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Michael Lohan

Magna Cum Sober Degree

From Lindsay's Rehab Joint

4/11/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
has history with the rehab center which she'll call home for 90 days -- her dad dried out there in the late '80s, and we're told he and the rehab owner are thick as thieves.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay will be moving into the Seafield Center at Westhampton Beach in New York for her court-ordered rehab.  Turns out a coked-up and boozy Michael Lohan checked into the joint in 1989, and became tight with Executive Director Mark Epley.

Michael tells TMZ ... Mark knows the "family dynamic" of the Lohan family.  Michael says the goal is to force Dina Lohan to agree to family therapy -- with Michael and Lindsay -- to deal with their laundry list of woes.

Here's the problem -- Michael got sober at Seafield, but he fell off the wagon pretty quickly thereafter.

Michael says he wanted Lindsay to go to Lukens Institute in Florida because the facility is small and stylized to the patients, but he still likes Seafield a lot.


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They aren't doing her any special favors. This is just going to be 28 x 3 for the 90 days.

Lohan knows she can't leave for any reason. That's all up to her. Judge made it clear she violates in any way "there will be no disucssion on further probation". Stright to jail.

Lohan will spend her 27th birthday in rehab or jail, my bet is on jail.

526 days ago


90 days in a rehab is 90 days in hell when sent there by a court and not because you want and see your need to be there. You are better off in jail or prison. At least you get time off for good behavior or overcrowding. Successful rehabs are not places where you go to work on your career or lay in the sun. If you go there for the wrong reasons you will come out with 90 days of nothing and be a part of the zero to 4% stats. This is why secular rehabs just do not work. People go there for all the wrong reasons or are forced into by a judge who thinks he is doing you a favor. No ... jail/prison is a favor in a situation like LILO has herself in. She has already proven that they don't work for her because she is there for all the wrong reasons and in places that don't work...even good ole Betty Ford. What a waste of time and money.

526 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

I am literally laughing out loud at you, Niki. You actually believe these people on here are Lohans??? My god honey, come back to earth!

526 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

So which one am I? Not that I would know them anyway? Oh wait, can I be grandma?! Pleeeease!

526 days ago


@Earnie...This is Lohan just avoiding jail. Everyone knows this and this is nothing but a joke to her. She has no intention of cleaning up her act. Just going through the motions.

Lohan isn't going to make 90 days. Even if she should she would be out partying that day like she always does.

526 days ago


If this was already posted sorry. Squeaky was fighting with Gavin again.

526 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

FIREFLY: I saw your post about her face. It looks like long term steroids. I'm just waiting fir her to grow a "dowager's hump"! Just kidding, it's probably those goofy implants and bloats and filler. She didn't need to mess with her face like that. Too young.Didn't need it.BTW yesterday we got lots of rain.I was complaining about the dry soil. How's the paranormal stuff going?

526 days ago


Based on her answers on Letterman, she's not taking this stint in Rehab any more serious than the previous 5. Coachella, here she comes!!!

526 days ago


Lindsay's next gig will be top 10 rehabs in America for the travel channel.

526 days ago


@747 Capt Dirt

Don't you have a plane to crash?

526 days ago


For some reason this sickens me. Makes me think rehab centers are mostly a scam/sham.

526 days ago

LA Native    

Good morning all, waking up as an east coaster today, just in time for the tornado of grief to go west.
My plan worked well.

526 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Lindsay Lohan is ready for rehab — right after she finishes partying.

After tearfully confessing, “I think this an opportunity for me to, you know, focus on what I love in life. And I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I think it’s a blessing … and not a curse,” about rehab on “Late Night With David Letterman” Tuesday, it was time for LiLo to unwind.


The “Herbie: Fully Loaded” star was back to her hard-partying, tantrum-throwing, glass-tossing ways at Chelsea club 1Oak hours after her chat with Dave. While Lohan was relatively composed and even funny on TV, she went ballistic at the club when her former assistant Gavin Doyle came over to say hello.

“He tried to come over to her and say hi. She was at another table and she went ape s—,” according to our insider. “He attempted to approach the table and she started throwing stuff. She was throwing plastic glasses and freaking out, yelling.”

Doyle was reportedly willing to cooperate with Los Angeles police in a case against Lohan last month that led to her entering the plea that will land her in rehab May 2. Lohan and Doyle have had several blowouts in the past, including an Oct. 8 kerfuffle at club Catch last fall when LiLo tried to strangle Doyle with his own scarf.

On Wednesday, Lohan’s attorney Mark Heller told The News’ Nancy Dillon that LiLo is likely headed to the spartan Seafield Center in Westhampton Beach, L.I., for her rehab, but she’s lined up other options as well.

The 90-bed Seafield facility would be a dramatic departure from LiLo’s prior trips for lavish rehabs in Malibu and Palm Springs. Patients at the $4,000-a-week Seafield share modest rooms, eat simple meals and attend AA meetings.

Dad Michael Lohan tells us he’d be pleased to see his daughter under the care of his “friends” George Benedict and Mark Epley, who run Seafield. Epley is also mayor of Southampton.

“While I would rather have had Lindsay in a smaller, more personalized and private treatment program, like the Lukens Institute in North Palm Beach, I know that she’s in good hands with Mark and George,” said Michael Lohan. He also said, “I hope the Seafield staff mandate and implement family therapy, where [mom] Dina will finally sit down with Lindsay and I, to get to therapy she needs in order to get clean and stay clean. Without family therapy with the three of us together, this might be a fruitless journey.”

This is thought to be LiLo’s lucky seventh attempt at rehab.

Read more:

526 days ago


Lindsay memo to self-
Remember to bring lots of good stolen jewelry with me to rehab for bribes & payments to staff & resident members to overlook, turn away, turn a blind eye, see nothing etc., etc.

526 days ago


Another stuunning outfit.

526 days ago
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