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Gene Wilder

TRASHES 'Wonka' Movie Remake

'I Think It's an Insult'

6/14/2013 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don't expect Gene Wilder and Tim Burton to share a candy bar together any time soon ... because Wilder says he flat out HATES the director's remake of his classic film, "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory."

Wilder made a rare appearance Thursday night in NYC and spoke with Turner Classic Movies host Robert Osborne. According to The Wrap, Wilder called the 2005 movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" starring Johnny Depp "an insult" to the original.

Wilder said he had no beef with Depp (calling him "a good actor") but said of Burton, "I don't care for that director. He's a talented man, but I don't care for him doing stuff like he did."

Oompa Loompa doo-pa-dee do ...
It's gotta suck when Willy Wonka rips you ...


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Burton ruined Dark Shadows too!

441 days ago

Tammy LM    

I think Gene Wilder is a bitter old has-been. The new Charlie Movie was way better than that dated stupid unrealistic cardboard cutout of a movie he had. Gene Wilder wasn't convincing at all. He acted like a game show host in a candy factory. Gene Wilder has always sucked and he's just jealous that the new movie did better at the box office than his did, he was paid a fraction of what Depp was paid, and his career went to crap while Depp's is burning like a torch. He's just a bitter angry old has been. Screw Off Gene. Nobody cares what you think ......about anything anymore.

441 days ago

Leopold butters Stotch     

The old movie was cool to watch on a high. By the way, Daniel LaRusso should also come out and say that Karate Kid remake was a piece of crap.

441 days ago


I'm fine with both movies.

441 days ago


Yea hes right . Love tim burton but wow that was a flizzzoppppp

441 days ago


I agree. Depp was way too freaking.
and the oompa lumpas sucked big time

441 days ago


Roald Dahl (The author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) actually hated the original movie, and was infuriated at how much it strayed away from the book. Also, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is NOT a remake. It is an adaptation that stays more true to the book.

441 days ago


abby normal (young frankenstien) !

441 days ago


Every single remake is an insult.

441 days ago

JR Jake    

Oh well, life is a bitch and then you die. And still life goes on. What a tragedy.

441 days ago


Gene Wilder IS Willy Wonka, this is another that was a mistake to remake, and Burton and Depp proved this. The original is a classic, can't get any better. Depp and Burton turned Wonka into a strange, gay like white Michael Jackson, with the horrible child like voice, and hideous hairdo, it was horrible what Depp did to Wonka, have never understood why he would want to ruin the character like he did, his portrayal was a total insult, really bad. Gene's Wonka was brilliant, perfect, magical. Learn a lesson, Depp and Burton, neither of you are all that you think you are!

441 days ago


I just don't think this movie was thought of by the director as a "remake." He was making his version of the book by Dahl. Aren't other filmmakers allowed to interpret fiction in their own way? It would be one thing if there was no book, just a remake of another movie. But it wasn't, and it was intended to take a fresh look at an old classic book, something directors will continue to do for a long time.

441 days ago


he is right.... its crap...

like most remakes today

441 days ago


I love you Gene!!!!!!!

441 days ago


Shut up gene.... This version is wayyyyyy better that the older one.... The older one is all about child predators,.. Lurking for children at a candy Ans eeewww

441 days ago
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