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Brooke Mueller

Tries to Wrestle Twins

From Charlie and Denise

5/10/2013 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller
is making a full-court press to move her twins from Denise Richards' home to Brooke's brother's home ... because she fears Charlie Sheen's volcanic temper will put their kids in harm's way.

Sources connected with the custody war tell TMZ ... Brooke's lawyers are going to court today in an effort to remove Bob and Max, the 4-year-old twins, from Denise's home.  Brooke wants the kids to stay with her brother while she rehabs at The Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage.

Brooke believes Charlie is violent, and by putting the kids in Denise's care, it exposes them to Charlie.  Brooke's lawyers are going to custody court today ... to get what they claim are sealed documents outlining a pattern of violence on Charlie's part.  They want to take those documents to dependency court, where a judge stripped Brooke of custody.

Our sources say Charlie and Denise both think it's ridiculous to put the kids in the care of Brooke's bro, because he has no real relationship with the twins.  What's more, it would mean uprooting the kids from their school, doctors, family, friends, etc.

Fact is ... Denise has bailed Brooke out of these situations multiple times in the past and Charlie has helped out, so it seems weird that suddenly that arrangement is so risky. 


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I bet those boys call Denise "mommy " more than they call brooke mommy.

532 days ago


FYI, Brookes attorney went to court yesterday and the Judge DENIED the request for the kids to be placed with her Brother. The judge also DENIED a request for the twins to go to Betty Ford Sunday to see Brooke for Mothers Day. This was reported by radaronline.

531 days ago


Its quite a coincidence how Lindsay Lohan who continues to abuse drugs and alcohol and Brooke Mueller who also continues to abuse drugs are both at Betty Ford, both getting away with slaps on the wrist and both complaining about their situations. The courts should have stripped Ms. Mueller of her parental rights a long time ago. Even when she had physical custody of her kids they were really being cared for by their nanny. What will it take for her to lose her kids, have them injured or die by her negligence?

531 days ago


Brooke is crap out of luck. Sheen has visitation. She's the one who just lost it. The judge isn't going to consider stopping his visitations with his boys if Denise isn't trying to stop Sheen from seeing his girls too. I didn't think of it (cuz I guess I'm not a money greedy mom) but I can see the point about Brooke securing her child support. She was so bitter when she got a divorce she wanted to make sure Denise never got a penny more than her in child support.

531 days ago


is she serious?...shes worried abt his anger...shes been to high to ever be a mother to these kids...repeatedly in & out of rehab...for over a decade....her mom was caring for them before...think shes motivated by his child support$$$ to fuel her drug runs...she was recently pictured buying drugs and trying to exchange her watch for drugs...pathetic!

At least denise stepped up & raising kids w/ her own...most stable home the've had!

531 days ago


This story pisses me off to no end. You don't uproot kids from a stable, happy home where they are getting well taken care of to a relative stranger's home. She needs to focus on her sobriety and leave the kids WHERE THEY ARE. This woman is so self centered it's beyond imagination.
She knew who he was when she was with him. If she was that afraid of him,why on God's green earth did she make babies with this man. There is something called birth control lady. Anybody can pop out kids, it takes someone special to be a mother. What were you thinking?? Oh, I know. " If I pop out a couple of kids, then it will look like I am normal and not a junkie and I can continue to use because they won't put a mother in jail".
Guess what lady, addicts give birth all the time. You are nothing special. You are just one more junkie on the streets who should not have had children.
How cruel is that to do to a child what you want to do to them. Take them away from their sister's and everything that is good in their lives because you want to give Charlie a big f*** you. Go to frigging rehab and leave the kids where they should be. WITH DENISE. Stop pulling these poor babies around like luggage at the airport. Don't make these babies suffer anymore for your whims.

531 days ago


THE ONLY PERSON THAT WILL EVENTUALLY HARM (PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY) IS BROOK MUELLER. But we know Charlie's the gravy train for her to get cash to purchase her cocaine. That's the only reason why she wants to keep the kids under her 'watch'

530 days ago


who is this young guy in the pic? looks sorta like charlie sheen 30 years ago. HA!

529 days ago


Really? She got Sheen after She knew his violent past and then married, reproduced and was then beat by him. She knew how he operates as this is the 3rd or 4th time to lose the kids to the state. Brooke was grateful to Denise for saving her skin before...and this time. I think Brooke needs to loose the kids for good. Why? then Charlie money goes bye bye

529 days ago


Im surprised no one talks about Shee..He's as nuts as she is.He's making too many kids. Richards went after a married man cause he's in a rock band.It couldn't be his looks.Yuck.Let chold protective.None of them should be around kids.Excuse spelling.

528 days ago


A drug addict shouldn't have control in this matter till her brain is unfoggy from her drug use. I think the kids are fine with Denise Richards. It not a time to play nasty with her ex. Your in rehab, and Mr. Sheen seems to be much better now. Maybe she will lose her kids until she can stop going to rehab. Grow up and think of the boys, not your selfish self.

510 days ago
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