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Paula Deen Firing

Fried Over Controversy

6/21/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Paula Deen's multiple attempts to apologize for her n-word controversy blew up in her face -- none more than her first videotaped apology. Now that she's been fired, can she ever dig out of this hole?

Plus, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West name their kid North West --  cute and clever ... or a ploy to draw more attention to themselves? We have intel from our KK sources.

And, Justin Bieber's pals ... Lil Za and Lil Twist ... were finally caught on tape terrorizing JB's neighborhood. But should residents really be confronting them like one woman did?


(0:00) Paula Deen's two video apologies prove one thing -- her PR team couldn't have handled this worse.
(7:00) Anthony Kiedis gets taken down by a security guard -- and we have video.
(10:00) Kim Kardashian and Kanye West name their kid North West. Discuss.
(14:00) We got video of Lil Za and Lil Twist's confrontation with one of Justin Bieber's neighbors after yet another speeding incident.
(18:00) Rocker Andrew W.K. joins us to explain how he was able to set the world record for drumming -- by doing it for 24 hours straight.
(24:00) Justin Bieber -- high as a kite?
(28:00) James Gandolfini -- allegedly boozing and eating terrible food right before he died.
(32:00) Wu-Tang Clan's ASL interpreter -- who's unbelievable -- joins us to explain why she rocks it so hard.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Amanda Bynes and Waka Flocka -- recipe for a hit?

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Breaking Bones    

Proof.... it doesn't pay to be honest

452 days ago

Anonymity Aardvark    

TMZ Raquel is a moron. Harvey, you really need to do some spring cleaning in the staff room. Send her packing along with black beard skinny hipster.

452 days ago


Harvey, you're a lawyer! Tell me you read the depo where she denies using the term "massage" to mean fix the allegations, basically calling Lisa Jackson a liar. Then on page 61 or (CNN version p. 62), line 7 says "I knew that they had been massaged into..."
And Bubba's wedding wasn't in 1986, it was 2007 when she wanted all the little n----ers dressed in shorts, long shirt and bow ties like slaves. She used the n-word recently, but the real disgrace is the restroom segregation, no blacks working outside the kitchen, calling Lisa Jackson, "my little Jew" and lesbian photos passed out to show anti-gay marriage political views of Bubba. There's assault, porn...basically it's worth a read. Kind of a TMZ show highlight reel. I'm surprised Harvey isn't talking about the case, just the n-word. And downplaying like it was twenty years ago...she lied. Done. Stick a fork in it.

452 days ago

Fluckneesha Ewebanks    

#paulasbestdishes best.hashtag.ever

451 days ago


This goes back to the early days of slavery. Back then blacks were majority uneducated/illiterate. did not talk back as the blacks do today. the white man gave them this name ****** which means ignorant. as history has it time changed/slavery over. What I do not undrstand and most of the world who is non/black why it is the black people thinks its ok to call each other ***** but if a non black person calls you that be ready to die! To me blacks will never ever be respected as a whole until they stop calling each other *****s. Remember te white man gave you that name, not the rest of the people on the planet who agrees if you had any kind og rtespect for what your ancesters went thru you should of abolished the word from use by any human,PERIOD!

451 days ago


Hey TMZ let's talk about the Kate Upton topless on a horse farce. You don't release uncensored? Then you tease by saying you will put it on with animated GIFs. Except you don't. Then the whole original article vanishes, then the discussion is excised from this edition of Live. You've come away from this little episode looking very bad, TMZ.

450 days ago

The fact is its a word that means ignorant person ,And black americans are so offended by the word then stop using the word.

450 days ago

Friday Jones    

She should be fired - Food Network has a brand to protect. She is my mom's age and my mother does not walk around calling folks "cracker." The Union did not prevail - welcome to the USA. Now my granny from the South, that's another subject - but she does not work for the Food Network does she?

450 days ago

Friday Jones    

Harve just because she does not have a clue does not mean she should not get one. Was Paula Dean educated with textbooks that play down American history and slavery? Ignorance does not allow you a pass.

450 days ago


I think the hole thing about her Body guard is just lovable banter, I am a heavy set girl and my brother will make funny comments to me about my weight that some might think or Horrible. But we just have a close funny relationship were we do that to each other all the time.

450 days ago


I wonder how many people have used "insensitive slurs" against Muslims or Arab people? How many have used language denigrating a religion or ethnic groups from places such as...Canada?

450 days ago


Paula Deen made the worst apology I have ever heard. She does not deserve to be fired, she should be contacting an attorney and firing her team of managers, attorneys and crisis management people for the loss she has suffered.
This woman is from an older generation, as am I - I am a 58 year old woman-and to use the 'N' word is completely unacceptable. As I believe it is for Paula. She was in a situation 30 years ago, spoke to her husband in the privacy of their home and that she told the truth in a deposition in the present that she has said the 'N' word is ridiculous!!

449 days ago


Paula Deen made the e worst apology Inhave ever heard. She does not deserve to be fired, she should be contacting an attorney and firing her team of managers, attorneys and crisis management team for the loss she has suffered.
This woman is from an older generation, as am I - I am a 58 year old woman-and to use the 'N' word is not acceptable. My family is from the mid-west and

449 days ago


what are they going to do with all the movies that they have with the n word

448 days ago

irene kitchen    

I think who ever brought this up about Paula Deen after 30 years which has to be pretty vindictive.I find people still use insulting words joking around today about many different nationalities. Here in Canada prejudice is not as predominant as in the states. Insults don't bother me because there only words.It doesn't matter what happened in the past if you dwell on it then the prejudice goes on generation to generation. Words don't bother me because even though I drop the "F" bomb and other words its out of a joke and there is no mal intent. Im obese and I don't care if people say things because I like who I am and have no low self-esteem. Im confident

447 days ago
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