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MJ Death Trial

Katherine's Chance to Win

6/14/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


The Michael Jackson wrongful death trial just took a huge turn -- AEG Live honcho Randy Phillips made a huge mistake on the stand ... but will it be enough for Katherine Jackson to claim victory? 

Plus,Charlie Sheen rips Farrah Abraham a new you-know-what ... but some people think he's a huge hypocrite considering his, y'know ... absurdly checkered past.

And celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe is under fire for dressing her son up like a girl -- but people in the TMZ newsroom are fighting for her right to doll him up however she wants.

(0:00) Charlie Sheen rips Farrah Abraham apart for releasing their private text message -- but is really a guy who check someone on their morals? And, why did Brooke Mueller AND Lindsay Lohan bail from Betty Ford?
(6:00) Katherine Jackson gets a leg up on AEG -- does she really have a chance of winning the Michael Jackson death trial after all?
(10:00) Rachel Zoe dresses her son up like a girl -- and it erupts a firestorm in the newsroom.
(15:00) Miley Cyrus' parents are finally getting a divorce.
(18:00) The Game calls New Jersey's ban on saggy pants racist -- and rapper Mack 10 joins us to back him up.
(24:00) Debbie Rowe won't seek guardianship of Paris Jackson -- but now we now that Debbie is more welcome in the Jackson family than we first thought.
(28:00) Jamie-Lynn Sigler -- can pregnant women be sexy?
(32:00) Sesame Street's new programming appeals to children in bad situations -- like having parents in jail. Is this a good or bad thing?
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Dwyane Wade -- angling to be a fashion icon after his NBA career is over?

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just because    

but speedos are ok

462 days ago

just because    

nj also said middle school girls cant wear strapless dress to homecoming

462 days ago

just because    

Parents sue Readington Middle School officials over strapless dress ban

462 days ago

just because    

murder per year is 0 theft pery year is 350

462 days ago

Anonymity Aardvark    

OF COURSE single-celled organism, AKA: black tee shirt Mike doesn't like Rachel Zoe being stylish in an alternative way with her 2 yr. old... cuz he's a lunkhead Republican.

461 days ago

Anonymity Aardvark    

I feel bad for Evan Rosenblum, as it must be difficult for him to be in that TMZ room considering he is about 50 to 70 IQ points above most of his coworkers.

461 days ago

Anonymity Aardvark    

OF COURSE Big Black Tshirt Mike doesn't like Rachel Zoe being stylish in an alternative way with her 2 yr. old... cuz he's a lunkhead Republican.

461 days ago


Photo of Katie Holmes not funny..I bet u would look worse in less cloths..

461 days ago


Jodi arias has s
A radical group supporting her issuing death threats. Not a joke . They need to be stopped.

461 days ago


That new Blond chick should shut the **** up about "sesame street is not doing a good thing!" **** you, blond chick. Seriously, **** YOU, and your sheltered understanding of the world.

460 days ago


sesame street was desi gned to "teach" children is a manner THEY can understand.Years ago life WAS innocent and so was sesame st..However todays world isnt the same and so sesame st needs to keep up and keep "teaching" the children about todays world, in a manner they can understand...

459 days ago
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