? You gotta listen to this thing.


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Frankly he said alot in this tape.... What could be of catastropic consequences and destruction to either side? Well it can not be drug use, that is already do***ented...... What could be destructive to all parties, which include Micheal, Jackson family, Kids, Parents and AEG. Could Murray expose information we dont know, like cir***stages around death , who did it or what? Exposure of who what when and How?
Well... there has been myths, tales, or the truth about Micheals death being a hoax according to some folks ..... could the purpose of Murrays statement is to make his appeal more amiable to a favorable outcome?. Could it be that ALL involved created a death hoax including AEG?
No one knows for sure, but we do know that Murray does not desire any part of it . But If he is is forced.... what we hear will knock us all off of our feet, It sounds that there may be a possibility that he may speak. No one goes into detail about pleading the fifth, they just plead it with no commentary. This is something to watch.

530 days ago


Michael Jackson was broke. He was the one who pushed the tour knowing full well he was in no condition to do a concert let alone to do any kind of tour.

Jackson knew he was worth more money dead than alive. He did his best to make sure his family didn't get a penny. His estate went to people he trusted and his kids would be taken care of.

The Jackson family vultures, having nothing to do with Michael Jackson the solo artist, hasn't stopped using him for money.

530 days ago


Honestly? Dr. Murray was a scapegoat used to hold someone accountable for MJ's death. And now MJ's family suddenly needs him. My how the world turns. I wouldn't testify either if I were him. This family has taken his life away. MJ was an addict. Someone was going to always give him what he wanted (drugs) Dr. Murray was just an easy target. My hat's off to Dr. Murray. He should finish his sentence out and never to be heard from again. MJ's family & AEG has some nerve! MJ's family played a key role in taking Dr. Murray's life away & medical them no favors.

530 days ago


A siesmic SHOCK?! hmmm could MJ be ALIVE after all?!!!!!!!!!!

530 days ago

Lisa G    

Why should that conviction be overturned? I don't care who hired him or who paid him, he still gave that extremely dangerous drug to a patient outside of it's purpose (and outside of his scope of practice) and it killed the patient. He is where he is supposed to be and he should never practice medicine again.

530 days ago


I don't see why Murray would take 4 years of jail knowing Michael is still slive.

530 days ago


Im tired of Murray. When they let him out, they should send his sorry funky ass to the Middle East and let the taliban have their way with him. Sick bastard.

530 days ago


HE'S ALIVE!!!!! MICHAEL IS ALIVE! ! ;-) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

530 days ago


I ALWAYS knew I'm my ♥ He was ALIVE. .. I JUST KNEW ;-)

530 days ago


Nothing seemed to make sense Plus the videos and stories people told Left me confused And VERY UPSET. . ... it all makes sense now Mj needed a Break. .. To Live his life

530 days ago


THis sounds like a rehearsed written statement..I think he is trying to get people interested in a book he might be any rate he is a sociopath cant beoieve anything out of his mouth,.'
the media should stop giving him airtime

530 days ago


Maybe he'll out a certain secret society for ritual reasons behind mj's death??

530 days ago

The Man They Call Louis    

He's such a cry baby douche. He's lucky he only got the time he received. He should be spending LIFE in prison for what he did. Wants to blame everyone but himself...******* jerk off.

530 days ago


He needs to shut his sorry behind up and just do his time. MJ was a drug addict but stupid, unethical and money hungry Conrad Murry was a Dr. who acted as if he was a street drug pusher. He is a murderer and drug pusher to the highest bidder. He can go to hell. He's dangerous and needs to be exactly where he is.

530 days ago
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