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Rachael Ray Show Sued

260 lb Teen Says

They Made Me Take a Hike!

4/16/2013 4:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0416-rachael-ray-gettyA very large teen claims the "Rachael Ray" show is more brutal than CrossFit, more grueling than P90X, more intense than "The Biggest Loser" -- and it all ended with humiliation and anxiety.

Christina Pagliarolo -- who weighed in at 260 lbs -- agreed to be part of a segment on overweight teens.  She claims in her lawsuit ... the trainer made her run like Forrest Gump, yelled and screamed at her, and made her hike in the mountains.

Worst of all, she says the trainer put her on a StairMaster and kept cranking up the speed until she fell off the machine ... and then he yelled at her for falling.

Christina says she was a mess after training ... suffering serious injuries including messed up legs.

Christina is suing for negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

7:30 PM PT -- A rep for the "Rachael Ray Show" tells us, "We haven't received this purported lawsuit but if it does materialize we will defend ourselves against it vigorously and fully expect to prevail."


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give her a crack pipe, she will lose the weight.

561 days ago


She could have stopped anytime and walked away

561 days ago


I am so sick of people not taking responsibility for their own actions/situations. She got fat on her own, she reached out for help. Too bad if her feelings were hurt, she was 18 and 260...lbs. Trainers are not nice when they can see you are not putting in the effort that they know you have. The are not going to baby you, and they are not paid to either!! Suck it up and feel the burn!!!!!!!!!!!!

561 days ago

mike f    

Rachel Ray is hated by everyone in the food service industry, and for good reason: The woman is a terrible tipper and she actually encourages her followers to do the same. Her show Traveling on Such-and-such money a day is actually a travleogue of her pissing off servers around the world. Horrible woman, who doesn't even take care of the people who take care of her.

As for the young lady, it wouldn't surprise me if the show's producers crossed a line looking for exciting footage.

561 days ago


She needs to grow up and get over this. This is what it takes to lose a massive amount of weight. Her trainer is just helping her to achieve her goal and she should be thankful for that.

561 days ago


I don't know anything about this girl's case but I am sick to death of all these "boot camp trainers." It is not a good way train, especially if you are overweight or new to fitness. You can motivate a person without screaming or demoralizing. A trainer at my gym went up to a woman and said "you can do better than that" and turned up the speed on her treadmill. Manager saw it happen and fired her on the spot. No one at the gym was sorry to see her go.

561 days ago


so someone finally is trying to help youand you want to sue them? you ****ing idiot. seriously - lay off the big macks. you're lazy ass could try and eat healthier and workout -but wait would you sue the gym saying the weights made you hurt? freaking ass moron

561 days ago


She should sue her father and mother for letting her get that big and not motivating her to MOVE!!!!

561 days ago


I guess that overweight teen has to blame someone besides herself. Why isn't she suing the trainer??

561 days ago


You can tell just by her body language & expressions that she's never pushed herself, never been pushed, and has used her weight as an excuse to quit or not even try.

Yet instead of seeing the tremendous gift that she's been given (a national platform, free trainer, etc) she instead turns it into a reason to sue?

561 days ago


Normally, I would not give this much credit but we are dealing with a teenager and one who is overweight and has self esteem issues so I am on her side on this one. Producers used her. And after Rachael had that irresponsible witch Gwyneth Paltrow spewing out her medical advice instead of referring people to medical professionals on her show the other day I lost all respect for Rachael herself.

561 days ago


Why did she go on the show?? Most trainers on TV act this way. She should have not been to shocked.

561 days ago


She'll end up weighing over 1,000 lbs and the wall to the room she's planted in will have to be taken down just to get her to a hospital. Then she'll probably be in the hospital for months, draining any health insurance she may have. If she has no insurance, guess what folks? The taxpayers of the USA will be paying her medical bills. She really should do whatever it takes to lose weight before this happens.

561 days ago


Would love to see video of her coming off the treadmill.....

561 days ago


Wow you people make me sick having no compassion for overweight people .that person who yelled at her is a piece of garbage. I am a weightlifter .no I am not overweight .i am sick of these people yelling at overweight people. Expecting them to be on the same fitness level right away,stupid.

561 days ago
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