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Kobe Bryant SUES


My Memorabilia

5/7/2013 9:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Kobe Bryant has fired off a lawsuit of his own over more than a million bucks worth of memorabilia ... claiming his own mother stole some of the stuff right from his home.

TMZ previously reported ... Kobe's mom, Pamela Bryant, has given an auction house 100 items from Kobe's basketball career from grade school on -- including jerseys, championship rings and trophies and lots of other stuff.

Pamela told the auction house the stuff was hers and got a $450,000 advance.  Kobe told the auction house the stuff was his, so the auction house sued Kobe and asked a judge to rule they had the right to sell the memorabilia.

Now Kobe has countersued the auction house, claiming Pamela stole some of the items from his home and refuses to return many other items that Kobe left at her house when he grew up and left.

TMZ broke the story ... Kobe has given Pamela millions of dollars as well as homes and cars, but the two began feuding after he offered to buy her a house in Vegas but she wanted a more expensive one and he refused.

Kobe is asking a judge to shut down the auction and order the return of the items to him.


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So what that Kobe put his mother in law up in a multi-million dollar house. First of all, he is still somewhat "paying" for being unfaithful to his wife, and that's not something his mother should try to compare (or compete with). He does for Vanessa and her family to keep the peace and move on with their marriage. Besides that, people are acting as though he hasn't purchased real estate and given his parents a ton of money over the years. He isn't "stiffing" them in any way - they are just clearly greedy. Seeing as how his parents have thrown a huge temper tantrum over Kobe refusing to have a pre-nup just goes to show where their heads are at. They are only concerned about getting as much as they can from him and can't stand the thought of Vanessa getting her hands on what they feel should be theirs. Sad, really. If I were Kobe, I'd try to get my belongings back since his mother clearly doesn't care for the sentimental value of the items and then cut ties with her greedy ass, for good.

533 days ago


If it was in Kobe's house, it was theft. If he left it in her house, I don't think so. He has enough houses he could have put it in. I don't know the details, and don't really care, but that's my take on it. Yes, if it were my kid, I would have made a shrine out of all that stuff, but we don't know how he treats her, and she may just be a bitch. Don't know any of it. Sad that it came to this.

533 days ago


Kobe is such an ego maniac that he can't just have a quiet rehab filled summer, he has to be talked about. Jordan would never sue his mom.

533 days ago


They are both wrong. She shouldn't be selling his stuff. He should stop being cheap with the parents he has praised so much. How are you going to have your mothe in law in a 3 million dollar mansion and offer the woman who birthed you a shabby house? In the end it must be sad for Kobe everyone in his life sees $$$ dollar signs...

533 days ago


Kobe mother sound like she is ho

533 days ago


This is what happens with some people who have money. I would not even have the balls to ask my child to buy me a house. Once you raise your children that's it. Whatever they do for you is out of the kindness of their hearts. And Kobe's mother should have the common sense to not let money issues come between her and her child. It is more important that she be his mother. I just don't know about people these days. They have no common sense. It seems to me that Kobe was being generous out of the kindness of his heart. He has no obligation to buy his mother anything.

533 days ago


So will this have any impact on mother's day at the Bryant household?

533 days ago


We're running out of oil.
We're running out of fresh water.
We're running out of rainforests.
But there will never, ever, ever be a shortage of gold-diggin hoes.

533 days ago

Who is the parent    

This is where old TMZ would be nice re legal commentary. Because I am very curious to know how Kobe and his legal team is going to get around the abandon property measure if indeed this is is old stuff from when he he was a kid and grew up and left home.

533 days ago


What a total douche bag his Mom is. Sounds like he has already given her plenty. How does a parent steal her child's most prized possessions?

533 days ago


I am not a Kobe fan but regardless...am I the only one who thinks his wife and mother look A LOT alike? That's kind of creepy, which is exactly what I think of Kobe.

533 days ago


I am not a Kobe fan but...Am I the only one who thinks Kobe's wife and mother look A LOT alike? That's kind of creepy which is exactly what I think of Kobe.

533 days ago


What a bitch! she's lucky he gave her anything at all. He's not obligated to give anyone anything,it's his money. Maybe she should have gone to school so she could support herself....or gotten a husband to support her oh wait he's probably locked up right?

533 days ago


Houses in LA cost more than houses in Vegas hence the mother-in-law "getting" more money. Chances are the mother would have more of a house for less money in Vegas. She is in the wrong.

533 days ago


ha ha rich people are funny i ain't saying she a gold digger but she is a gold !!!!!!!

533 days ago
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