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Boston Bombing Suspect

Supporter UNLOADS

Pressure Cooker 'Is Way Too Heavy to Carry'

5/14/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An ardent supporter of the "Free Dzhokhar Tsarnaev" movement fervently believes the Boston bombing suspect is innocent -- and among her points of defense ... a pressure cooker bomb is "way too heavy" to carry around in a backpack.

Sarah Cook called in to "TMZ Live" yesterday to explain why Dzhokhar is innocent, claiming the mainstream media is unfairly turning the public opinion against the 19-year-old without reporting all the facts.

But Sarah's defense is holier than Swiss cheese -- and her worst argument ... Dzhokhar couldn't have carried a pressure cooker bomb in his backpack because they're "way too heavy."


Dzhokhar is guilty

  • Yes
  • No
FYI, a pressure cooker bomb weighs roughly 30 pounds ... certainly not out of the realm of possibility for a 19-year-old male.

The interview's pretty great ... so we gotta ask ...


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It's easy...she is retarded. Her mother should be smacking the $#it out of her right now.

US Army Hooah F**k Terrorist

342 days ago


This Sarah cook person. Is one stupid bitch!!how can you defend what this ****ing loser did. Who cares about talking how heavy the thing is or where he's carrying it. You are a damb retard. Giving him props for being a killer. Him n his loser killer brother killed alot of innocent people. So find another hobby. Or better yet. Just keep your big fat pie hole shut !!

342 days ago


I said this on the Huffington Post awhile ago, SHAVE HIS HEAD!!! see how the little girls like him like that! lol trk387

342 days ago

Zombie Whitney Houston    

This douche bag has supporters? This girl is a f***ing moron, plain and simple. I seriously hope she never breeds because dumb people like her shouldn't be allowed to. Whoever raised this idiot should be ashamed of themselves. Stupid whore.

342 days ago


False flag. The sheep will call me a "conspiracy theorist" but that's why they're sheep and I'm free. Think about what Obama passed as law while we weren't looking (distracted by this nonsense -why do these shooters always end up dead or comatose ?) Wake up. You people think realists like me are idiots but don't get the irony.

342 days ago


Consider the source!..young..DUMB..bimbo!..ding-a-ling..hello!..raised on 'stupid reality' shows!,talent shows ect..and slurpies!..this new generation is 'dumb' as dog ****!..

342 days ago


Really goes to show how dumb teenage girls can be. I'm assuming she's a teenager, anyway. Would be even worse if this idiot is older than that and that stupid.

342 days ago


This girl is fu***** dumb, her points are completely her evidence? Why doesn't she show US evidence..."I pray for you sir" shut the hell up wouldn't that hurt worthless ass praying for anyone but her self, for when her day comes.

342 days ago


Want her*

342 days ago


Are all groupies this stupid?
If he is that frail, what does she want with him?
Prop him up on a couch and pet it?

342 days ago


America is doomed!

342 days ago


She is the reason we need new gun laws weird ass people. Everyone who publicly support people like this; the government has them on file and they will be watching.

342 days ago


Oh look at that, it's a teenage girl supporting a terrorist because he is "cute". This world makes me sick sometimes.

342 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

If she wanted to lose weight all she has to do is lop off her head. That's about 10-15lbs right there.

342 days ago


What a moron!

342 days ago
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