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LeVar Burton

I've Got a Problem

With New 'Star Trek' Flick

6/14/2013 7:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeVar Burton says he's deeply conflicted about the new "Star Trek" movie ... telling TMZ there's something missing from the flick ... something extremely important.

Burton -- who famously starred in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" from 1987 to 1994 -- says he's already seen J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek Into Darkness" TWO TIMES ... but that doesn't mean he approves.

"At the end of the movie, I really care about what happens to the characters ... but I'm pretty much missing Gene Roddenberry in J.J.'s interpretation ... and at the end of the day, that's just not OK for me."

For all you non-Trekkies out there ... Gene created "Star Trek" back in the '60s and was heavily involved in the storytelling until his death in 1991.

So ... do you agree with LeVar?


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Levar was just hired help on the Next Gen, not a creative influence. So personally I don't care what he or any other rent an opinion thinks. It's quite a job to still make interesting and enthralling movies out of this tired franchise. So JJ has my vote at least.

492 days ago


I understand that Paramount brought in Abrams to bring Star Trek to a new generation, but without Gene there is no Star Trek, imho. All Abrams is doing is pandering to the "shiny ball" generation. You know, those people with an extremely shortened attention span. There is no soul in this new Star Trek and I for one am greatly saddened by it's loss.

492 days ago


yes i agree with him . The movie is good but there is no background no felling no hope only ok lets go to the action .. this group has a carisma but its no the real star trek

491 days ago


Gene Roddenberry was a hack, the worst of Trek usually was "Written by Gene Roddenberry".

491 days ago

Dave Phoenix    

Your loss - I'm a good writer and a veteran trekkie...

491 days ago


Didn't watch the video, I won't sit through a 30 second ad for a 45 second clip. Sorry Harvey.

491 days ago

Ray trek    

Yes I agree with Levar, it has never been defined as to where Gene ended and Trek began, until now. Anyone who is anyone in the Trek universe must embrace Genes vision first and foremost. Yes you want a new audience but you don't want to lose the ones you already have. Make Trekkers happy then weave in all your Hollywood glamour.

490 days ago


He didn't like the price scanners on the bridge or the beer plant interiors? This new Trek is for the brain dead anyway, blow stuff up the end.

488 days ago

Darth Coconut    

Right, let me start off by saying I am a huge science fiction fan, super heroes, action movies, etc. In regards to Star Trek, I have watched all of them from the very first 1960...s TV series all the way through to Star Trek into Darkness. I have seen everything relating to Star Trek. And I can tell you now for those of you who and LeVar Burton who are bitching on at JJs interpretation, I think a lot of you are dinosaurs who need to seriously grow-up.
LeVar, you need to shut the f@%$-up. Personally, in the next generation, I thought you were the worst character. You talk about Gene Roddenbery’s vision and yet he saw fit to put a futuristic black engineering bredda in shades!! Yeah, that really added a lot of depth to your character. As for JJ’s Star Trek, its generation does not even relate to you or any of your former crew. Leonard Nimoy was in the movie and in the first one. I didn’t see any complaints from him?
Anyway, back to most of you who see fit to use the original series as the holy grail; really? I seem to vividly remember when Next Generation first came out, there was a lot of anti-sentiment towards it. That was not given a fair chance either. And as usual, you get stupid purest quoting how brilliant the 60s version was and that this stupid bald English man and his crew just did not compare. If you don’t believe me, google it. And just remember, next generation was doing badly and if it was not for the introduction of the Borgs, the show would have been cancelled.
So, let’s stop looking at JJ as if he has broken some kind of cardinal sin. Personally, when I first heard about a Star Trek origins remake back before the first one, I too was not keen on it. But after seeing the job he did on it (with a different direction), I thought wow, he did a great job.
I love what they have done with the Enterprise. You get to see its interior in a way never seen before. You get a sense of its grandeur in a way that has never been experienced before in any of the past movies or TV series.
So, time to move forward. Otherwise, we’ll be stuck with the status quo, talking conduits, re-routing and tachyon whatevers and all the bull**** technical talk that follows it. Enough! If you want to stick with the original format, that is your choice. But you know what, none of you needed to watch the sequel when the first one was very clear in the direction it was going to go.
Get your heads out of the Star Trek Encyclopedia. This is a Star Trek for everybody, trekkies and non-trekkies. Never in my life have I ever seen so many non-trekkies go and see a Star Trek movie. Never!
Give credit where credit is due.

476 days ago


Yes I agree the new movies miss the essence of what star trek is all about.

343 days ago
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