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MJ's Legacy Threatened

By Wade Robson Claims

5/8/2013 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


TMZ broke the story ... Michael Jackson's facing all new claims of child molestation -- this time from famous choreographer Wade Robson. It's shocking on so many levels -- not the least of which being the fact that MJ can no longer defend himself!

Plus, Justin Bieber is one step closer to getting prosecuted for that fight with his neighbor -- the one where Bieber allegedly spit on the guy.

And, 50 Cent is shilling Vitamin Water, Snoop quit drinking, and RZA is all about living healthy -- have rappers gone soft ... in a good way?

(0:00) Wade Robson claims Michael Jackson molested him -- if it's true ... why did he wait so long. MJ's former attorney Tom Mesereau joins us to explain why he thinks Wade is full of it.
(10:00) Nick Lachey's shocking comment about Jessica Simpson's dad ... do you think he was joking?
(14:00) Rob Kardashian brings out the big guns ... hiring O.J. Simpson's former attorney Robert Shapiro.
(18:00) Has Hip Hop gone soft in a good way? Rapper Styles P joins us to talk about how even rappers are living healthier these days.
(23:00) Cops are recommending Justin Bieber be charged for his alleged fight with his neighbors.
(26:00) David Bowie's new music video has Catholics up in arms ... so what ever happened to free speech?
(31:00) Mama June's suger/fat-tastic wedding buffet.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) It's good to be Jennifer Lopez's boy toy ... dudes got not one, but TWO guys holding his umbrellas now.

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that honey boo boo wedding, gosh I love white trash!

512 days ago



I'm going to ask the same damn question HERE that I did on this thread. They met, moved in and had a kid together for the past seven years. NOW, they get married on T>V> Here's the question, if this FAMILY didn't have a reality show, would SUGAR BEAR and MOMMA JUNE have wed? ANSWER, HELL FCUKING NO, Momma June has four kids with four different men, you think MARRIAGE is important to her? PFFTTTTTT. Another ratings ploy for a "NON" reality show. I don't care if they love each other, if they are great together, if they are a happy unit, if they truly LOVED one another they would've married long time ago and we'd be getting a five year anniversary renewing of wedding vows which would've been more believable.

512 days ago


I'm off folks. Youngest boy has just arrived to mow my lawn and I find it more fun and more enjoyable to clean my house.
Have a great morning, afternoon, evening all. Stay safe and see you all tomorrow, maybe.
Maj out.

512 days ago


I am not retard because I believe Michael is innocent. I keep an open mind and dont follow Diane Dimond who loves to hate Michael.

512 days ago


I would LOVE to see Latoya Jackson living in a homeless shelter....

512 days ago


I will not jump to conclusions because I don't know what's fact or what's fiction, and in fairness, Wade could be telling the truth BUT in all honesty I find it VERY HARD TO BELIEVE. I'm not saying that MJ couldn't have possibly been a child molester BUT him coming out with this NOW smells of BS to me. Wade Robson's career has been nonexistent for awhile now and the dude is hard up on cash so he decided to just one day pull some RANDOM REPRESSED MEMORIES OUT OF HIS BEHIND and score a HUGE PAYDAY! MJ had been DEAD for how long now and even AFTER he's been dead for this long he still NEVER came out with this UNTIL NOW? Dude needs the MONEY bad and what better way to get it then to jump on the "MJ touched my PEEPEE" bandwagon and score some cash! Like i said, MJ could have done it, but let's be REAL, Robson is after the CASH ONLY not his SANITY! If it wasn't a creditor's claim, then I would believe him. If he never filed a claim against the estate seeking damages and just came out and said "I'm doing this for all victims of sexual abuse" then he would be credible. Watch, he'll all of a sudden be CURED of his mental trauma when the fork hits the dollars!

512 days ago

Eric Anderson    

Some say MJ is not dead, and that he lives a transient lifestyle and has a pad north of the Mesa Community College in Arizona as evidence leads us to think as he travels with an intermitent entorage of bodyguards and family whom tend to uncover MJ's whereabouts in an undeterministic method.

512 days ago


No threat for MJ. TMZ is going to milk this lie for all it's worth. In the end, this lawsuit will come *nothing*

512 days ago


how dare he say that about M.J. just because he said he slept with them does not mean he had sex with them. M.J. was a kid at heart and i belive he did nothing with those kids

511 days ago


Why wasn't Wade Robson been charged with perjury wasn't he under oth when he took the stand?

511 days ago


Shut up and go away.

511 days ago


Justin Bieber, Keeps it up and he will lack the money to keep playing around. They come and they go.....

510 days ago

Michael Jackson is so guilty. The only reason he didnt do jail time is because of the his money. It bought him kids andif look at the interaction between and his so called wives

506 days ago
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