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Reese Witherspoon

You Be the Judge

5/4/2013 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

VideoLaunchThe Reese Witherspoon dash cam arrest video was definitely the most entertaining footage so far in 2013. But was it revealing? We gotta ask ...



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Mary Braswell    

Alcohol makes us all speak crazy truths. Were only human and are expected to make mistakes. What doesn't kill us right... Still love ya Reese.

546 days ago



546 days ago

Elizabeth Alan    

We all make mistakes, and most everyone who has become drunk from liquor has made a fool of themselves one time or another.

546 days ago


This is not fair. We live in a police state. Reese identified herself as a US American and these pigs didn't even listen to her. WAKE UP SHEEPLE! This could happen to any one of us. Not only didn't they take into account that she's not Mexican or Canadian or some other thing, she is a woman and they didn't care. The misogyny of these "police" is outrageous. I hope they lose their jobs.

546 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Give it a rest TMZ what the hell is wrong with you people

546 days ago


She was just being a silly drunk lady. I FOR SURE do not think drunk driving is ok, but they are taking responsibility for it. I highly doubt this will become habit for either of them...

Love you Reese!

546 days ago

Me Too    

The only thing she said that disappointed me was, "Do you know my name". But in her defense, rules for celebrities aren't the same for non-celebrities. They are privileged because they read lines for a living. The fact she apologized and owned up to it without lies and/or accusations was a first in the celebrity world, so she gets props for that.

546 days ago


After losing my brother to a drunk driver I have zero tolerance for it. She is almost 40yrs old and has plenty of money for a driver. This was not a mistake but an intention, you know well before you are that wasted that you are getting drunk. I honestly believe she's done this before. A persons true colors come out when they are drunk. If she were some young 20 something I would give her the benefit of the doubt since young people make mistakes but at 40? nope, no sympathy. Anyone who excuses her behavior has clearly never lost a loved one to a drunk driver. I'm sure she uses her "name" a lot and expected to get away with it. How she talked to the cop is her true nature.

546 days ago


Her true horns popped up through her Little Bo Peep Costume. She's a phony.

546 days ago

bitch please    

TMZ you suck! Of all the a-hole celebs out there you pick Reese to go after??!! She has always been a class act, and still is in my book.

546 days ago


This is disgusting. She identified herself as a citizen AND a celebrity and she was not shown preferential treatment! What is our country coming to when celebrities can't do whatever they want regardless of the laws? We used to live in a society where celebrities could shoot people, hit people with their cars, and get all liquored/drugged up and drive 3 times the speed limit with no regard for human life. Now, Reese can't even disobey a cop who is making an arrest? This should have been an, 'Aww, you crazy little celeb, let me call you a limo to take you to your mansion' at worst. Honestly, I'm not sure I want to live in this country any longer.

546 days ago


She doesn't sound a bit drunk. She sounds like bitchy typical Hollywood twit.

546 days ago


C'mon...she wasn't even the one driving drunk. She was drunk, scared and embarrassed and said anything to try and get out of it, just like anyone would in that situation.

If it happens again, I'll pass judgement, but not with this... hopefully they learned their lesson and will have a driver when drinks are involved. Simple fix.

546 days ago

my 2 cents    

What a hellcat !

546 days ago


All she did was run her mouth. she's allowed to do that. I think the cop was wrong to arrest her.

546 days ago
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