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Kobe Bryant SUES


My Memorabilia

5/7/2013 9:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Kobe Bryant has fired off a lawsuit of his own over more than a million bucks worth of memorabilia ... claiming his own mother stole some of the stuff right from his home.

TMZ previously reported ... Kobe's mom, Pamela Bryant, has given an auction house 100 items from Kobe's basketball career from grade school on -- including jerseys, championship rings and trophies and lots of other stuff.

Pamela told the auction house the stuff was hers and got a $450,000 advance.  Kobe told the auction house the stuff was his, so the auction house sued Kobe and asked a judge to rule they had the right to sell the memorabilia.

Now Kobe has countersued the auction house, claiming Pamela stole some of the items from his home and refuses to return many other items that Kobe left at her house when he grew up and left.

TMZ broke the story ... Kobe has given Pamela millions of dollars as well as homes and cars, but the two began feuding after he offered to buy her a house in Vegas but she wanted a more expensive one and he refused.

Kobe is asking a judge to shut down the auction and order the return of the items to him.


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No Avatar

Mary G    

They could have worked it out amicably. You don't sue your mom. Cold hearted much? And there's way more to this story obviously.

533 days ago


Ungrateful bitch. She should get off her lazy ass and get a job.

533 days ago


Good for him his mother must be a real spoiled skank that never worked in her life. Filthy skank

533 days ago

Mel harrison    

Kobe is ingrateful.

533 days ago


There is more to this story than will ever be told. His parents and grandparents are wonderful people. His mother is one of the most beautiful people I have known. He doesn't take care of them. He is a great athlete, not a great son. He should give them any house they want so they can have security the rest of their lives.

533 days ago

Janey Canuck    

What is up with his right ear in the above photo?

533 days ago


Kobe, you SELFISH punk!! Your parents sacrifice everything for you to be where you are today. I'm sure it's got to hurt that they read about what Vanessa's mom gets. If you mom is selling your crap that's wrong, but that's no reason to sue. Grow up Kobe! You are so SELFISH! It's not easy to parents to raise professional athletes. I'm disgusted by your actions towards your mother!

533 days ago


What kind of a mother does that to her child ? Especially after he's given her millions. Sad what greed can do.

533 days ago


She stole his **** he worked for he gve her money houses and what not shes just a money hungry bastard.

533 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    

damn shame ....taking your mother to court....you can't take money with you to the grave....it is only to make us comfortable......make your mother comfortable....you spoiled brat...your wifes family is comfortable......Vanessa mom is very comfortable.......stingy brat.....you don't listen to your parents anyway......one day when your parents are no longer on this greedy selfish earth you will feel awful......money is not more important than your mother......you can afford a lousy house in the stinking desert.

533 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    

....don't worry .....the IRS will eventually take what you have anyway.....they eat up black celebs for breakfast lunch dinner and of course the mid-night snack......so buy your mother the stinking lousy desert mansion....think with your brain ....best investment is your mother....afterall is said and done....she will have your back more than anyone you know in this stinking lousy hell hole we call earth.....other than your father being 2nd who loves you more than words....then your children....never forget it. .....lousy grown ask kids...have no damn respect nowadays they are just plum slow....stupid.......might have to live in that house your self one day after everything you got is gone....don't test the master with bull shivt.

533 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    

...........don't be like M.J. ....all his money went to blank blank blank.....not his family whom Joe created....instead they had the nerve to call them greedy...

533 days ago


How irrelevant!!! It's like someone who makes $75k a year, refusing to buy his mom something for fifty bucks and rather settle that at court!!!!! Wtf

533 days ago


Kobe is a PUNK to take his own mother to court....he has spent millions on his wife leeching family....what is &450,000 to him with all of his endorsements....WTH

533 days ago


Kobe's mother is just wrong.Since he has let her know that it is not ok with him that she sells his things she should back off.And Cheesus woman why would you alienate one of your children like that?That is just sick...over money( He has already done too much for your greedy azz:(

533 days ago
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