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Nicki Minaj


You're a Bitter Old Woman!

5/2/2013 10:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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In case you forgot ... Nicki Minaj STILL HATES Mariah Carey ... and moments ago, she went after the diva AGAIN ... calling her a bitter old woman with no personality.

Minaj just unloaded on Twitter, following a series of heated exchanges on "American Idol" last night.  During the show, Mariah spit a little trash talk Nicki's way ... and taunted her for never having a #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100.

Nicki took some shots back at Mariah on the show -- at one point breaking out a cotton swab and telling Mariah to clean out her ears.

But moments ago, Nicki continued the war on Twitter ... telling critics to ask themselves "Why a woman SO successful at her age, is still so INSECURE, and bitter."

Minaj also made a reference to reports that "Idol" producers were recently looking to replace Mariah with former judge Jennifer Lopez:

"All dem #1s but JLo phone ringin? Lol. I guess having a personality, being a secure woman, and giving genuine critique still trumps that." So far, no response from Mariah.

Of course, Nicki and Mariah have been at each other's throats since before the season even began ... 'memba this video from last year?



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Ratings Needed    

Nicki WHO?

508 days ago


Nicki Minaj makes Beyonce's 5th grade education look like a doctorate degree. Seriously, can this chick just go away. Mariah is definitely a diva but she's got the talent to back it up. She doesn't have to resort to other personalities and ridiculous get-ups to get attention. Nicki needs to just disappear.

508 days ago


Nicki doesnt have an ounce of class in her plastic wanna be Barbie body! I have stopped watching Idol because I can't stand her and her pointless over dramatic critiques. Her music is horrible and once the tweens that listen to it grow up and realize she is a gimmick they will be on to the next one..just like Nicki's so called Man!

Nicki needs to sit down, shut up, get rid of the clown make up, hair, and clothes. Then go make some real music..go give back to society, and make a difference. Grow up Troll!

508 days ago


All dem #1s but JLo phone ringin - sounds like someone didn't finish second grade. The insecure one is pink headed ghetto trash.

508 days ago


Team Mariah all the way! Nicki is a talentless, conceited loser!

508 days ago


Here's a quarter, go buy some grammar.

508 days ago


Niki needs to grow up and get over her fakeness. Who is she anyway. She just jealous of Mariah . The big difference between them two. Mariah. Has class and nicki ....well no comment.

508 days ago


Nicki Minaj WILL NEVER have a #1 single on the billboard chart because SHE SUCKS! Have you ever watched her preform live? I was shocked how bad of a vocalist she really is. Stick to rapping, but you will never get to be Mariah's status!

508 days ago


People please understand Ameican idol rating are down and this is just another trick to get the rating up.
I believe this fight with them is fake as both of them

508 days ago


Mariah's record sales speak for her. Nicki needs to calm down and enjoy that AI check!

508 days ago

Pompano Ann    

This is the reason I stop watching Idol! If I want to watch caddie women, I just turn my channel to Bravo!

508 days ago


Shut up, skank and go back to whatever 'hood you came from. Mariah Carey has more talent than you will ever have, you ghetto clown.

508 days ago


Who gave Minaj the green light to judge others when she doesn't even sing? She talks, and that's considered "music?" Minaj is nothing more than a cheap knockoff of Lil' Kim and she's going to dump on Mariah Carey? Seriously? Oh, and newsflash, Nicki: You're old, too. 30 is over the hill in today's world. Mariah earned her right to be a diva. Minaj really needs to grows up already.

508 days ago


Shut up Nicki. You are non-talented ghetto trash.

508 days ago


Their ratings are very low. This is an attempt to drum them up. These two "divas" are probably getting bonus money to do this.

508 days ago
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