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Charlie Sheen

Officials Take Kids Away

From Brooke Mueller

5/3/2013 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0503_mueller_kids_denise_richards_tmzCharlie Sheen's twin boys were REMOVED from the home of their mother Brooke Mueller last night -- after officials decided her house was an "unsafe environment" for children.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... officials from the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services arrived to Brooke's home Thursday with a warrant -- and took 4-year-old Bob and Max out of the house.

We're told the children are now in the care of Denise Richards -- the mother of Sheen's 2 young daughters.

Sources tell us ... officials determined Brooke's home was unsafe because they suspected she was using drugs again -- something she's been struggling with for years -- and they believed the children were in danger.

We're told a court hearing has been set for next week -- in the hopes of finding a more permanent solution regarding where the children should live.

It's unclear why Charlie was not given temporary custody of the kids -- but let's get serious, even Sheen knows they're in better hands with Denise.


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So sad how these two children have been bused around from one home to the other all because their parents have dependency problems and can not stay clean. These children will probably have their own problems when they get older and then who's going to deal with it and except them in their home. Charlie has to be one of the most screwed up people out their and Brooke does not need to have these children back.

351 days ago


denise is a very good person to take in these kids. there is no telling what these kids have seen and heard, while with their mother. it appears brooks parents dont want to be bothered with these kids. iam sick of hearing how upset she is to have her kids taken away. all these addicts cry about losing their kids and it is BS. most addicts dont have their kids because they chose drugs over the kids.the only love addicts have is for the drugs they take. they cause pain to all the people who love them, so these little guys will suffer the rest of their lives for their mothers selfishness.

351 days ago


It's sad that these boys can't be with their father. My dad would have moved heaven and earth to take care of us if mom was effed up. Step up, Charlie. You have every advantage, more than almost any parent in the world. Be a dad not a dude, they need you. It should be Your face they see each morning.

351 days ago


These children all 4 need love and pretreatment addiction runs deep in this family. These children need to learn now that they can never drink alcohol or try drugs ever.

351 days ago


Denise is right to do that. I'd do the same, women helping women!!! Now that is rare and it should not be this way. What a great example for all blended families. All children are precious and this twins have sisters, for life.

351 days ago


Beautiful example of a blended family. Women helping women! Brothers and sisters together in distress. Best wishes for Brooke for the sake of those boys. Your mother is your mother! #stopthehate

351 days ago


So sad but true the hypocricy involved with all these comments! Remarks from people either to busy with there nose in others business, or and worse overlooking the personal situation of there own! Theres always somebody with bigger problems, but there is never anyone with no problems! Its obvious passing judgment on others seems to be the overwhelming trend, bored busy bodies that sling mud from the pin they woller in so covered in there own **** to see the real big picture! I have no idea why i waste my energy, but i can say its not just the Sheen children this world needs to worry about, its every bit those who all thease nosy opinionated perfect better than the rest ass jockies that make remarks so absent brained! You turds reach up and flush yourself twice once for yourself another for the sake of humanity! thanks idiots.

350 days ago


You all obviously have not tryed a$$ sex and freebase! or you might just keep you do good BS opinions to yourself!

350 days ago



342 days ago
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