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Chris Brown

Yup, I Graffitied

My Own House

5/9/2013 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MYSTERY SOLVED!!! Just as we suspected, Chris Brown is the artist behind the weird graffiti murals in front of his Hollywood Hills home ... the same renegade artwork that just got him in trouble with the City of L.A..

As we reported, Chris was cited last week for having "unpermitted and excessive signage" outside his home ... after his neighbors complained to their councilman.

We couldn't confirm initially whether Chris was the artist behind the paintings ... until now. The photos were snapped on April 26th, and the graffiti is still there. Which is a problem. Because if Chris doesn't remove the paintings soon, he'll be fined.

In addition to a possible fine, Chris has already been charged $376.32 by the City just to pay for the inspector that was sent to his house. That bill will increase to $1,176 if Chris doesn't pay within 30 days.

Tick, tock ...



No Avatar

Bill Leslie    

"They should of never gave you n*****s you money!"

496 days ago

Joseph Diehl    

His neighbors, must love having the ghetto, live next to them.

496 days ago


Poor thing.................being a loser is to the CORE....smh! NO AMOUNT OF MONEY OR FAME CAN BUY YOU SELF-ESTEEM OR SELF-RESPECT! TRUTH!

496 days ago


It's his OWN house!!! If I spend my hard earned money on a house I should be able to decorate it to MY liking, inside or out just like you can choose what color to paint your home... It's sad that people hate this guy because his ex took him Back... No one cared when he was with karrueche.. Btw no1 deserves cancer r a deadly disease simply because you dislike them......

496 days ago

Marco Esquandoles    

You can take the boy out of the hood, but you can't...

496 days ago


Normally I am not a fan of his...not by far. I actually don't see a problem if it is his own property. If neighbors say that the "art" is driving the price of their homes down.... um having that guy as a neighbor will do it anyway!

496 days ago


It must be a slow news day.......It's his house if he wants to tear it up let him !!! He paid for it, if he wanted to paint it Smurf blue it's his choice

496 days ago


They honestly think fining him will resolve the problem? He has money, this is chump change to him. The problem is, he's in an affluent area with a ghetto mentality.

496 days ago


s**t for brains and s**t for taste

496 days ago


No shocking conclusion here. This guy just needs to go away. Please stop paying him attention.

496 days ago


This is why you can't have nice things!!!!!!!

496 days ago


someone should paint wife beater over it.

He beat the hell out of a woman .
Forever hes a s*** bag.
His music sucks and so does he.
feffing loser. Once agai nhe thinks hes above the law.

495 days ago


If he lives in a gang-infested hood then that's fine. But if he lives in an area where houses are worth millions then his neighbors will are expected to raise hell. That moronic and childish stunt of CB will surely lower the value of the homes in his area precisely why his neighbors are p-off. Why didn't he buy a property in Compton or anywhere in South or East LA instead of getting a property in an upscale neighborhood? He's a total dbag. I'm just saying.

495 days ago


You can take the kid out of the GETTO.but you can't take the GETTO out of the kid.

495 days ago


Really wish people would just let this girl beating low life go and stop listening and buying his crappy music.. He is a thug and there's a lot of starving artists out there way more talented then him that could and Should take his place in a second.

495 days ago
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