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White House

Obama Did NOT Rap

With Jay-Z About Cuba

4/11/2013 10:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The Hova Flap is Ovah! ... so says Prez Obama's press secretary.

Jay Carney told White House reporters ... the only reason Jay-Z implicated Obama in his new song is because it's hard to find something that rhymes with treasury.

As you know, in Hova's song, "Open Letter," he raps, "Obama said chill, 'You gonna get me impeached.' We don't need this s*** anyway. Chill with me on the beach."

But Carney claims POTUS had zero contact with Jay-Z about the Cuba trip, and it was all handled by the Treasury Dept.

The best part ... you gotta hear the reporter feebly rap the lyrics. That's why they call it the WHITE House Press Corps.


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Like i said so what!!!!! Stop voting for dumb ass presidents, bottom line!!!! Cant blame me because i didnt vote for no idiot!!! Now what!!!

560 days ago


If this was indeed a "cultural exchange", then why is he so defensive? Why doesn't he just educate the masses about his trip, what he saw, and what he got out of it? Instead, he gets defensive and accusatory. And while he is busy writing and rapping about his trip and how he loathes politicians, there is a Cuban rapper in jail for daring to do the same thing. So what do you say about that. Jay-Z? People may have questioned the legality of your trip, but you aren't in prison for daring to speak about your Government. Kind of makes those tantrums you are throwing seem a little over-the-top, now don't they??

560 days ago


This is why politicians should not align themselves with celebrities. Celebrities are stupid and do a lot of ill advised things.

560 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

Bad move for Obama to even associate with this clown. You have to be an idiot to associate yourself with such a low life.

Stop embracing these parasitical thugs.

560 days ago


It was a humanitarian trip for God’s sake. They smuggled Cubans out in that mess on her head!

560 days ago


Barry and J-z are both corrupt crooks !
They both belong in jail .

560 days ago


Odium no and all his merry a**holes

560 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

is this something along the lines of 'rodman visits kim jung un in north korea'? i mean we all know what happened when that happened...

560 days ago


Americans are so touchy!! Who the hell cares if they went to Cuba..who cares that a rapper mentions the President in a rap..seriously people..i'm sure there are bigger fish to fry in the great country known as America!! Jokers!

560 days ago


If Romney had won we would not even be reading about this...

560 days ago


The song sucks anyways..

560 days ago


Lots of Americans travel to Canada so they can fly to Cuba from here. Not just families on vacation - business people as well. I don't see anyone up in arms about that. No story on cable networks or headlines in the paper. Just folks wanting to make a big deal and cause trouble. Some people are not happy unless they can complain about something. In which case you Americans must be the happiest people on earth!

560 days ago

keith belcourt    

says the man who couldnt tell the truth if his life depended on it

560 days ago


He just went on the friggin' vacation. He's recorded a rap already? Alrighty then. I do agree with others, in that if this is how immature Jay Z, knowing good and well how much negative attention he's drawn from this vaca...and then turn around and put the Presidents name into it...he needs to stay far away from him.

560 days ago


Obama "Has 99 Problems but a " rap ain't one of them!

560 days ago
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