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Casey Anthony

You're Not Big Brother

My Life Story is MINE!

4/5/2013 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Casey Anthony has just lodged a strong legal objection to her bankruptcy trustee's proposal to sell the rights to her life story to the highest bidder ... even though she hasn't put it on the market.

The trustee already got a $10k offer from someone who wanted to buy it and then shelve the project so it could never be published. Anthony's lawyer says in new legal docs it's an outrageous proposition ... taking someone's thoughts and memories that are solely within their mind.

Anthony's lawyer calls the proposal a "terrifying Orwellian prospect."

If the trustee wins -- which frankly he shouldn't -- Anthony would be precluded from ever selling any part of her story.

Anthony says the trustee is going so far -- she couldn't counsel "other victims of child abuse" if the groups tried to pay anything -- including plane fare or hotel.


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I wish this nasty rat faced b!tch would die already.

566 days ago


Casey and the whole ANTHONY FAMILY have been watching the Jodie Arias Trial,can you even think how many books Casey can write and claim all the problems Jodie has are hers.And trust me there will be SUCKERS that will swollow that BS she puts out.Cindy call supporters FANS.and Casey going to Bankruptcy Court with 6 Attorneys demanding Marshalls and then ,telling lie after lie after lie.I am still waiting for someone to pay for a dead child thrown away in a swamp

566 days ago

Joan K    

Like I have said many times before, the only news I want to see, hear, or read about this baby killer is that someone finally gave to her what she deserves, until then please do the world a favor and don't report anything about this bitch.

566 days ago


Are you kidding .... KC the physco BITCH, shouldnt recieve a penny for what shes done. I hope she sees her daughters dead body for the rest of her life here on earth, and even longer in hell. Shes a lieing , conieving bitch, and shame on anyone who thinks she should us her poor childs death to profit in any way , rot in hell KC

566 days ago


Where's the VOTE, tmz? I vote yes! In fact, take her head off with the memories. She is a sociopath and shouldn't make any money off of being unfeeling and evil.

566 days ago


TEAM TRUSTEE!!!!!!!!! If ever Anthony was going to get a dime for anything... it should be to keep her ugly ass baby killing mouth shut. She's a f.cking liar anyway. She never told one single truth yet... so who the hell would trust anything she has to say anyway? She's just another baby killer who got off cause her jury was full of retards who found making it to a cruise more important than an innocent life snubbed out.

566 days ago

Bring Back Twinkies    

She HAD to have been wearing hair extensions in the trial. No way her hair could grow 12-16 inches in 3 years! And as soon as she's out of jail, her hair is short again....Can lawyers give clients fake hair??

566 days ago


Quote " f the trustee wins Anthony would be precluded from ever selling any part of her story." I am all for that. She shouldn't profit from anything AND why would anyone want HER to speak on child abuse? To tell how to do it and get away with it??

565 days ago

Suzy Q     


And just like that, babykiller's tatto turns from "Bella Vita" to "Brutta Vita"

565 days ago


Is Casey Anthony trying to make a "SICK JOKE" or just trying AGAIN AND AGAIN for PR."Counsel child abuse,George still willing to be called a molester as long as the MONEY keeps rolling in.Does anyone see.what will be in her interviews and book,GOOD MONEY MAKING SCHEME.could be good for years ,unless the Judge stops her.. THAT TRULY IS ONE SICK FAMILY

565 days ago


Omg make it go away tmz. She is a mean, misserable piece of wet sharts.

565 days ago


I'd love to see her in an alley somewhere

565 days ago


This whole "Bankruptcy shows Casey and her family to be a "infested sore on society"It sure shows me,why there is a dead child,NOT ONE in that family wants or cares to be held accountable for anything.Dead child "who' cares" we all covered it up slandering innocent bystanders WHO CARES" sitting back and watching others take time and money searching for a dead Caylee and knowing you could have helped "WHO CARES"wHO would let this EVIL ****ROACH near any child who in the past suffered child abuse and what kind of a "****roach "would let the police use time and all there men searching leads to a live Caylee,SIT BACK AND SAY "WHO CARES

565 days ago


I will never spend a penny on anything she puts out there...

564 days ago


If the death penalty didn't exist in this country she would have been found guilty. She makes me sick!

564 days ago
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