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Aaron Carter

I Got Jumped

Over 'NKOTB' Turf War

6/23/2013 3:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Aaron Carter
is sporting a shiner he claims he got from 4 grown men who were pissed he's performing on "New Kids on the Block" turf ... aka Boston.

Aaron, who posted some gnarly selfies after the fight, tells TMZ he was leaving dinner with a friend last night in beantown, when a huge guy approached him in the parking lot and yelled: "I heard you’re doing a show here tomorrow. This is the town of the New Kids."

Aaron claims three other guys then jumped out of a gold Chevy Malibu ... and started the beat down, which came complete with a shot to his face.

The singer claims he landed a few punches before the NKOTB-lovers took off -- "I think my knuckles might be broken, but that's what they get. People think I'm a pretty little white boy but no way. I think I won. I'm still standing."

Aaron says he's performing as scheduled tonight, and he's not filing a police report because it's "girlie."

Two shocking things: Who knew NKOTB fans were so hard? And ... Aaron Carter still sings?



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The wretched    

He looks like a little turd that was shooting his mouth off and got his ass kicked. "You should see the other guy" bull****! More like they rolled your stupid ass because you were running your mouth!

486 days ago


lol! REALLY Aaron!? If Your Going to Attempt to tell a Fairytale!? At Least make it some what Believable!? WHAT A CLOWN! He probably Ran His Mouth, to the Wrong Guys! In The Wrong Town! And Got Smashed On by some Youngsters! The End.

486 days ago


Ok... I'm not a Boston fan, but dear lord do I respect them. Go yanks.

486 days ago



486 days ago


Publicity stunt my friend...

486 days ago


LMAO!!!!! Your a wimp and so is justin!!!! PATHETIC JERKS!!!! I would take NKOTB any day b4 the carters!!!!

486 days ago


1st..NOBODY thinks of Aaron Carter as a pretty white boy...he's NOT pretty, hasn't been for some time...2nd I"M CALLING BS ON HIS STORY....what grown ass man from Boston gives a flying crap about NKOTB...or if stupid Aaron Carter plays a show in their town???...I doubt ANYBODY actually knew who Aaron Carter was....and if they did why would HE be any threat to NKOTB??...LMFAO How CONVENIENT he's not pressing charges...>>>>>He probably just got into some random fight and decided to use it to bring attention to himself.....UGHHH

486 days ago


This really made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! Hahahahaha. If a guy said that in Boston, that is hilarious. Aaron Carter isn't a backstreet boy, his brother is. Oddly enough, his brother was on tour with new kids last year with BSB. Why would anyone punch him when Aaron carter has always been Nick Carter's little brother? He never really had a career except for nickelodeon. And, if a guy really said that he should probably catch the new kids on the block tour ASAP. Sounds like he's having withdrawals. I just saw them 2 weeks ago and the concert was great. Haha.

486 days ago


Hope he will be ok either way and not on drugs! His 25 year old sister died last year from an overdose and they reported she was bipolar! She had. 1 year old baby at that time!

486 days ago


I like AC and I feel for him because the drugs, the 0% body fat and muscle obsession being evidence of early sexualization and abuse.

486 days ago


Whoever did this are probably the same people in Boston that "stole Corey Feldman's $100,000 jacket."

486 days ago


So basically he was beat up by 30-40 year old soccer moms? Sounds like what I do on any given weekend ! Lmao smh

486 days ago


OK. I previously posted that I don't believe this story. I did some research.
1. Aaron Carter said he was jumped by 3 guys in the streets of BOSTON. That's it, That's all he said. Nothing more, nothing less.
2. Then Aaron goes on tweeting to Jordan Knight (New Kids Member) 'your guys got me' and something in that nature.
3. TMZ took these two tweets and managed to fabricate a hell of a story by adding 'Boston' and 'New Kids on the Block' (Because Aaron mentioned Jordan in relation to the incident) together. You know when toddlers start learning and they go '1+1=2'? That's what TMZ did.

Now, Aaron Carter later tweeted and said that the Jordan Knight mention was a JOKE because he is the only person Aaron knows that is from Boston. by saying 'your guys got me' he meant 'your city got me.' So in conclusion, it had nothing to do with 'turf' or 'NKOTB.' I'll give TMZ A for effort tough. I hope you read this before it gets deleted.

486 days ago


He hasn't been a pretty white boy since he discovered

486 days ago

Buck Boy    

Same thing happened to me over the Rolling Stones V The Beatles.

485 days ago
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