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MIchael Jackson/Wade Robson

You Be the Judge

5/18/2013 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0517-wade-robson-michael-jacksonWade Robson now insists Michael Jackson molested him, although lots of people think he's lying through his teeth.  So we gotta ask ...



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We are such a "blame the victim" society...The responses from people on this comment thread are part of the reason sexual abuse victims don't come forward. MJ was a pedophile and he was a talented musician. Too bad he couldn't have been caught before he did so much damage.

469 days ago


I am not a U.S. citizen, and I see clearly what American society has ruined Michael Jackson.

You did not appreciate this talented man who lived and worked in your country, you will not notice how much effort and money he ever directed at helping people, especially children in many countries.

But you are always noticed and kept slandering him. With that said stupidity and degradation.

Throughout the world, Michael Jackson's love and respect, not only because of the talent, but his deeds and charity.

Let me tell you a "secret" that all over the world consider it strange to Americans who live reality TV show, and also believe in the yellow media, and follow the opinion of the crowd.

469 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

the difference between Michael and Elvis in the demon dept
the shameless exposure of personal information that was not permitted in Elvis' day

469 days ago


Wade Robson saw Jordan Chandler (the admitted liar) spending Michael millions and wants a do-over.

Michaels own children are coming along beautifully I might add.

469 days ago


wade is such a punk...he would wait until after MJ death to come out with this bull****!!!! tell wade to come see me and I will give him his day in court....RIGHT HERE!!!!!

469 days ago


There is something wrong with the survey in that 51% think Wade is a Liar, 67% think the Repressed Memory is BS and 85% think Wade is after Money, but 68% think Mj is a pedo. That does not jive with the rest of the opinions. I think Wade is Lying. IMO this slander is being used to take the public attention off of AEG. AEG said this would get UGLY and he filed the claim during the Opening statements of the AEG trial. It is truly sad that TMZ and the Today Show gave this man who has no evidence AIR TIME. But the TABLOID Media has tried to destroy MJ's career for decades just for ratings and profit! It is disgusting!

469 days ago


Are we done with this story YET? ENOUGH

468 days ago


Cookies, cartoons and Jesus juice in bed with Michael .... Good times !

468 days ago


The items found in neverland - many locked away in MJ's file cabinet
'Boys Will Be Boys' - a book featuring nude photos of boys;
'The Boy, A Photographic Essay' - another book featuring nude photos of boys;
A photograph of a boy, believed to be Jonathan Spence, fully nude; and
A photograph of a young boy holding an umbrella, wearing bikini bottoms partially pulled down.

468 days ago


Great talent AND child molester - sad but true.

468 days ago


i knew one of the "victims" cousins out here in L.A. MJ did everything he could for the kid and they stabbed him in the back, the mom was trying to get money trying to capitalize off the 1st "victim" always tell people this because being accused of sexual assault to a minor is terrible if its not true LET THE TRUTH BE HEARD!!

468 days ago


Of course it's about the money. How convienent that days into the AEG wrongful death trial this guy pops up accusing MJ's all lies that were carefully rehearsed with the execs at AEG. When he speaks of what happened to him he shows absoluetly no emotion.

468 days ago


Elvis started dating Priscilla when she was only 14 years old and he was 24...and he even had an EVEN younger girlfriend at the same time. No one dared speak of pedophiles at the time but that was exactly what he was.

468 days ago


Repressed memories are legit, but I don't think his are. I think he (and the maid) are in it for the money and the fame.

468 days ago


I don't think he has repressed memories... I think he was paid off the first time to say Michael never touched him and now he wants more money so he is reversing his statement.

468 days ago
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