Ed Norton Smacked My Camera Says Alleged Ed Norton Look-alike

4/24/2013 2:05 PM PDT

Ed Norton
has been accused of smacking an Ed Norton "look-alike" on the streets of New York ... and the whole thing was caught on tape, TMZ has learned.

Here's the 411 -- Norton was walking down the street yesterday when he was approached by Alain Bin Naim -- a self-described celebrity interviewer with his own public access TV show in Manhattan.

Alain -- who goes by the name "Aladino" -- was following Norton down the street with a camera ... when he asked, "People are saying you look like me ... is that true?"

Norton, clearly annoyed by the situation, responded -- "Get away from me" ... and that's when he smacked Aladino's camera.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Aladino went to the hospital, claiming he had an injured hand ... and eventually called the NYPD to file a complaint against the actor.

Sources tell us Aladino didn't have any serious injuries -- but he did ask for a splint for his hand. 

But don't expect Norton to end up behind bars over the incident ... we're told cops don't believe there's enough evidence to go after the actor.

We reached out to Norton for comment -- so far, no word back.