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Paula & the N-Word

'Old' Excuse for Racism

6/20/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Paula Deen's doing damage control ... giving us a new explanation for why she used the n-word -- and she's basically blaming the South and her old age. Does that excuse hold water for you?

Plus, James Gandolfini's sudden death -- we'll tell you what we've learned about how he spent his last hours in Italy, and roll some of our fave clips with James.

Also, Kate Upton's boobs ... EXPOSED! Did the world's most wanted supermodel just give away the ultimate cash cow ... FOR FREE???

(0:00) Paula Deen tries to explain her use of the n-word -- and just digs herself a deeper hole. Chef Rock Harper joins us to explain why she's way off base.
(7:00) James Gandolfini was one of the best -- we'll tell you why.
(10:00) Kate Upton topless! And we're getting a lot of hate mail because we censored it.
(14:00) New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez -- the O.J. Simpson connection.
(18:00) Gza from the Wu Tang Clan is using rap to teach kids science -- and it's ingenious?
(24:00) Kim Kardashian had to have a baby amongst the regular folk ... and it's all Dwight Howard's fault.
(28:00) Charles Saatchi -- the art collector who choked his wife in public -- Harvey (who just got back from England) explains the story from an across the pond perspective.
(32:00) "50 Shades of Grey" movie picked a female director -- we'll tell you why people were shocked by the choice.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) It's time again for Tim's rejected pitches of the week.

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Rodney Jordan    

While I believe racism still exists in this country, whites are not the only racists today. I think racism can be found amongst all races and should be addressed accordingly. Furthermore, if blacks are going to get upset about other people using the "n" word, we should be the first people to stop using it.

496 days ago


Paula dean doesn't need to apologize anyone. She didn't call you a name! She simply told who she is. So decide what you're going to do with it.

496 days ago

Monelika Ho    

I don't care. Blacks call themselves ***** and excuse it by stating they are claiming the word. Who cares? If Paula uses it, who cares. It just shows her ignorance. Let's face it, some Southerners have learned from the error of their ways, and some have not. People from all over the USA use the word. Of course, it is not fair to label people and all members of a race due to one person robbing her. People need to be individually judged on their ACTIONS and Behaviors, not their race. Duh already!

496 days ago


Regarding Paula Dean and her "N" remark. Being a geriatric nurse for 36 yrs, many older people use the word regularly because that was a word of choice when growing up. NOT an excuse. I was born and raised in N.Dak. When I was in grade school in 1960...'s, we only had ONE black student in the whole school. He got shipped in from the base everyday all by himself to meet the gov'ts needs for federal funding. Is that suppose to give me the OK to use that word freely.? Its not an OK thing, and I don't believe that she uses it malisiously, but she really should be more aware of where she says it. Believe me, you hear it alot when working with the elderly, but then again, you have to remember how they were raised. It's not a 'Grin and Bear it" but it is a hear it and keep on going thing,

496 days ago


I was getting ready to watch the episode today, but can't bare to see anymore oogling and juvenile banter on boobs. Grow up! Where's the hatemail on being creepy pervs. This is a fairly young woman overly comfortable with her sexuality who appears to be groomed, for pervs such as yourselves, and ANY viewers' with their panties in a bunch cause they couldn't see more boobs. Go watch some rap videos to see all the boobs/whores you want.

496 days ago


...someone needs to clean the cat box at TMZ. *meow people*

496 days ago


Really people, Paula Deen said these things years ago and she was raised in the south. Black people can use it but not whites. It was the norm, now it is bad, I get it, I hate the word but get over it already. Tere are more important things happening. Stop picng on Paula, she is not the antichrist. Ok

496 days ago


People who condemn Paula Deen are pure out and out hypocrites if they are in the same age bracket and even younger. Our generation was brought up that anything other than white was lower class. Even people of different cultures like Paula Deen were called Hillibillies and with the same animosity that blacks were called the N word. I'm sure there were many blacks back when Paula and I were younger that called her redneck and not with admiration. So get off your high horses you pathetic people who need to degrade a pretty nice lady. We all grow up and even still often use harmful words that are said in anger, but not what we would express about an individual on a one to one basis. I am not against blacks or any other race now that I am much older and have lived much longer to discover that the only thing we should be prejudice about in an individual is their disrespect or disreguard for other people's rights and property. Ignorance is the thing I am against...regardless of a person's race, color or creed.

496 days ago


Paula Deen is and always has been TRASH.PERIOD.

496 days ago


Harvey here is are the steps
1 A bad joke that targets someone
2 commnet about "you people"
3 the N bomb
4 someones a$$ gets kicked

496 days ago
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