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Paris Jackson

My Nanny Snuck into

Michael Jackson's Bed

6/19/2013 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson told a creepy story about one of her former nannies and Michael Jackson ending up in bed together ... and she said it under oath during a deposition taken for the wrongful death suit against AEG.

Video of Paris' deposition was played in court Tuesday ... and the highlight was her description of Michael's relationship with ex-nanny Grace Rwaramba.

In the depo ... Paris explained to attorneys for AEG that Michael warned his children about Grace, telling them ... "She was sneaky. She wasn't an honest person, and she lied a lot."

Paris said she didn't know specifically what she lied about -- but then seemed to suddenly remember one freaky detail about Grace sneaking into Michael's bed while they were staying in hotels.

Paris starts out saying ... "This is gonna freak you out."

She's right. You gotta hear it, and really interesting to hear it in Paris' words.


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Donka Do Ball    

Bleaching his Vitalagoe'd Penis must have hurt.

490 days ago


She is a legend, that is so funny

490 days ago


paris says mj told her the nanny got into his bed, she didnt see this happen.

490 days ago


OH PLEASE! That's not all that's creepy. Now, why did she say "the doctor" then go on without referencing that? What doctor?

And "he sent her to India, to get some stuff, but she kept coming back". Now we have moronic stans here talking about how 'kind' Michael was that he didn't fire her. YET HE WAS SENDING THE OLD GIRL TO INDIA FOR POINTLESS ERRANDS. SO KIND. THE MOTHER THERESA OF OUR TIME. Would have been much kinder to fire her with a severance package.

490 days ago


Not to mention the fact that this APPARENTLY happened when she was like 3 years old (or certainly younger than 5). She said her dad told her this story. She didn't witness it. Yeah, but Michael's 'stories' are always coherent and legit. Mmmm Hmmm ok.

490 days ago


I think I know why she had a breakdown-she clearly was told to lie by the family to offset the testimony of Grace.
Defense claim MJ already had a drug problem - and Grace stated that he had done drugs and several times passed out.
Paris did a slip in this testimony using the world "doctors" - everyone knows that MJ would lock himself in a room or go to a hotel to tripout with his meds.
Poor Paris- no wonder she has brought Grace back in her life - guilt of having to lie about her I imagine

490 days ago


No wonder she is bullied. She seems so stuck up and lost when answering the questions.

490 days ago


I'm starting to get all these comspiracy theories now - why would she bring Grace back into her life after saying this? . Why is she still in hospital when she isn't on suicide watch anymore? if not on suicide watch she could be home and getting therapy there!
Why are the family keeping her locked up? Are they drugging her?

The facts are she keeps saying her dad didn't have a drug problem - most likely to save her own image, career and the image of her wealthy estates.
Grace said after MJs death that he often did drugs and passed out around the kids
Grace gets fired by Kathrine and Joe
Paris gives this questionable testimony that looks to be done to offset what Grace says
Paris flips put and goes to hospital where it is rumored she is saying everything and angry at everyone one
Paris only wants Grace with her.

I seriously fear that kid is not going to get out of the hospital until the family can find a way to shut her up permenently

490 days ago


This is another bizarre story in a bizarre life. Priscilla Presley wrote in her book about Elvis we lived a nice abnormal life.....this is creepy as well

490 days ago


Paris Jackson had little boy nanny?

490 days ago


You guys are nothing but judgmental and you make unfair assumptions. There is overwhelming evidence that shows Michael's innocence and barely any reliable collaborators. and he did so many good deeds in his life. To call him these things based on his darkest days is absolute BS. Nobody will ever know the pain he went through and how much he strived to help the world because of ignorant individuals who fail to keep an open mind.

490 days ago


Poor Paris!

This 'deposition' makes me feel so sad for her. The Jacksons are pathetic! To make a child who lost her father go on stand with this type of testimony is awful.

Seems like she was forced to recollect some 'stories' ( likely made up by either Michael or family) from when she was a little girl.

First up- Noone can get into a celebrity's hotel room by claiming to be his wife! And how would he know that??

Second- if she's the nanny, why was she let into the hotel room, and why was MJ falling asleep with her there, that makes ZERO sense.

She would have her own suite, OR he would not let her in if she were sooooooo "wierd" and such a "liar."

If she were such a Liar, MJ wouldn't let her in. He was sick to tell Paris this story IF it were true.

Only options are: 1- MJ was drugged out and she came to his rescue and he was trying to cover up.

2- the whole story is made up.

What's with Paris tripping on her words "the doctor" which made zero sense.

THis story smacks of a MADE UP story to contradict Grace who stated that MJ did drugs.

Why would the nanny make such a statement, unless it were true. It does not benefit her to make such a claim.

Poor Paris. She is being used and manipulated by her so called Jackson family for this MONEY and this is disgusting. They are asking her to lie to get money from the estate.

Her story does not add up, and how could this be admissible it is irrelevent, she was trying to recollect a story from when she was a little girl, makes ZERO sense other than someone trying to discredit Grace.

No wonder she tried to kill herself.

Leave Paris alone you Jackson Parasites!~

490 days ago


I believe this interview is the reason why Paris tried to off herself, she feels bad for what she said and did not want to face it.
Grace knew his secrets was basiically the motherfigureto the kids till Michael fired her only to rehire he over n over. He was aecretly a paranoid drug addict I doubt he kept her around for 17 years even promoting her to nanny whenthe kids were bor if she was not trustworthy.. Did anyone stop to think that he may have asked her to keep an eye on him in his drug induced sleep.So easy to tell a kid it was the nanny and not himself that wanted her there ,I think Paris misunderstood the reason she may have been in his bed and is angry at all that has happened and is lashing out at the one person who loved them unconditionally aqmd dropped everything to be with the kids when Michael died and again she is there for Paris.

490 days ago

Buck Boy    

Seems like a typical Jackson hypocritical statement......EVERYONE IN THE WORLD is weird
and wrong except for the girl sitting there who tried to kill herself talking about her father who overdosed on drugs.........but the Nanny was weird...right...

490 days ago
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