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Nappy Roots Rapper

Violent Cops Were RACIST

... And I'll Probably SUE!!!

4/25/2013 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ex-Nappy Roots rapper R. Prophet says he was the victim of a RACIST BEATDOWN ... and tells TMZ he's thinking about suing the hell out of the cops who tased him earlier this week.

Prophet just called in to "TMZ Live" ... and says he feels it was "definitely racial profiling" when cops in Kentucky approached a car he was riding in this weekend ... and proceeded to beat the crap out of him.

The rapper says the driver of his car was arrested for DUI at a police checkpoint that night  ... and was taken to a nearby police station.

Prophet says he was left in the car ... and while he was trying to figure out how to get home, an officer approached the parked vehicle and demanded the rapper step outside.

"[The officer] said , 'Step out of the car sir,' ... so I stepped out of the car. Next thing I know I was getting handcuffed ... and the officer pulls out ... his little electrocuting gun, they call it a taser or whatever."

The rapper tells TMZ he was beaten mercilessly for no reason.

Prophet says he had been drinking that night ... but insists he didn't do anything wrong at any  point in the evening.

Cops tell a different story ... saying the rapper was highly intoxicated, walked directly into traffic and was a danger to himself and others.

Either way, Prophet says he plans to unleash a legal nightmare on the cops ... right after he clears his name with the judge.


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You're racist for thinking that just because the cops were not Black, they are racist for arresting you. Maybe you need to look at yourself as a human being instead of just being a Black man. That way others will not concentrate on your blackness too.

524 days ago


So you want to be all gangster, run your mouth off, acting all tough and rough, then cry when you get what you ask for and want to sue. ROFLMAO!!!

524 days ago


R. Prophet,

Those puffy succulent lips are turning me on. Call me!!! I'm make my thing disappear in those lips.

David Copperfeel

524 days ago


Why is it every time a black guy gets arrested its racist? And there always arugueing in public and shooting each other over stupid ****. Just watch hardcore pawn those people on there are sick people and I live in Detroit and the show isn't fake been there a lot and all black people do is yell like idiots and fight for no reason

524 days ago

It's Me    

Playing the race card ...PUNK!!!

524 days ago


Thats the first thing every black person says when they get arrested.

524 days ago

all about the money    

And...theres the race card right on queue. Obviously a black man resisting arrest, kicking windows out of squad cars, and self admittedly smashing his own head does not give Police cause to arrest, handcuff, taser/pepper spray without it being totally racist.

524 days ago


U got what U deserved, shut up, nut up and take it like a man.

524 days ago

A.G James    

First off where do any of you get off saying Ryan deserved any of this? You were NOT there nor do you know him. Dont assume that because He is black and a rapper that he is some ganster rapper or ganster PEROID! I know, seen and have friends and other family members who do make dumb choices and act ignorantly who have brought things upon himself. Sitting in a passenger seat with alcohol in your system Does not at all deserve to be tazed NOR beat!!! Ryan is my family and unlike any of you I know him personally and what you are acsussing him of is not in him or even apart of his character!!! Like I said I have family and friends who act in ignorance but dont put him in that category. Half of these comments are racist and ignorant and as you can see he has NOT responded because you simply sound dumb and dont matter. But he is my family and one of the very few I look up to. So get a LIFE!!!! Or simply enjoy how bad these officers will look in court.... Justice will be served, the right and legal way.

522 days ago

A.G James    

Typo themself.... cant even type right because of how pissed I am at these comments!!!!! I cant wait for trial!!!!

522 days ago


I am from the town where this happened and this is not shocking to me. This town is a good o boy town. I have seen things that would drop ur mouth. He isn't guilty . He will end up suing this police stations officers. N - I just don't have enough time to tell u a million story's which are all true.. n BTW he kicked the window because he was already in the process of being taxed not because he was being disorderly. I hope that now the officers of this town gets a reality check that u can not treat people how ever u want! U DONT WANT ME TO EVEN TALK ABOUT THE JAIL OFFICALS! I have seen a woman who was peppered sprayed in a chair with a helmet on who was tied down n could not move. Which was unnecessary because she was tied down and was not a threat to anyone. She was tied down in the chair for playing with string from her mat.a small piece of string smh. Real stories real drama. Hope all goes well for.him there.

519 days ago
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