TMZ Live MJ Death Trial Katherine's Chance to Win

6/14/2013 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live -- Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Trial ... Katherine Jackson's Chance to Win

TMZ Live

The Michael Jackson wrongful death trial just took a huge turn -- AEG Live honcho Randy Phillips made a huge mistake on the stand ... but will it be enough for Katherine Jackson to claim victory? 

Plus,Charlie Sheen rips Farrah Abraham a new you-know-what ... but some people think he's a huge hypocrite considering his, y'know ... absurdly checkered past.

And celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe is under fire for dressing her son up like a girl -- but people in the TMZ newsroom are fighting for her right to doll him up however she wants.
(0:00) Charlie Sheen rips Farrah Abraham apart for releasing their private text message -- but is really a guy who check someone on their morals? And, why did Brooke Mueller AND Lindsay Lohan bail from Betty Ford?
(6:00) Katherine Jackson gets a leg up on AEG -- does she really have a chance of winning the Michael Jackson death trial after all?
(10:00) Rachel Zoe dresses her son up like a girl -- and it erupts a firestorm in the newsroom.
(15:00) Miley Cyrus' parents are finally getting a divorce.
(18:00) The Game calls New Jersey's ban on saggy pants racist -- and rapper Mack 10 joins us to back him up.
(24:00) Debbie Rowe won't seek guardianship of Paris Jackson -- but now we now that Debbie is more welcome in the Jackson family than we first thought.
(28:00) Jamie-Lynn Sigler -- can pregnant women be sexy?
(32:00) Sesame Street's new programming appeals to children in bad situations -- like having parents in jail. Is this a good or bad thing?
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Dwyane Wade -- angling to be a fashion icon after his NBA career is over?