TMZ Live MJ's Legacy Threatened By Wade Robson Claims

5/8/2013 12:30 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Michael Jackson's Legacy -- Threatened by Wade Robson Claims

TMZ Live

TMZ broke the story ... Michael Jackson's facing all new claims of child molestation -- this time from famous choreographer Wade Robson. It's shocking on so many levels -- not the least of which being the fact that MJ can no longer defend himself!

Plus, Justin Bieber is one step closer to getting prosecuted for that fight with his neighbor -- the one where Bieber allegedly spit on the guy.

And, 50 Cent is shilling Vitamin Water, Snoop quit drinking, and RZA is all about living healthy -- have rappers gone soft ... in a good way?
(0:00) Wade Robson claims Michael Jackson molested him -- if it's true ... why did he wait so long. MJ's former attorney Tom Mesereau joins us to explain why he thinks Wade is full of it.
(10:00) Nick Lachey's shocking comment about Jessica Simpson's dad ... do you think he was joking?
(14:00) Rob Kardashian brings out the big guns ... hiring O.J. Simpson's former attorney Robert Shapiro.
(18:00) Has Hip Hop gone soft in a good way? Rapper Styles P joins us to talk about how even rappers are living healthier these days.
(23:00) Cops are recommending Justin Bieber be charged for his alleged fight with his neighbors.
(26:00) David Bowie's new music video has Catholics up in arms ... so what ever happened to free speech?
(31:00) Mama June's suger/fat-tastic wedding buffet.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) It's good to be Jennifer Lopez's boy toy ... dudes got not one, but TWO guys holding his umbrellas now.