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Boston Bombing Suspect

Supporter UNLOADS

Pressure Cooker 'Is Way Too Heavy to Carry'

5/14/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An ardent supporter of the "Free Dzhokhar Tsarnaev" movement fervently believes the Boston bombing suspect is innocent -- and among her points of defense ... a pressure cooker bomb is "way too heavy" to carry around in a backpack.

Sarah Cook called in to "TMZ Live" yesterday to explain why Dzhokhar is innocent, claiming the mainstream media is unfairly turning the public opinion against the 19-year-old without reporting all the facts.

But Sarah's defense is holier than Swiss cheese -- and her worst argument ... Dzhokhar couldn't have carried a pressure cooker bomb in his backpack because they're "way too heavy."


FYI, a pressure cooker bomb weighs roughly 30 pounds ... certainly not out of the realm of possibility for a 19-year-old male.

The interview's pretty great ... so we gotta ask ...


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STOP GIVING THIS GIRL PRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe news and gossip sites are even discussing this. Dzhokhar is a terrorist who committed a crime against innocent American people- and killed them. This was an act of terror against American citizens and here we are posting pictures of some dumb, ignorant little bitch claiming he is inncoent because he's 'hot'. This is disgusting. I am disgusted.

528 days ago


Technically you guys are all morons here. It was our own government who did it. Along with 9/11. Osama bin laden was a CIA agent in the 80's n the government failed to tell us. The brother accussed of it had a WHITE backpack while the evidence proved it was a black one. There's no evidence the guy did it while there's soooo much pointed towards 2 men who were both carrying black backpacks with ear pieces and some sort of detector. It's the illuminati people! Wake up you damn sheep you guys all sound so arrogant.

528 days ago


There should be an age limit or people with brains to be interview on TMZ... Sarah Cook is a complete idiot.

528 days ago

michelle mcnamara    

didn't they have video of them having a shoot out with cops ? thats how they know he drove over his brother didn't they use bombs during the fight? does she believe he should not even be punished for that if nothing else, oh plus there are small pressure cookers they do not just come in one size

528 days ago

Mr Plow    

You are brave for standing up for what you believe and daring to think for yourself. I have been waking people up to main stream media lies. People tend to listen to what ever the tv tells them. Please respond we need to talk.

528 days ago


Wow sarah cook u emo beetch I hope ur ready for the backlash ur about to recieve on facebook dumb beetch if that were my kidd she would have a pressure cooker under her pillow

528 days ago


Can someone let this dumb ugly h0e get blown up and see who she likes the feeling?? Stupid f*cking c*nt is an embarrassment to humanity. Waste of space and oxygen.

528 days ago

Karvey Kardashian    

How does her neck support her head with 30 pounds of rock inside of it? She can't give any information to verify her claims! I do not buy all the bs that the media reports, but I also don't believe those that just claim it isn't true because there isn't proof based on what they think. If she truly believes that she has a just cause she should not be the mouthpiece for it! Find someone intelligent to explain the reasons that they believe he is innocent and have the verifiable "facts" laid out in a list. That won't happen because the proof she offers is merely speculation based off of other opinions on the internet. It doesn't seem that she has an open mind because she just argues against anything that is said or shown against these two. Even if she thinks that he didn't bomb anyone, what does she think about him running over his own brother to save his own butt? Does she also believe that the 12 year old boy didn't murder his 8 year old sister? Does she believe Jodi Arias is an honest and innocent person? These are against the media reports, so how does she determine what is false and what is true?

528 days ago

lisa tobin    

Please do not give this media hungry reality show wannabe a pulpit to spew from.
One day when her brain cells actually connect she will realize how moronic she was. As a Bostonian, born & raised, and as someone who was there - I ask you to let this story die a natural death.

528 days ago


I was screaming at the TV till Gary stood up & said what needed to be said..Thanks Gary

528 days ago


Funny how they are either oblivious or ignore statements regarding him MIT cop Sean Callier.

528 days ago


shes right

528 days ago


Let's get one thing straight: If these guys very Butt-ugly, none of these girls would defend him!!!

528 days ago


its not free jahar its fry jahar.

528 days ago


Well, looks like 7% of people who vote in TMZ polls are ****ing retards...

528 days ago
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