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Jermaine Jackson

Defies MJ's Policy

Kids Need Their Mom

4/23/2013 4:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson
is rolling in his grave -- because brother Jermaine Jackson is now encouraging MJ's daughter to spend time with her birth mom.

MJ famously never wanted his kids Prince and Paris to have a relationship with their biological mother Debbie Rowe -- cutting off all contact between Debbie and the children after their divorce in 1999. Debbie gave away all custody rights in 2001.

But Jermaine has reversed Michael's policy -- telling TMZ, it's great that Paris is getting to know her mom.

Prince on the other hand ...


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" MJ famously never wanted his kids Prince and Paris to have a relationship with their biological mother "
Who says ? You ? ha-haaa.
I never heard Michael say that.

541 days ago


I''m one who did not know his mom for 46 years.Yes, I agree, a child should know their mom, if they want to. They should not have to be forced into it. Furthermore, yes it was Michael's wishes for them to now have contact with her, but Michael left nothing in writing stating that. My only concern, is if Jermaine is allowing Paris to visit her mother, whose to say, that Paris or any other of the children, may want to live with their mother, instead with the grandmother. How will that play out. Furthermore, Jermaine is in know position in stating to Paris what she can and cannot do. I don't recall Michael stating that Jermaine should be a care giver.

540 days ago


Looking at those kids, I can see how messed up MJ really was. He apparently hated himself, the color of his skin, his nose etc. If I was rich and wanted kids, I would certainly want then to look like me. However, that does not take away from him being the greatest entertainer of all times. His singing and dancing was incredible.

540 days ago


MJ tried to escape taking responsibility for his dangerous actions. He tried to gain entry into a child detention center for murderers because he thought the boys deserved his support. He kept talking about children needing him when he got Propofol. The man grew more and more deluded because he lived in isolation and had the luxury of feeling self-pity, lying about children he knew nothing about, lying about forgiving his abusive father, pretending plastic surgery helped him & spending money on drugs for his treatable temporary insomnia. He wanted doctors & dermatologists around him to cure his loneliness & self-hatred, even after he begged for Debbie to have the kids. Love can't be bought with money and drugs don't cure mental issues.

539 days ago

Steve L. Webb    

Will Debbie Rowe ever take an (DNA) test to show if she is the biological mother..? Just because a woman is implanted with "embryo's doesn't necessary, make her the real mother!!!

539 days ago


The kids are getting older so its only natural that one or more of them might be interested in their other parent. He would have had to deal with his teenagers asking about their mother at one point or another most likely. And as seeing how public it all was he couldnt really have lied to them about it.

502 days ago


I'm happy to hear that he feels this way. The children have a right and should see their mother if they choose to. The Jackson family members who are against this may risk the children resenting them later.

496 days ago
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