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LeVar Burton

I've Got a Problem

With New 'Star Trek' Flick

6/14/2013 7:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeVar Burton says he's deeply conflicted about the new "Star Trek" movie ... telling TMZ there's something missing from the flick ... something extremely important.

Burton -- who famously starred in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" from 1987 to 1994 -- says he's already seen J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek Into Darkness" TWO TIMES ... but that doesn't mean he approves.

"At the end of the movie, I really care about what happens to the characters ... but I'm pretty much missing Gene Roddenberry in J.J.'s interpretation ... and at the end of the day, that's just not OK for me."

For all you non-Trekkies out there ... Gene created "Star Trek" back in the '60s and was heavily involved in the storytelling until his death in 1991.

So ... do you agree with LeVar?


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Levar is right. JJ movies are starting to be like Micheal Bay Transformers movies. Lots of explosion , solar flares and barely any plot.

504 days ago


I enjoyed this movie, all tho it didn't have that flair LeVar on that!

504 days ago


I haven't seen it...yet, but what's weird is that I haven't heard much about it either. If this "Khan" was such a big reveal, why isn't more being made of it? It opened decently but I don't think it has the legs the first one did.

504 days ago


Roddenberry did not write a lot of TOS and none of TNG, DS9, Voyager, etc. He also hamstrung the writers with the ridiculous notion that all Star Fleet officers got along and that the federation was some sort of perfect world. Burton obviously doesn't know about the IDIC issue where he wrote a scene in a show that he didn't write just to sell merchandise. So no Roddenberry is a good thing. Roddenberry's concept was good but his execution lacked a few things.

504 days ago


I agree with Levar,, I saw the remake in 09? And I've skipped this one. Doubt I'll even order it with ondemand...

504 days ago


I saw it. Everyone has said it's great but I also felt like something was missing. I couldn't put my finger on what though. Levar is right. I still enjoyed the movie but something was missing.

504 days ago


Levar is without a doubt right. JJ movies are getting to be like Micheal Bay Transformers pictures. Lots of explosion, the sun's flares and barely any specific plot.

504 days ago


Star Trek was sold to the networks as a space western but in reality Roddenberry was making a morality tale. Abraham's is making it a space western with no message. Just one big flashy fight scene.

504 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

trek used to be about story, and character growth. all that hack Abrams has done is turn it into another flavor-of-the-week cgi fest.

its crap now.
rip Roddenberry and long live real-trek reruns.

504 days ago


I agree with Burton, the 2 Star Trek movies Abrams has done haven't been all that good compared to the previous movies and series. And this new movie was really poor with a lot of what Abrams did to it, it was a really poor copy of the original movie.

504 days ago


I love this guy, he didn't go all hollywood he went full honest... I love it!

504 days ago

John Carr    

Thank you LeVar for being honest about Abrams Trek

Since the first reboot of Trek by Abrams, it has sure put face paint on both actors and reviewers, and even so called fans as to who knows what Trek is really all about. Trek is about a vision and a journey that began with Kirk and expanded and matured through the various series that it spawned, culminating in some of the best SciFi story lines and dramas ever made.
Of such ugly note is the tongue in cheek support offered by many (but not all) of treks previous actors, who in turn, play a role in trying to influence fans, that this reboot is actually great for trek bringing in money to a supposedly dead franchise, like dogs hanging with their tongues out to lick up some of the offerings and perhaps secure a chance of appearing in a future sequel.
Whereas the old Kirk was believable and had integrity, the new Kirk is stupid and arrogant, and certainly everything a role model for a captain should not be. Spock was removed from Captain in the first reboot for being emotionally compromised, well no one can say that Kirk was not emotionally compromised when he demanded the Captains chair in the second. You wouldn't trust him to drive a car around the block let alone command a star ship.
The timeless value of the real trek was its strong base on morality and ethics, everything from dark people being equal to white people, humans equal to aliens, to avoiding copulation scenes and swear words. People acted true to the type of characters they played and were believable within the limitations and illusion of the world they existed in. It had canon at its base to support the series it spawned.
This new trek does not have such a base, and compromises anything to produce a roller coaster ride of emotion and action, with a guaranteed audience. Die hard trekkies will come to watch it even though it is painful, as well as those who want an action movie with all the stops pulled out. Even Trek haters will get a ride as they see the old series kicked in the guts to offer ths new type of entertainment
Of course the real purpose of the new Trek is ito utterly kill off the old Trek. Placed on an alternate timeline, it has indirectly but deliberately challenged and torn down the barriers that made Trek what it is. N one of this had to occur, and Abrams could have equally produced his brilliant movies in a way which complied with the original Trek. But then it wouldnt be 'his' Trek, and he would also have to deal with all the die hard Trek fans, so that is why his alternate universe now exists.

504 days ago


Yea, I don't think there's something missing, but rather there's too much action... action, action, action.

Star Trek has had action before, but not every 10 minutes...

The only reason I may get the blu-ray/DVD combo pack is for the visual effects, because Into Darkness has some good VFX shots.

503 days ago


Yes i agree

503 days ago


Seems like LeVar has a poor grasp on death... as in understanding that it's pretty much permenant. Maybe if he'd go back to doing some relevant work, he wouldn't be so bitter.

503 days ago
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