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Lindsay Lohan

I Want Out of Betty Ford

... Ain't Gonna Happen

5/13/2013 8:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
is determined to leave The Betty Ford Center for greener pastures ... but TMZ has learned prosecutors are having none of it.

TMZ broke the story ... Betty Ford doctors have cut Lindsay off from her Adderall, which she has always said was a deal breaker.  Sources connected to Lindsay tell us she's going "crazy" and is desperate to move to another facility.

We're told Lindsay has researched other facilities and found one on the west coast which she believes is suitable to complete her 90 days.  She wants to move ASAP.

Lindsay is saying she believes Betty Ford is "old school" and is not sensitive to the problems of young people.

But law enforcement sources tell us ... prosecutors are "unbending" -- they will NOT approve any move. As one source put it, "She had 45 days to find a suitable place.  She didn't listen to her people and just did what she wanted so it's her problem now."  The source adds, "Not gonna happen."



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I can't believe she is acting up again at the Betty Ford Center. Lindsay calls the place "old school". Well she better come to her senses and realize the "old school" can help her. When will she ever grow-up? Her story is getting pretty boring.

491 days ago


This spoiled bitch has been to court appointed rehab 6 times. She's pissed because they won't let her keep her dope in rehab. Well Dah. Why the hell does't someone just pull the stick out of their ass and send her to court appointed jail and let her deal.

491 days ago

G. Scott    

This would never happen to a Black man. to be able to **** around the legal without ever, ever serving time is just unbelievable. SEND HER TO JAIL AND GET THIS **** OVER WITH. This is such a joke. Harvey, petition for this drug addict ho to go to jail and serve her time. Damn the judge giving her a 15 chances. LOCKED THIS BITCH UP WITH LESBIANS.

491 days ago

Suzy Q     

There's only one piece missing to this scenario. Obviously Lindsay needs to start her own Rehab to the Stars where everyone can do drugs and just relax and get massages and stuff.

She can hire MiLo as Crazy Treatment Manager, DLo can selll maps to Local Drug Dealers and their Corners, Ali can pose for the brochures,and the surfer bro can decorate the smoking area..

It will be great! She can have workshops on How to Catch a Turbanator. and :Lumineers....Better than Full Dentures.

491 days ago


Seeing as this is TMZ, a gossip rag, this "information" is worth precisely what we paid for it. And this is the first place I've read these particular details, so I'll say only that I hope it's true.

491 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

I see i haven't missed anything for the week i've been traveling. Isn't it wrong to quote this girl while she is in rehab? Isn't it impossible? And it sounds like her mother is still pimping her even while she's sick. Even her mother can't leave well enough alone while she's jonesin' in her room. I wish BF could keep her for a year. It might not cure her but at least help her function better. I spent a week around young girls last week. Most teenage girls think she's a nasty old lady! That shocked me. Her name is like a curse(cuss) word around them. It's like I was asking about their dogs bowel movements when I mentioned her name. They don't even relate to her as a child actor because after all ;she is ten years or more older than them. I was surprised about how they felt. This leads me to believe she isn't relevant and doesn't have a future unless she learns a new trick! Anyway justcwanted to say hello to all the funny and smart people on TMZ. GOODNIGHT.

491 days ago


when you can look in the mirror without booze, tranqs or speed and say i love the the person I see, you will fail. We love the Lindsey who wasn't an addict, we ridicule the Lindsy who is an addict.

491 days ago


Someone who has never learned restraint or suffered consequences for their actions will inevitably fold. If the only thing holding her back from walking out those doors is her will, she will break. Guaranteed It is only a matter of time. Have patience.

491 days ago


Lindsay, it'll be okay... and I for one am about the biggest Adderall junkie ever (but a productive one, with a legitimate prescription for it, and I don't take other prescriptions).

Once you're out of rehab, you'll be able to start taking Adderall again. Good luck, I'm routing for you! Can't wait to see you on the big screens in a few months. Just... I don't know... work out twice a day or something while you're in rehab to keep your gorgeousness in tact. ♥ You're an inspiration.

491 days ago


She needs to be moved to a place where she can have sex and do drugs. How heartless are these people?!

491 days ago


Let her out on the streets so she can kill herself. Why spend all the time and money fooling with the tramp. It's just a mater of time for the tragic ending. she is white trash trailer park whore with money.

491 days ago


What she needs is "old school". She's really fortunate that she isn't in a state or county facility for the indigent. They take your shoes, belts, cell phone, and make you go to a dispensary for all your medications. This is after they do a thorough workup of all the medicines that you are taking. and if they don't deem in necassary for you then you don't get it and no amount of pouting will make them give it to you. Then your phone calls are monitored, you have to go to a million group sessions and you are limited as to who visits you and how long. It's like jail. Perfect place for her right now.
How I know all this is because I was in a county mental hospital that also was the local "rehab" and all the rules were the same for everybody, no exceptions. Yes, they had a padded room. And there was a couple of young kids there drying out while I was there. I checked myself in so after 3 days I was able to leave. Its no fun and no joke. Had I been able to get into another less strict facility I would have in a heartbeat, but that is the way it is when you are poor
Lindsay needs to count her blessings and just stay put and do the work and shut up. She doesn't know how good that she has it. Not everyone can afford such luxurious accomadations.

491 days ago

Carlos Nells    

typical addict mind set. She's going to die if she doesn't get put somewhere without access to whatever substance she has to use. Or she may kill someone else driving under the influence and then things will be all over with no hope of getting out.

491 days ago


Wow , TMZ just never gives up the lying made up stories they concoct . For starters there is no way they could know anything that is going on within the Betty Ford Clinic as it is a private facility and they do not let any information released to anyone outside the facility. Leave her alone and let her get the help she needs and stop the nonstop barrage of harassment you are doing to this woman. You ( TMZ )are just as responsible for her behavior as she is by your never ending hounding of her.

491 days ago


Has she escaped yet?

491 days ago
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