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Paris Jackson

Transferred to the Same

Hospital Where MJ Died

6/9/2013 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

060813_paris_jackson_launchParis Jackson was transfered to UCLA Medical Center this evening, effectively ending her 72-hour psychiatric hold, and TMZ has the exclusive video of her being wheeled into the hospital. 

As TMZ first reported, Jackson was rushed to the hospital early Wednesday morning after Jackson allegedly cut her forearm with a meat cleaver. Jackson was taken to a local hospital and placed under  a 5150 psychiatric hold for 72 hours.

Our photog spotted Jackson and a slew of bodyguards outside UCLA Medical Center as Jackson was being wheeled in this afternoon. Our photog tried to get an update on Paris' condition from one of the bodyguards. He was mum, but his mood suggested Jackson was doing better.

The Jackson family is no stranger to UCLA Medical Center -- Michael was taken there when he went into cardiac arrest on June 25, 2009. That's where he would later pass away.


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She's interested in kicking the infinite professional
victim Katherine away from her.
She's not worried about where her father's body was helicoptered in.
She already knew he was fragile for a decade.
She's no idiot. She saw his body; the shock value over her celebrity presence at the hospital is not on her mind.
She called suicide hotline; the stranger quickly gave her a second chance to live even though she cried & wanted to escape her one-dimensional family.

She had bad grades last year & the Jacksons want to treat her like a spoiled brat.
The differences between her & her father are,

she sought counselling at age 15

MJ wanted to spoil himself at age 50, without suffering any bad consequences.
He just wanted to talk about how he changed his image & performed on stage and the other Jacksons only wanted to publicize family concerts and hoped no one noticed they enabled MJ's problems

500 days ago


Let this poor girl alone you animals

500 days ago


I don't think they should of brought her to the hospital where she last saw MJ. After seeing a family member of mine dead in a hospital, I have a hard time going there now. It brings back too many bad memories.
I agree with a lot of people on here. Stop reporting on Paris for a while. There are a lot of jerks on here who say nasty things. You never know if she reads this stuff and she is in a fragile state right now. Chill with the Paris stories TMZ!
I wish her the best!

500 days ago


What's the big fuss about her. It's not like
she has MJ's DNA, talent or genes or anything. Environmentally she's related to the dead pedo wacko...Nothing else!
She is the spawn of fat Debbie Rowe & crooked Arnold Klein.

500 days ago


I love heavy metal and rock n roll but will not listen to mm or slayer because they don't just ACT evil they ARE evil. Kids are in trouble these day because of groups like this. MM thrives off of kids killing themselves, he would like to see nothing more than Michael Jackson's daughter die, especially when his name is attached to it. Whether you believe it or not powers of darkness and messages of death hide in lyrics. (Richard Ramirez is proof) I personally feel Wade Robson has more to do with Paris's situation than MM.

500 days ago


History repeating itself.

500 days ago


The Jacksons should just leave her alone. Let the kid do what she wants to.

They should know better than anyone what harm controlling can do. They are doing to her what was done to them.

500 days ago


When did that lowllife Joe Jackson
"think" Paris was a victim?
He got his money from MJ to whore around with different
women and had another daughter in 1974.

500 days ago


Let the kid live with her mother. She's old enough to make that decision.

Jacksons will try and block that because it may mean less child support for Katherine Jackson.

The kids have the money. Jesus christ, it's been over 5 years and the Jacksons still can't break Jacksons simple will.

Michael Jackson didn't leave a penny to his family. His mom got the house and 78k per month for his kids.

He left his estate to people he trusted and his family was not it.

500 days ago


Seriously why did Harvey have the debate about covering Amanda Bynes and bemoaned being conflicted about covering a girl with a mental illness if ur gonna do this??? Ur milking it now, I agree with the others there's no real news here, let her b u can photograph her when she's in a less vulnerable state.

500 days ago


In all reality Michael didn't die at this hospital.................he was gone long before arriving to the hospital, unfortunately................

500 days ago


@Helen...because Harvey is grabbing anything he can.

This site has become more of a no name rapper site and and who are these people site.

500 days ago


I heard she over-dosed on eye liner.

500 days ago


This is a CHILD who did not ask for fame. You should be ashamed of stalking this kid. Shame on all the media who are covering this. God forbid she DOES succeed in a suicide. You can take some of that blame.

500 days ago

janise grubber    

I wonder if she has the "Pedophile" Gene, I guess time will tell

500 days ago
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